Monday, March 30, 2015

Lens Review ❤ i.Fairy ❤ Kirei Green Review ( ・ω・`)//~~

Sponsored Review

Hello Minna-san,

 Today, I'm going to review a pair of iFairy Kirei Green lenses that I received quite a while ago, kindly sponsored by :D !! Lately I have been looking for vibrant green lenses and I thought Kirei green looks pretty nice ;D I mean, look at how they gleam in the promo picture!! xD 

Initially, I was quite skeptical about whether the promo picture will reflect how it looks in real life :( After all many lenses look nicer in the promo picture than in real life *sigh* . Looking at the design though, it has yellow inner ring which I have observed will help make the lens design look more vibrant in real life. 
So after musing over it for a while I submitted my choice to iFairycon and decided to review this pair of beauties ;D. iFairycon's package arrived bubble wrapped nicely soon after (they really work fast!! :D!!)  They've also included a cute lens case ;D (the "ears" on the lens case's caps makes it easier to open/close the case ;D)  


I really am a sucker for pretty packaging >3< look at that pretty box!!

Lenses bubble wrapped nicely :3 

Now enough with my procrastination with the package hahaha xD 
Lets move on to the lenses ;D 

Lens Information
Brand: I.Fairy
Origin: South Korea
Water content: 55%
Diameter: 16.2mm
Base Curve: 8.6

Duration: One Year Disposable

So, here's how the lenses look in its bottle packaging :D. You can already see the colours and some of the design :)
And this is how they look in the lens case :D. The full design !!!

look really pretty right xD   (*‿*✿)
Without further ado , this is how  it looks  like when worn 

and here is how it looks under different lighting !!!

Review :

I love the design! Before I tried the pair, I was actually really worried if the green will show. I kept asking myself, "The green looks really faint, will it show on brown eyes?" / "will the green be too transparent to counteract my dark eye colour?" / "will the green show at all?" After trying, I'd say I'm pretty happy :) The yellow ring does enhance the green colour in pictures and under window/camera lighting :). The design on the outer rim does show a bit and you can see a visible green ring just inside the limbus ring ;D (the outer black ring) 

As with most iFairy lenses, I find these pair pretty comfortable. My eyes adjusted pretty quickly and I wore it for 7-8 hours on my first day without any discomfort :) 

These are a huge pair ;D !! iFairy is around 16,2mm if I'm not mistaken and yep, it does enlarge a lot ! ;D 

The green does show fabulously on camera (even under shadowy lighting!) However, its not opaque (the green is slightly translucent) and thus , although the lucency does make it blend nicely with our natural eye colour , the green doesnt pop out .  :( Despite looking not too bright off camera, I am not sure why but it shows up pretty well on both phone camera and a DSLR ❤  !!! O3O and my friends can tell very clearly from a few meters away that I am wearing a pair of green lenses. So if you want a pair of vibrant green lenses that is suitable for casual wear, this is one to consider when you want it about 50% vibrant :3 . It pairs up nicely with gyaru eye make up ❤. But if you're looking for something GLARING / OPAQUE (ie.for cosplay , halloween etc) this is a good pair for photoshoot (because it shows well on camera :D) and you can consider it for events (it won't scream "GREEEEEEN" but will rather show a mellow gleaming kind of green ;D) Lastly, the green here veer more towards aqua green than grass green ,so some people may not expect it as it looks more like grass green on the promotinal picture - just an extra information as you may want to take this into account especially if you are a coser who seeks accuracy ;) 

In conclusion:
Will I buy it again ? 
Yep!!! I think it has a pretty gleam of green both for daily use and for photoshoots when you actually have proper lighting to bring out the colour in your lenses. So yep, I'll probably get a pair again after this pair becomes unusable just to stock up in case I need one pair for a shoot or just for casual wear ;D 

Ah, by the way, if you are looking to get some lenses from iFairycon's store, feel free to click on the link below and input the code "TERU10" to grab a 10% discount off your purchase ;D They're having some awesome sales the last time I was there too so do check their store's "SALES" tab regularly from time to time (Cheapo TRICK lol) hahaha xD  their link : [ ] i.Fairy Kirei Green's link : [ ]

Aaaand thats all for today !!
Hope its useful :)

❤ Cia
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Sunday, March 29, 2015

❤ Haircut ❤ @ Art Noise

Hello ~ 
Today I'm going to write about my recent haircut at Art Noise ^^ actually I didnt really plan to write about this but my experience there was pretty pleasant so I've decided to share it ;D

Basically... recently my hair has gotten really long (like, beyond my waist) and I normally will gladly opt to keep my hair as long as I can :'( but my work doesnt allow me to keep long hair ( it gets in the way of work ) and so, I have to cut it short :( *heartache*

Initially I had wanted to cut just a little bit (about 10 cm or so) but after thinking for a while , I thought I might as well just cut a lot - because, otherwise, I will end up cutting 10 cm every half a year or so ( more sufferings T__T) - and so my initial options are either :

Shoulder Length 
if I have the courage to do so


Chest Length 
if I chickened out at the last moments ... ^^"

And guess what , 
 so I showed some of the chest-length hair model pictures to my hairstylist that day, Kanako-san >,<. 

This time, I cut my hair at Art Noise. I really dont want to think too much about cutting my hair so no - I didnt choose the store (hahaha)  I actually asked Ee-chan to help me pick one shop online that is near my house T___T and he chanced upon Art Noise, which is a Japanese Hair Salon operated by Japanese (Duh .. hahaha ^^). He thought it may be a good salon and so he helped me book a slot and didnt think too much about it until the day arrived. Was pretty worried about what was to come that day  - I'm sorry.. I really am just a coward when it comes to hair cut... its the same as going to the dentist for me T__T

Aaand this is Art Noise's interior :)

The store is located on the second storey of one of the shophouses in Holland Village :) 
Its a pretty small store with cosy and warm interior decor :) Love the wooden furnishing 

That day, my hairstylist was Kanako-san 
She's a pretty Japanese Lady from near Okinawa who is really nice and kind. We had some difficulty communicating initially cause she cant speak English really well as she's just moved to Singapore in January ^^ but she tried her best to understand what I requested and also, Ee-chan was there and so helped me translate :) 
I really love how she's really meticulous when cutting my hair - from the balancing, layering etc ;D It was nicely done :3 I feel that the way the hair wash was done is good too ^^ She was really gentle and thorough and keep on asking me questions to clarify what I wanted :D I wanted my hair to be at mid-chest length when curled  and she clarified a few times and curled my hair at the end to make sure its of the desiredlength :) She even asked about how heavy /light I want my hair to be, if I curl my hair often so she can layer it in a way thats easy to curl (because I do curl my hair quite often) :) 

We were offered some drinks, green tea was available too but I wanted some water at the time :3 

I didnt take many pictures because as I've mentioned, I didnt really plan to write about this visit at all (in fact I rushed to take picture of the salon's interior right after I was done because the shop was already 30 minutes past its closing time and yet Kanako-san was still doing my hair calmly :'D ). Anyway, here are some pictures of my current hair length.
I didnt even bother to wear lenses or proper make up that day and it was late at night (I was their last customer) ^^" hahaha sorry for the tired/sleepy look 

New Hair !!
Sad but much lighter and manageable :3 

 It didnt look too short but believe it or not, I've already cut about 25 cm of my hair to achieve this length =___= A bit heartache but my head feels much much lighter now ^^ Im actually pretty happy I cut my hair this time around and I got some advice from her with regards to the type of hair colour which suits me too :3 Its easier at work now compared to last time (last time, I have to do aunty bun (with those huge aunty hair clip) at work or else if I do a normal tight bun , I'll get a headache at the end of the day. ) 

Overall, yep Im hapy about my haircut and 
If you'd like to find out more about Art Noise, 
its here  : 

Hope it helps ;D !

❤ Cia
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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Review ❤ Moe Moe Repair Aid by MoltoBene

Hello again ~ ❤

(sorry for using old pic :3 this was the pic of the time I was using this product so ... hahaha ^ this was chosen ) 

Some of my friends have been asking me about the products I am using for my hair. So after a while , I've decided maybe I should just reviw them because I do have a few of them . Some of the hair care products I use which are more affordable and more available locally includes Essentials' hair oil , Liese Hair Cocktail Moisturizing Hair Serum and Rougeria Hair Oil by Molto Bene ❤ One which is not so easily found locally is Moe Moe Repair Aid by MoltoBene (same company as Rougeria) ❤ 

I bought this at about $40-$50 (sigh....) when I first bleached my hair and was not disciplined in using it until last year when my hair condition became BAD - like more tangled , especially at the end. At that time, I immediately used this (which is available at my house ) before switching to Essentials (after its finished - it lasted for about half a year or so ) and Rougeria recently, after my essentials is finished :3   

"A leave-in treatment that moisturizes and softens hair with watery milky texture"

The packaging and the bottle is pretty cuute ❤ 
And I love products with pump applicator :3 Its more hygienic and easier to portion :3 

? Greasy or Not ?
The repair aid is basically a creamy-milky solution which is applied to hair just like most hair serum or hair oil :3 The serum texture is also light and coats the hair fibers easily , resulting in smoother hair :) Most hair oil are sticky and leaves a greasy feel either on your hand or worse, on the hair !!! This is why I am pretty cautious when buying hair oil, serums, or milk. However, this one doesnt leave a greasy residue and smoothens the hair well ;3

? Effective ?
Yep!  After repeated use (about a month of diligent application after every hair washing session) , I also noticed that my hair has a fluffier and softer finish :3 Despite having been bleached, my hair wasnt in as bad a condition than it should have been :) its tangle-free and easy to brush/comb through ;)

? Fragrance ?
The repair aid has a light floral scent which is quite elegant and not too overwhelming or cheap smelling :3 I cant use products with strong smell because they just simply give me a bad headache afterwards (literally, YES - I get headache if I smell strong perfume etc too Q___Q ) So I am pretty careful with fragrance in my products. Fortunately, this one has a fine fragrance. 

? So will I buy it again ?
Hmmmm , this is difficult. Overall, I quite love this product and the packaging is really cute ( I am a sucker for cute stuff) - but the price tag is really quite overwhelming :( So , iiif I managed to find this product on discount, or if a friend of mine managed to help me find in Japan (apparently its not so easy to find in Japan too) or if Rakuten is having sales etc , I will probably buy it again. Otherwise, I'll just stick to my more affordable Essentials or  Rougeria which has comparable result if you factor in their PRICE - but has a sliiiightly (just a little bit) more oily feel to it ^^ (to begin with, they're hair oil , not like this repair aid ^^ so yea, theyre more oily but ooonly a lil) 

? Yay or Nay for you?
The pictures below were taken when I was using Moe Moe Repair Aid .My hair condition at about that time - pretty light , fluffy and smooth . Didnt really take a close up picture but it works for me ;3 Have you seen this product around ? What do you think about it ? 

Anyway , hope this is useful :3 

❤ Cia
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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Lens Review ♡ Komi Look SunFlower Brown ( ・ω・`)//~~

Heyo~ ;D 

Recently I got ahold of Komi Look lenses at a very cheap price xD !! So I've decided to review it ^^ I guess this isnt one of the more popular / easily found brands locally in sg but when I saw the cute design and the natural colour ( since brown was easier to wear to work ;D compared to more vibrant colours like purple or gray ) I decided to purchase it 

iFairy Komi Look Sunflower Brown !

Here's the lens info :3 
Brand: Komi-Look

Water Content: 48%

Life : 1 Year

Diameter: 18.00 mm

Center Thickness: 0.0200mm

Lenses Hardness: Soft

I was always on the constant lookout for nice brown lenses with natural yet vibrant colour and pattern :) tried iFairy's eclipse brown last time, which have awesome enlarging effects (my eyes were humongously big with the lenses ^^" ) but the pattern wasnt so vibrant  

For Komi brown , I find the design pretty cute 。◕‿◕。 *happy* 

seem quite vibrant isnt it ? (*‿*✿)
this is how  it looks when worn

At bright IKEA eatery section 

At a shadowy indoor cafe 

And here's how it looks under different lighting :)

Review :

The flower design is really pretty although like most natural lenses, it doesnt really stand out when worn. Nevertheless , this design does appear a bit if you look close enough:3

This is my first time trying Komi Look lenses and to be honest I am totally happy with it ^^ The lenses are comfortable and if I managed to get access to Komi Look lenses at affordable prices again I'd definitely buy it ^^ 

Very good enlarging effects ;D 

The colour also isnt too sheer . It is quite opaque that the brown actually shows up :3 I feel that it is more suitable for natural look though

Will I buy it again ? 
Definitely Yes :) Actually love how comfortable it is and would really love to try out more of the different designs if  possible :D I somehow feel that the enlarging effect is not too big (not as big as ifairy or kimchi) and yet bigger than barbie and luxury :3 So its a nice middle ground for me :D

Have you tried Komi lenses before ? What do you think about these lenses ? 
Anyway , this is it for today :3 Thank you for reading and hope this helps ^^ 

❤ Cia

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