Friday, November 29, 2013

Angel Beats _ Tachibana Kanade 立華 ( Tenshii ) / Angel Cosplay Photoshoot

Today I'm going to write a short post about one of my recent Cosplay Photo Shoot :3 

Series : Angel Beats! エンジェルビーツ! 

Character : Tachibana Kanade 立華奏(Tenshi) / Angel

Here's how kanade (also called Tenshii/Angel )  looks like ^^ 
A challenge from the start OTL 
Since Im not as pale as her .. and in the illustration, she always almost have this ridiculous amount of "light" around her O3O which makes her doubly pale !!!! OTL OTL

Pictures from google image

See how dark my skin looks under the building canopy's shadow + contrasted by the CRAZY light wig ??? When I was in my room , looking at myself in the mirror, it wasnt this contrasted OTL... It was a bad day already , it was really sunny at first !!! THEN, it started to RAIN !!!! =_="" right before I have to shoot the sunflower illustration ver. OTL...


But in the end, I had a lot of fun and learnt some new things again too :3 
We have to experiment a lot with flash and lighting UNTIL we get an acceptable skin tone !! :D Ee-chan and I was arguing all the time about the lighting not being good, which angle will be good , and got quite annoyed when the poses we wanted to take turn out difficult to take because of the lack of lighting OTL... But in the end, at least , we managed to get some decent shots , so here they are :3 

Without further adue, the first successful shot of the day of the shoot xD!!!


Kanade Tachibana Pretty Asian Cosplay Japanese Angel Beats Anime manga otaku kawaii cute coslayer tenshi tenshii angel cosplay



呼んでる気がしたんだ 。。。”」

Kanade Tachibana Pretty Asian Cosplay Japanese Angel Beats Anime manga otaku kawaii cute coslayer tenshi tenshii angel cosplay


よかったね、と 。。。”」

Kanade Tachibana Pretty Asian Cosplay Japanese Angel Beats Anime manga otaku kawaii cute coslayer tenshi tenshii angel cosplay

Also cosed Kanade's reincarnated version :3 

But in the end, havent manage to sieve through this version's folder yet :( 
Have to find some more free time first ^^"" Thus this below is the only one I have for now :(( 

This shoot's main trouble is really the freaking skin tone >,<
I guess if you have proper equipment/studio/awesome expensive flash it will be easier but since Ee-chan and I were working with what camera we have, we have to find a suitable angle and lighting TxT 

Was super fun though ^^ 
(will be planning more extensively if Im doing light haired characters next time 
wahahahaha xD) 

Meanwhile, I have to rush back to my work again >,<
Have an exam next week >,<
Hope I have the free time to blog about other things soon .... Aih..

Bye Bye ~~~

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

AFA SG 2013 - Day 1 in ❤ Lolita ❤

Hellow Minna-san~~ 
Its been 2 weeks (OMG! >,<) since AFA and I finally had some time to sit down and see what I've got in my camera :3 \\\(>,< )/// SO , because I've to rush from School to AFA , I only have about 45 minutes to prepare , which wont do my Senbonzakura Luka justice :(( so I decided I'll do Lolita instead :3 which takes less time to prepare than Luka :3 


So , AFA !!!

First thing first , I arrived JUST ON TIME for the Event Preview as CutePop representative ... >,< Lucky~~ You can read about the preview at Cute Pop *here*
or at my blog  *here*

Saw May'n , Eir Aoi , Alodia , etc during the preview !!!!!!! *fangirl MODE ON* xD I was soooo happy !!!

When the event preview was done, I went in and roam around the event area :3 Was really happy I got to see some old friends xD !!

Suzumeee !!! <3 xD 

Close up Selfie heheee~ ❤
visit her here 
She has lots of dance covers there ;D 

Walked around ~ 

My BRO ( I wish!) !!! 




NYANKO SENSEI~!!!! *faints*



NYANKO SENSEI~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!! >,< !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Waaaaaaa xD 
So excited to see so many cute Nyanko Merchandise !!! 
afterwards, there's an awkward incidence though , when I was fangirling in front of an array of Nyanko sensei's merchandise, a photographer came over and nicely asked if he can take a picture :3 However... in the end... it became a chain of photographers... I remembered feeling quite conflicted then... one one hand felt a bit impolite to just refuse the photographers outright , on the other hand ... I'm DYING to continue fangirling, ogling at Nyanko-sensei's stuff most of which I'll never own ... hurhur...TAT .... ^^""" what goes inside my brain at that time is roughly like this : 

Moving on ~ ^^

Apparently from a new anime Valvrave OxO I'm not very updated nowadays, do Inform me if I'm wrong ^^ have been pretty busy with school lately and seriously hv not much time to nurture my otakuism ~_~"" OTL OTL OTL...

But look who I found !!
Neko Titan-kun !!!!!

Hahaha, thank you for allowing us to take picture of you !!! xD

Some other pictures of AFA ~~

Ultimate Madoka~~ Haaa~~❤ So pretty~ xD

I still remembered how much I liked Love is War last time >3< ~~
So sad that my cosplan got cancelled in the end OTL..

They also have Wall Maria HAHAHAHA xD

Censored my friends' faces for "confidentiality" LOL xD

Terrible... Teriible ... Lolita Titan and 2 Titan Armin 

They have the gigantic Kyojin head too !!!
Hahaha , Ee-chan asked me to take this picture for him LOL!!!

At the end of the day, AFA Day 1 is quite fun ;D 
The crowd is not bad yet, probably because its Friday and not many people are free to come down to AFA yet ^^ So its still quite easy to walk around unhindered , although I've heard that the selection of things on highlights are pretty 'outdated' considering that they've only highlighted few new animes :3 

My Personal Opinion ??
I'd continue DREAMING that they'll actually drag the whole SOUND HORIZON team here , or even REVO x Yuki Kajiura duo alone will make me jump, roll around, and then faint in a fit of joy xD already xD hahaha , but yes, I do wish (after Kalafina last time) that AFA will one day bring REVO (and perform Marchen PLEEEEAAAASEEEE QAQ ) HERE !! 

*pray hard*

Anyway, here's my full OOTD for the day :3

Mix and matched the dress and accessories from a few pieces hahaha ^^ 
My straw bag is a gift $30 fom Harajuku :3
The white shoes are bought from sgcafe for $25 if I dont remember it wrongly OxO


I went to eat lunch/dinner at Soup Spoon afterwards 
*daily dose of randomness begins*

My Clam Chowder xD!!


That's all for my AFA Day 1 ramble today ~

Bye Bye~~~ ❤

❤ ❤ ❤

Friday, November 22, 2013

MY LONG LOST TWIN xD *sarcasm* (impersonater/faker/poser)

- she sent me a message as follow below 
read it and try to interpret it if you're interested , and see if this "apology" is interspersed with further (badly done) attempt at lies or not . I cant even bother to deal with her anymore. Maybe she thinks I'm some primary school kid who cant yet think for herself and believe whatever people tell me  =_= Such a waste for a pretty girl 

FYI Ravenings is my friend (Tora Shiba  at FB or Kawaii Ravenings at Instagram) whose picture she stole too . 

- She has removed most of my pictures but still uses some of them 
- She does not even have the balls to at least apologize for what is clearly a wrong deed. I'm amazed at how much of a coward she can be :( 
- She's changed her facebook into *here* (link removed now , I'm tired of dealing with her) although its good she doesnt  steal people's pictures anymore I think , and she seems to be working  to start her own cos and not steal anymore (Hopefully)
Regrettable that she doesnt have the guts at all to do whats right which is to at least admit what she'd done though. 

No apologies.

No admittance of the wrongdoings she'd done. 

She just cowardly deleted some of her pictures and even still kept some of my pictures =_= so this is gonna stay here, sorry girl =_=  Such a waste for such a pretty girl to have such level of cowardice and indignity to not admit her mistakes at all. 


So , quite a while back , someone pm-ed me about someone impersonating me. I was like

" What ? There are people who actually want to impersonate me? "

At first , I'm unsure of what to do. It took me about 1 week before I decided to make up my mind and after I did some research , I AM OVERJOYED WITH HAPPINESS !!!

What was I doing during that 1 week? 
1.I googled
2. I asked my friend to help me translate because the conversation is in Filipino

And what I see amused me quite a bit.... 

So this girl..

Phamela Jane Caspe



Take a Look.

Let's start with her Twitter ....

Compare the introduction line below 


Now, lets see !!!.. 
at first sight , I thought this is MY Gumi Matryoshka !!!!!

Dont we look reaaaalllly alike !!!????? :D

Is this MY Hungary Hetalia ????
But she commented that it's EASY D: I actually spend quite some effort to get Hungary's hair the right way , and hunted quite a while for a nice basket of flowers too D: 

She must be SOO TALENTED that this is so  easy for her !!!  >,< !!

Is this YONG YONG KURAN (the one with the label "You make me smile"),  a famous Thailand cosplayer !!!!??  No , IM SURE THIS IS PHAMELA because she seems to infer so D: and because its in her album (sarcasm)If Phamela looks like Yong Yong Kuran , how can she look like me ? I'm a bit confused . Do I look like YONG YONG ? My teeth is not as nice. THAT, I know O.o

I THOUGHT this is MY Eyelash Review !!! 
Waaah ! This is awesome !!! Are we linked by some unseen forces anyway that she actually bought the exact same lenses , eyelashes as me and even took the picture from IDENTICAL angles with me !! ME in Singapore and SHE in Phillipines, MILES AND MILES AWAY ! D: THis is so amazing !!!!!

But at the bottom right picture in apron is YONG YONG KURAN again D:
I'm sure its her... unless !!!! MY TWIN PHAMELA JANE CASPE looks like YONG YONG TOO???? That's soooo coool! !!! xD

Then I saw this and gets even more confused O.o??
I immediately think of Kelly-chan's eyes when I saw these O.o
But apparently Phamela has Kelly's eyes!!!! ISNT SHE AWESOME ? She actually have YONG YONG KURAN's infective smile and's eyes !!! :D that's so great !!!!

Maybe its because of certain ANGLES that we look alike in SO MANY pictures? 
Because I certainly know I dont look like YongYong or Kelly :((( 

BUT LOOK !!! Even my early unglam picture of Dolly+ ifairy lenses too , look like hers !! WOAH !!! I wonder what kind of "preparation" she meant in the comment below ? 
Preparation to cosplay izaya like I DID ?:D

Because She DID cosplay Izaya ... on her FACEBOOK!!! :D 
WE MUST BE REALLY SOME SORT OF LONG LOST TWINS with some sort of paranormal connections between our minds !!! :D

I DONT HAVE ANY IDEA WHY SHE WANTED TO STEAL THIS PICTURE  ITS actually just a for-fun shoot I did with my school friends, prepared within 20-30 minutes and without any proper wig whatsoever =_=""""

even her cosplay mate who cosplayed shizuo looks EXACTLY LIKE MY FRIEND who cosplayed Drrr! with me !!! OwO What is this ? So my friend also have a long lost twin sister in the Phillipines  where she live ??? Because my friend dont recall flying there to have a shoot with her O.o 

I scroll down again... 
This looks veeery much like MY Alice Baskerville - B-Rabbit version...!! 
How can she find similar location and friends who look exactly like my two friends here in Phillipines ?  BY NOW , I am convinced everyone in Singapore could have a long lost twin somewhere in the Phillipine and many many places/shooting locations too have a TWIN-site there ???? :D

I'm so excited that I actually have a long lost TWIN!!
Its like those KOREAN DRAMA you know ????!

So I move on to FACEBOOK !!! :D
 OK. So..... Is that's MY Gumi there ... MY C.C ? Let's zoom in. 

But I dont know ? My TERUTERUMI.BLOGSPOT LOGO is not here . 
So she actually looks very much like me and her cosplay pose is even the same as mine ! wah !! :D

See ? Mine have logo at lower right corner !!! :))))
OMG SO since there is NO LOGO , its her after all !! We're twin sister after all? 

Somehow she's more quiet in FACEBOOK , preferring to resort to PRIVATE MESSAGE /PM as shown in the comment section where she uploaded my C.C Code Geass picture above (the white suit-costume)  Why? Maybe because I dont use my Twitter that often and she thinks Im not in Twitter so She wont get found out O.o? IDK

Scroll Down , here's MY Elizabeth Herdevary /Hungary - from Hetalia????

Zoomed in 

MY Hetalia again? or my twin sister ? :)

MY Azuki Azusa from Henouji Warawanai Neko?

WAH , we even have a same concept shoot for Joshi Kousei !!
Even the shoot title and the heart symbol placement is the same !!!

Even Maid pictures are the same !!! OWO

My Old unglam maid PS =_= why this ? why not nicer ones ?

Her eyebags is also not covered in this shoot! 
WAH , So similar to mine !! What a coincidence xD
She also have the same maid uniform EOY used for the meido cafe !! :D

My original pic! Look v alike right ??? :D

even my first few old unglam selfies also look like her !!!! 

Some more snapshots ...:D

 Another 2 pictures of mine ... ???

Wah!!! I SEE someone who looks like JOSIE, My sponsor salon's hairstylist!!! 
(middle column, most left, with a lady holding a camera)
So INDEED many people actually have twins in the area where she live  ??? :D WHOA , is it some "TWINS TOWN" ?

I ALMOST THOUGHT We're twins... but guess what ...? D:
I dont think I am anymore... 

She's MUCH MORE AWESOME than I am ... look at these !! 
These are all her cosplays too :(

(this miku below is actually BELL from HongKong )

and she looks so so so much like yong yong kuran my Idol~ >,<
She cant be my twin. I'm not even close to yong yong >,<

Is this her too? I cant ead the caption D:

and she looks like Tora @wonkitty too~ 
I know Tora , met her via Kelly last time, 
and I know I'm not as cute as this :( BUT apparently Phamela looks like Tora too >,< 

Phamela's pic below , and Tora's picture here :
Look very similar right ????

Tora's picture here :

And eventually she did AHRI cosplay too :D !!!!

 But... but... there are still some things  that is confusing me ... 
I am not really sure her boyfriend JASON REYES has helped me AT ALL in my LOLITA MAKE UP O.O? why is she thanking him ?? OR IS IT HERS ?? She also has a similar lolita dress as me!??? :D What a coincidence !!!

She also tagged her Boyfriend in many of our TWIN pictures :D 
Why is that so ?
I think her Boyfriend would be excited to know that Phamela actually have quite a few TWIN SISTERS in Singapore !!! :D He also seems new to the Otaku world while ALL of us Phamela's TWIN SISTERS are Otaku's here so welcome welcome !!! :D

Initially her display picture looks exactly the same as my Tsurara cos !! :D
I was almost convinced she's my twin ! :D

But then it changed a few days back O.O so sad...

Her old picture also looks like me !!! Wah !! :D 

Oh ! and in Soundcloud too !!!
(my candid Alice picture beside a vending machine... )

picture of me with my Nyanko plushie .

PHOTOS below  CREDIT to : Miss Phamela Jane Caspe

I'll be very happy if anyone of my Filipino FB friend/readers/ can please help me seek clarifications from her as of why we have such a GREAT resemblance that we have SOOO MANY SIMILAR PICTURES !!! I'd love to
1. Personally meet her and have our DNA tested !!! Maybe we're related after all! :D
2.  have a twin photoshoot with her perhaps !! :D We can cosplay twins character in ease now !! How awesome is that !!! xD
3. meet her friends who cosplayed the Shizuo Heiwajima in her durarara!! shot because she looks exactly like my friend here too xD
4. Meet her friend who cosplayed alice - ballgown version and will of abyss because she looks exactly like my friend here too xD who happened to be sisters !!!:D

5. Personally tell her that its really nice that she really have  a face that can fit looks so diff in diff angles :) good for cosplay --> because then she can fit into so many different characters be it male or female , cute or cool !! Her miku and SOUND HORIZON snow white is sooo nice :D

Look how different she can look! Such good make up and angling skills ! :D 

PS : side note
She's actually a real pretty girl.
I dont understand why she have to resort to this at all ? Why does she try to pass people's work as her own ? It just isnt right. Its pure plagiarism. Not to mention it seems that she's already a university student :( She should be more than mature enough not to do this...

Look at how cute she is , filter or no filter .
She's quite pretty by herself.
Why does she need to lower her dignity so low as to IMPERSONATE somebody else ? You're your own person, and you should be proud of being yourself. By doing this, you're declaring to the whole world that 
1. You're ASHAMED of yourself 
2. You're showing no respect whatsoever towards the hardwork people have put into their own works. You're PLAGIARIZOR , IMPERSONATOR, and THIEF at the same time. 

its really sad seeing that someone with such a cute face actually did this kind of thing. I feel strongly towards this because I actually do not think that I;'m cute whatsoever and I actually have worked really hard to achieve my current size (I used to be very fat) and to learn make up from scratch (I had 0 cosplay friends /almost no otaku friends interested in cosplaying in my circle) and I learnt everything by myself, from scratch !!!
So I hope she still have some awareness and dignity left to admit to her friends at least that she's been using (more like stealing ) peoples' pictures all these while. It will be good if she have some honesty left to at least admit to what she's been doing.

OK. I'm ASSUMING she's honest and this below is really really truly her since Im not sure if her friend has told her what she told me she suspected because recently she's been changing her profile pictures from that of other cosplayers to her own pictures, so I guess she must have had awesome instincts or her friend has warned her 

If she doesnt... 
Its really such a waste

Such a cute face
Look at that nicely shaped chin and plump cheeks :3
but without honesty , dignity and integrity 
I feel for her... although I should not be judging too.



Thanks to my Facebook friends who have helped me report this incident. 
She has yet to come up with any attempt to contact me whatsoever so far ( which leads me to the conclusion that she's quite cowardly for what she'd so 'bravely' did ) . I was half expecting she'll be brave enough to come up to me and at least admit  what she'd done but nothing happens. So here goes. Her SOUNDCLOUD, INSTAGRAM, and TWITTER is still full of stolen pictures and lies though, although she clearly knows about this because it seemed that she hasnt been posting anything new so far. Not sure what she's planning to do. Feel quite upset that while she has the guts to steal people's pictures (yes, I believe that it takes guts in some ways to steal something ) , she does not seem to have the guts to be a decent girl and apologize at least - while apologizing can actually earn her some measure of friendship and a good impression. But maybe, just maybe, she thought it is okay to steal , and just maybe, she thought that it is perfectly allright to steal MANY things and that there is no need to apologize because its just "normal" for her to steal - its her principle. 

So Ciao

Que Sera Sera