Wednesday, May 29, 2013

✿ Colourful hair ~ by ~ Hair Chalking ~ ✿

Hello ~ ~
Hahaha , As you might have known , I am abroad now to meet my little sister :3 whom I havent met for like ... so freaking long (1 year TAT;;;) 

First and foremost I apologize for not being able to post on time T3T';;"" and I may not be able to post on time too for the coming week since Internet connection here is just .... *sigh* ....

Anyway ,

After I met her though , I immediately subjected her to hair chalking (wahahahaha) because I've been dying to try it but my first attempt at trying on myself failed quite miserably T3T .... On her it turned out quite O.K tho OxO !!! 

I also kinda forced her to She kindly volunteered to pose nice nice for me this time although she is the very tomboy-ish kind of girl :P 

So here she is :

le stoned face

le look down act like supermodel xD

The hair chalking doesnt turn out bad right for first time on people :3 ??
( trying to convince self its not a half assed work muahahaha xD)
anyway :
here are some info based on my few times doing it by now :3

Steps :
1. wet hair first 
2. apply chalk to hair from area closer to root down to the hair end , DO NOT apply it from down to ROOTS as this can create a huge tangled mess >,< 
3. let it dry a bit  first , dont comb although it may be slightly clumped >,<
I tried detangling it immediately and it actually cause the colour to fade :( so better leave it to dry :(( 
4. comb through to detangle 
5. curl :3 
some chalk powder may come off at this point and stain your clothes :3 

 Some "tips" :
- have a comb and water spritz/spray nearby 
- keep a wet cloth nearby to wipe your hand :3 
- wear clothes you dont mind getting dirty when doing this :(

I used DAISO's $2 set of pastels for this :P and yea , I know there are people out there who raved about special hair chalks for hair but I'm just doing this for fun ^^ hahaha , and I'm cheapo too lah (on a budget ~ :P ) so this is sufficient for me ;D

Basically, about hair chalking , 

Advantage : 
1. Temporary colour  :3 
Good for people who cant dye their hair bright colours permanently (like me T3T;;;) if you have events/parties to go to :3 

2.  Easy to wash off :3 

Disadvantage : 
1. Super drying to hair 
So be sure to condition /mask your hair after washing it off :3

2. The colour can run onto your clothes :( 
so wear dark coloured clothes/clothes you dont mind getting a little bit dirty :(( 

3. It looks nicer in curls :P doesnt look as nice straight , so just curl it for a neater but more sophisticated look ;D 

Basically that's what I did on my second day here hahaha xD 

So Ciao~~ 
have to go off for now ;D 

Seriously , I miss SG's super fast Internet >,< *siiiigh* 


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