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No Game No Life _ Hatsuse Izuna 初瀬 いづな Cosplay Photoshoot Part 2 - Default ver

Heyo !!!
SO !!
I've gotten around writing about my Izuna photoshoot >,< 

If you're interested about the first part , the blog post is available *here* (

I've also sieved out quite a few pictures from the christmas shoot bunch and its available here's the album link if you're curious about it :3 

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Back to the current topic, 
So for those of you who are not familiar with Izuna, 
her full name is Hatsuse Izuna and she's a werebeast from the new Novel/Anime "No Game No Life"

I think she's really CUTE *A* too cute to be cosable T_T 
and for that reason, I took my own sweet time before cosing her 
( wary of trying to bite off a bigger piece of cake than I am capable of doing since she's much smaller than I am  ) 

I cant find another video on youtube on Izuna that reflects her cuteness T__T 
You have to watch the anime for that (and she appeared on the later part of season 1 too so she wont be there in the beginning) but if you are not gonna watch the anime whatsoever, theres this NSFW (yes , sorry , its NSFW, please dont open it in your office yea ^^) video down here :

Im putting this because I cant find another cute Izuna vid on youtube T_T

As for the anime 
No Game No Life is an anime that I got to watch quite recently ;3 To make things very simple, its about a pair of hikkikomori game addict brother and sisters who got 'invited' into a 'game world' by the world's God and was challenged to kinda 'defeat and unify' the different races in the 'game world' in order to gain a chance to battle the game world's god and get a chance to return to their own world.  Its quite a nice anime to watch although the flow is kinda predictable ^^ (since the brother-sister's motto is ' blank (their team's name is "blank") never lose'!! ) The animation is very colourful and I love the characters' designs :D ! Initially I'd wanted to cos Shiro but settled on Izuna after some really long reflection and feedback from friends :3 

Anyway, now that Izuna's intro is done, lets go back to the topic!!

We actually did both the christmas shoot and the default shoot on the same day in the span of like , 4  hours ? (approximately) and thats including travel time (about 30-45 minutes to the place and then from the place) so we have a short shoot which totaled to about 2 hours ++ for both indoor and outdoor shoot ? (kinda feel that its too short cause there was so many mishaps on that day so we have to pause and stop quite a few of times ^^")  Anyway , for that day's shoot, I was glad I had the help of my sister, who was here visiting x'D - she was such a great help , assisting me in pinning the nekomimi and helping with the lighting etc x'D !! 

Before we started shoot, I realized that the wig needs quite a lot of pouffing up and the ears (despite using so many pins ) refused to stay on if I jumped/ ran. For the wig , I'm glad I had some help in feedback from the photog and my sister, so everytime it went limp , we just pouffed it up with a brush again :3 (dont like using hairspray for various reasons so yea ..)  The ears tho, are quite a pain ^^ INITIALLY, it'll stay up for a few seconds before topping over and became crooked. Then EVENTUALLY, after like tons of pins painfully holding it to the wig, IT STAYED PUT !! And everyone was happy. But shit happens... 

while I walked very demurely for the first half of the shoot , fearing that the ears will drop if I ran or jumped , I started doing this kind of things in the later half of the shoot...

Look at my poor sister OTL...

So occasionally, we have to stop because I have the fix the ears position again too ^^ 

Seemed that Im not the only high one on that day too. It doesnt happen in every shoot but when you're familiar with everyone who's doing the shoot, everyone do tend to get high and start doing random things ^^" like this :

When a friend / photog had to run to pick up some props or stuff because the coser is kinda very far away from the luggage area and cant really run due to "mobility issues" (erhmm... shoes that are troublesome to walk in ) . So, I was thrown the reflector before both my sister and Ee-chan ran off. This picture below is a result of instances such as those where a photographer threw a reflector at the cosplayer and ran to a point 20-30 metres away before snapping a picture of a species which cant run (see the mobility-restricting geta) nor give chase while cackling away . 

The other reason I walked very demurely in the first half of the shoot is the geta... Behold those glorious pixellated lego shoes. The geta I had was the type where the ridges are a tad backwards thus making it difficult to walk on. I was wobbling left and right OTL 

90% throught the prep, before beginning the shoot

Despite the many drawbacks and unforeseen challenges ( our shoot was cut short by unforeseen weather ( the rain... ) )  We had a blast during the shoot ❤ !! Now that I dont have as much time to cos anymore, I do look back at those times fondly :3 It was tiring as hell yes. My head hurts because I am prone to headaches when I wear tight stuff on my hair ( aka. hats or wigs) yes. My legs aches after walking so long on those shoes yes. But in the end, this is something I do because I love the whole process wherever I can afford to involve myself ^^ It was a hectic life juggling school and internship both. Not to mention I fell sick quite often lately but YUP !! The effort was worth it and when I sieved through the pictures, If I can find a few nice ones from every bunch of 10 or hundred I am happy :3 So yea, as quoted from No Game No Life :

Cosplay should be fun :D 

So , after all that day's hardwork, what do we get ? 
Some pictures :3 
Some more lessons learned from this shoot ( Every single shoot is a learning opportunity) and next shoot, hopefully I'll learn more thing and get better over time !
Closer friendship :3

*still so much room for improvement* 
ALWAYS try to learn more ! ;D 

The rest of the pictures will be slowly uploaded to the album below over time :3 
So feel free to drop by if you're interested to see more :3 

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Aaaand thats all for today !!
Do drop me a message or anything on my facebook page if you have any comments ;D 

❤ Cia

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SCANDAL World Tour 2015 「HELLO WORLD」♥ Singapore


As you might have known, SCANDAL has dropped by Singapore as one stop of their 2015 world tour 「HELLO WORLD」! The concert was held on  May 8 2015 at The Coliseum™, Hard Rock Hotel® Singapore Resorts World™ Sentosa :D !! I was quite lucky and really happy that Ee-chan and I were able to attend the concert ( and all thanks to CutePop and SOZO for the opportunity !! ) Really excited to see SCANDAL a second time after their last trip to Singapore when I got a chance to join their interview *read here* xD !!! 

Anyway, It was a mad, MAD day for me cause Im rushing from work to home to sentosa and I almost went crazy from all my hectic schedule that week !!  

But in the end Ee-chan and I made it to the concert !!! 


Ticket !!
Happy ! Happy ! Happy !

Back to SCANDAL , 
the concert was great !! (Tomomi and Mami are still soo pretty xD !!) The sound system's a bit too loud on our side so during the louder parts of the song we cant hear the lyrics well :'x being 153cm tall , I can only see their head and shoulders most of the time - wish I had brought a stool and binoculars with me *sigh* .Anyway, It was awesome to see them sing again in SG ! xD 


Here are some pictures from the concert itself ! Photography during concert isnt allowed (although erhm... quite a lot of people around me were taking pictures with their phones, but oh well *have to abide by rule, so I didnt take any x'D * ) Therefore, All of the pictures below are courtesy of photographer Kenneth Lim and SOZO :) 

If you love Japanese Music ;D 
Up next for the Japan Music Festival are : 

LiSA ~Another great day in Manila~ Mini Live and Fan Meet on the 27th of June 

LiSA Live is Smile Always ~In Singapore 2015~ on the 18th of July.

Do take a look at the links if you're interested ;D 

Meanwhile, this will be the end of my post today :) 
Hope this is useful :D 

❤ Cia

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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Yuki Onna / 及川 氷麗 l Tsurara Oikawa Photoshoot ❤ Nurarihyon no Mago [ ぬらりひょんの孫 ]

Hello ~ 

A while ago, I have a 1 week long holiday and I've decided to (finally, urgh ) take a look at my OLD Yuki Onna shoot folder. Which was done ages ago T__T (sorry Ee-chan and Wen-chan - despite all of your hard work , it really took me a while to sieve through it and decide which one are representative enough of Tsurara T__T ) 

For those of you who are not familiar with the series and character, here's an introductory ;D 

The series is  

Nurarihyon no Mago [ ぬらりひょんの孫 ]

And the character I cosplayed is Tsurara :3

Why her ? Why the series ? 
Because I friggin love her character design and I really really loved youkai stories x'D !! Speaking of which, Nurarihyon is a pretty good one ;) I've always loved youkai animes/mangas since I was introduced to anime. Afterall, my first DECENT , more serious/adult themed anime (not counting doraemon, sailormoon, wedding peach, conan etc) is InuYasha :3 after that, moving on to anime with more traditional/ youkai-nmyouji themes are just pretty much an enjoyable experience ^^ I find youkai manga enticing for reasons I cant explain myself - maybe its the story ? the mythical theme ? But yup - Anything from Natsume Yuujinchou, Akaya Akashiya Ayakashi no ,  Black Bird , and many many more are a pretty fun read :3

Also , I'm not sure why but so far , I noticed that I really like more traditional-ish costumes compared to brighter flashier modern costumes. Lookingback, I really loved my senbonzakura and yukata-based costumes >,< !! 

Speaking of Tsurara , finding and deciding on her lenses was .... torturous :(
The reason being, her eyes are bright yellow in colour in her youkai form , and dark blue in her non-youkai form (she's still a youkai, but she's per say not in 'attack-mode'  I guess) . What makes thing difficult is the pattern. Her eyes have this hypnotic circular pattern to it. Initially, I've ordered this pair of yellow lens because the yellow is striking enough for it to be visible in a distance and the black limbus does give sufficient enlarging effects. 

Then after getting those lenses
, I actually found one lens with more accurate pattern QAQ;

At first, I was super happy , because it wasnt easy to find exact replica of the lenses. But then after finding reviews and thinking for a while I realized that there may be a few problems with the lenses . There are so many rings on the left lens such that it wont show on pictures unless a close up is done. But for the right lens, the pattern is actually pretty close and the only thing I have about it is the lack of limbus and the fact that it has a smaller diameter and no limbus and thus may not be as big as the first yellow lens. I was torn to death on deciding whether I should get this lens. 

Although in the end , after I weighed in the fact that the yellow is more visible in the first lens ( after digging for a review from sb who bought the spiral lens and mentioned that the yellow is not so visible from a distance and the pattern is not even close to noticeable from a few metres T___T ) and counting in budget and schedule crunch  T___T I've decided to go through with the photoshoot with the first lens first... *cryingariver* *cryingtearsofblood*. 

(sorry for the poor cos photo quality ^^ photo above is not processed and its just a selfie that I thought was nicely taken hehehe so I decided to upload it although its not exactly relevant to the cos series . And because I was BROKE OTL... I made the hair accessories from scraps I have hoarded, painted it and attched hair pins on the bottom side :3 --> as you can see OTL... *poorstudent*

Would have loved to have a shoot at a Japanese house / venue T__T 
Its sad because I have not found such a place yet T_T
(I want to fly to Japan and do a shoot there QnQ)

Anyway, here are some of the final shots which I think are nicer >,< 
I havent seen through all the photos yet (sorry , took quite a lot ) 
so I'll be uploading at snail's pace over time hahaha ^^"""

placed myself at a super awkward angle here and the hair was such a horrible thing to manage. Thanks to my lil sis who help prop my head before I lie down so the hair is not as messy as it could have been =A="" believe it or not my feet was like dangling weirdly off the platform OTL

Anyway ,I'm really dying to do a shoot for Tsurara's blue eyed school version and a proper outdoor shoot if possible - am looking for the right time to do it as of now *sigh* Hope I'll be free soon enough else my cosplans are just going to pile up T_T Sometimes I cant even remember what did I buy a specific type of cloth for *sigh* 

Yup thats it for today :3 
To everyone who have supported and helped me through this photoshoot, thank you very much !! I'll continue to try my best so that I can improve !! 


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Saturday, May 2, 2015

Maze Soba ❤ Sanpoutei Ramen @ Holland Village

Hello :D 
I've not reviewed ramen recently hehehe... 
but I'm still and have been eating them regularly LOL
And recently , I found myself eating at Sanpoutei quite often because they serve decent ramen and they're quite close to my place ;D

Basically , they're from Niigata as they mentioned under their logo :3 Most of the pictures here without my logo are obtained from their facebook *here* ;D so feel free to visit it for updates ^^ hehehe I suppose this picture below is their original shop at Niigata

At Holland Village, you'll find this one though :D Much more modern looking :D but nice ramen nevertheless !

 I've only realized recently that I have NOT written any diary entry about Sanpoutei QAQ !!! I feel pretty horrible ( am I getting lazy ? or is it just that their food is so nice I actually always forgot to take pic T__T ) So anyway, I figure I might as well start with something I've ordered more than a few times at Sanpoutei 

❤ Maze Soba ❤

Ok. Let me get this straight. I was SKEPTICAL about this from the beginning. I especially LOVES spicy ramen and at Sanpoutei, the ramen I ordered most often last time was their Kara-Miso (this one below) 

I love everything about that one ( will write more about it in a separate post ) 
But Ee-chan was ALWAYS ordering Maze Soba whenever he's there and so one fine day I decided to give it a try since I was starving that day and the 1.5x noodle portion kinda tempted me and so...

❤ My Maze Soba ❤
Dont ask me why its called soba. I tried researching it from google but I cant find anything about it except for the fact that it just means "mixed soba" and the original name was "abura soba" T_T anyway, here's it 

It comes as a big bowl of ramen with a bowl of soup 

Look at that pretty bowl :3 

Topped with chopped ❤ Cha Shu ❤ 
Menma  , Ajitsuke tamago, negi and nori ~~ 

Cha Shu 
Ee-chan joked that this may be the misshapen leftover cha shu after cutting the big blocksof cha shu for the other ramen since maze sobais about 10-20% cheaper than the other full topping ramen set. To be honest i dont know, and I dont care , because they're tasty xD ! Of course you dont get a big slab of cha shu like if you have ordered kara miso but this is more or less the same ;D just chopped into cubes :D 

The Menma, Nori , Ajitsuke Tamago
I have some qualms about the ajitsuke tamago - they're not consistent :( Some days the flavor is strong, some day its not . But overall sanpoutei's ajitamago is pretty well done already except for some bad days. The nori and menma are usually always consistent except for one day when its a bit too soft but overall nicely done :D 

The Soup
The soup is pretty thick and has a strong punch of flavours . Its basically like a strong broth. I usually only add 1-2 spoon of this soup to the noodle before mixing the noodle so its not too runny (I like strong flavors) , but I guess if you want to tone down the flavor , you can always add more soup because the noodle itself aleady has some concentrated sauce mixed in with it :3  

Before Mixing 

❤ After Mixing ❤ 
Look at them noodle 
I think in my past life I never tasted noodle or just see a lot of people eating noodle but never had a chance to taste it because in this lifetime, I can vouch for my love for good noodle. I'll take noodle anytime over rice - unless its koshihikari, I'll probably consider it erhm...

The Noodle 
I love Sanpoutei noodle ❤ they have the right firmness and bounciness ( that pleasant "chew" ) to them ^^ It goes really well with the maze soba sauce and the other ramen (kara miso , shoyu etc) that they have:D 

Anyway for Sanpoutei , their shop decor is pretty nice :3 If you arrive at the right time, you can actually watch them prepare their noodle from scratch LOL especially if you sit near the entrance :3 I've watched them make noodle twice and it was at night if I didnt recall wrongly ^^  I've been there so often that one of the waitress actually guessed our order one of the day and Ee-chan burst out laughing , embarassed because it just meant we' visited so often she can remember us x'D Speaking about noodle again, I've never taken a pic of the noodle making but Sanpoutei has them in their facebook so here you go :D 

Deliciousness in the making xD

Anyway yup, that my experience with Sanpoutei with regards to their Maze Soba :3 
Its about $14 if Im not wrong and it taste pretty good ;D Will write more again about Sanpoutei once I visit them again for their Kara Miso (Im kinda missing it now that I've been eating Maze Soba for some time )

Hope this is useful :D 

❤ Cia

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