Sunday, August 23, 2015

Tantanmen ❤ Baikohken @ Ngee Ann City

Hello ~ 

Life's been really busy lately with hectic ,packed schedule and exams after exams .. ( Lifestyle for healthcare workers ^^"" hahaha ) but I'm trying my best !! Havent really gotten the chance to eat many varieties of ramen recently thus - I've been nomming Sanpoutei because its both close to my house and because its delish! A while back though I've had the chance to drop by Orchard , so Ee-chan and I decided to try Baikohken  ! 

Baikohken has a branch at Ngee Ann City Basement :) 
Right at the back near Cold Storage !

picture from Baihkohken's page 

We decided to order their Tantanmen for that day ;D 
craving for some Szechuan "ma-la" on that day ;3

And woo..

When it arrived, 
it looks like it was going to be one spicy ride ^^" 
I love chilli , but 
I started doubting myself...

(I mean , look at that soup !! ) 
The soup was quite hearty and thick. Pretty spicy although  I didnt get as much "ma" (the numbing sensation you get on your tongue when eating szechuan pepper) , not sure if its the intended flavor :3 Love the heartiness !

The noodle is thick and springy ;3 texture is pretty nice !

The chashu came in a separate dish with beansprouts , bamboo shoots and eggs !!

Chashu has some parts that are soft and some that are tougher. If I'd want to compare some other ramen stores surely had better chashu compared to this although the slices a Baikohken is pretty huge (2 big slices). That being said , Sanpoutei is pretty generous with their chashu too and the chashu are generally juicier. 

Felt that the eggs are slightly overcooked :( Half the yolk are quite hard with only one part of the centre remaining sligtly gooey after being prodded :( Would want more manirate on it too if possible :'( or maybe its just my own preferences 

Bamboo shoot 
The bamboo shoot is pretty tasty and decent :) 

Now gyoza :3 
we got a plate f gyoza (with 4 pieces , Ee-chan ate one before I can get a picture hahaha ) We both feel that the gyoza is [retty nice but the skin was a tad tough and chewy :x Nevertheless tne filling was juicy and well seasoned ;D The outer skin was crispy too ;D

from Baikohken's page 

So overall will I go to Baikohken again ? 
Well , maybe yes if I pass by the area :3 Will I purposely make a trip down to orchard from my house in the edge of Singapore to eat this though ? Maybe not unless I'm pretty free that week ^^ Overall I feel that Baikohken's ramen are delish although maybe a tad overpriced for what I can get elsewhere (maybe its the rental fee at orchard too :// ) If I come back , it will probably be for the soup and noodle rather than the topping itself as different ramen store do have different noodlesto expect ;3 

So thats my experience at Baikohken :3 

Hope its helpful 

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