Monday, May 20, 2013

Review ❤ Body Fantasy Perfume Spray ❤ Vanilla ~ ❤

Sorry people >,< have been really really sick these past few days + I have to move room in my school hostel :'( and thus I forgot to post D:

Anyway >,< to make up for it ,I did 2 posts today >,<

Am going abroad in 2 days' time , andI hope I can keep up with the posting while I'm aborad >,< aih ....

Anyway , so here's today's post :3
I've blogged about whats in my make up pouch *last time* 
and one of the products I've always brought out in the pouch is this !!

Body Fantasies Fragrance Body Spray in Vanilla Fantasy ~ ❤ 

the stock picture

what I got :3

particularly love the fairy-design on the cap~
 it gives a touch of kawaii~ to the otherwise normal bottle  ❤ 

As I've mentioned, I've been carrying these around for a while now and I have to say I love the smell :3 . I am NOT a perfume person and I normally loathe even walking pass a perfume store :((


I feel nauseated whenever I walk pass them ~_~ 

after I while, I figured that I just can not like those 'unnatural" type of smell 
However, it is a bit doifferent with this perfume :3
I'm less likely to feel nauseated with this smell somehow , and I've come to the conclusion maybe this is because it smells more 'natural " :3 (similarly, to my vanilla scented fairy drops puff, I dont have that 'nauseating feeling as well!! :D ) 
 Doesnt mean if I whiff this repeatedly I wont get nauseated , but yes, it IS better with this perfume :3 So for now, this has been my official pick-me-up perfume xD 

I just love this ..!! ~ ❤ 
(wahahaha, I took this set of camwhore when I was visiting a clinic for follow up for my surgery kay ;D *can even see plaster on cheek hahaha * so pardon the no lenses, no make up look lolllz xD*

so today's post is basically just sharing about this product I love :3 

I got mine at Guardian/Watsons for about $9-10 I think O.O cant remember exactly :3 

Hope it helps for people like me out there who like perfumes but is at a loss because most perfumes makes them feel nauseated >,< 
This one may work :3 

Matta nee~~


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