Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Fairy Drops ✿ Vanilla Puff Mineral Powder ✿ Sparkle ✿ Review

 ✿  Kyaho~ ✿
Today I'll be reviewing my favorite scented Mineral Powder xD~ 
Fairy Drops' Vanilla Puff Mineral Powder !!!

picture from Fairydrops' web

picture from Fairydrops' web

I'm reaaaaalllly in love with this powder puff set ~✿ xD
Why ? 

✿ Scent 
It has a very nice and sweet Vanilla scent which never fails to refresh me anytime xD 

✿ Texture and "Sparkle"
It is light and has thsi sparkling effects which gives a soft glow to your face xD, especially good when I'm very tired at the end of the day >,< The glittery powder isnt too glittery to make you look like a sequined human being of course :P The glitter is just the right size and amount to give your skin more "shine" 

Before and After (Left to Right ) but I'm not sure if this is clear, 
so I captured one more close up below >,<

close up (to show the sparkle ). I lowered the brightness of the picture so the glittery powder will show on picture.  If you look close enough , you can see the glittery powder  ;D

Anyway , I've been wanting to review this powder for soo long but hectic schedule, hectic life >,< as always TAT;;; so finally I'm able to write a short review about it now, I'm pretty happy and contented ~ ✿ ^^

*!!!duckface attack !!!*

Hahaha hope you find the post above useful or somewhat entertaining ^^ 
I must go now!!! My People need me ~~

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