Thursday, May 9, 2013

Food Review ✿ Chiso Zanmai Buffet ✿ Central


I actually went to eat at Chiso Zanmai yesterday ~!!
Ate with a group of my close friends who loves Jap food too xD 

 Japanese Buffet  !! 

We made a reservation for dinner and yes, its pretty pricey for a student like me TAT ... 
lucky got "subsidised" ^^"" anyway , when we entered , we paid first , then we were shown our seats 

and were presented this :

Then , we start walking around, "hunting" for food wahahaha !! xD
*what cheapo students do  when they go for buffets*


Round 1 
I came back with these :

The small bowl thingie in the picture below is avocado with salmon :(( somehow I dont really like it :( . When I read the forums, I heard a lot of complaints about the sushi, so I made a point to try it out, and its actually pretty nice :(( Not as bad as the people described in the forum ..

The chicken dishes meanwhile is not tender enough for me though (karaage etc) , but Ee-chan think its the right "hardness"/"tenderness" . But I have to admit I dont like food that are hard to chew :(( 
so my comment here may indeed be subjective ^^

The osaka-style noodle is worth the carbo space in this buffet ~~ I love it!!

Tempura is nice ~!!! (what can go wrong with tempura ? xD) 
All polished in 20-30 minutes , 


Round 2

we tried the very famous Matcha Tofu >3<;;; 
The texture is a cross between tofu and custard !!! Its like, soft and firm, like tofu , but still a bit sticky and gooey at the same time >,< and it screams "Matchaaaaaa!" xD

Loves this !!!

I still have space , so more ebi and shishamo tempura !! Shishamo is   !!!

They have baby tako , this one fish I forgot the name (the white one >,<) and salmon sashimi ~ On the middle of the plate is chilled tofu which is surprisingly nice ( (ミ´ω`ミ))

Sashimi~~~~~ (≧∇≦)/
Quite fresh and nice , 
cutting is weird though . The cutting seems to be vertical rather than the supposed 'slanted' way :(( and the thickness is variable sometimes. So I picked up sashimi slices that are more thinly sliced cause I dont like eating chunks of sashimi that are too thick ^^""

Takoyaki comes in a cute little boat xD
Taste pretty nice :D not Gindaco level but still nice ;D

One of the dishes I regretted taking, because it doesnt taste nice to me :((
But Ee-chan loves this ~~ D:

its a pumpkin salad OxO 
I usually loves pumpkin but not sure why this doesnt taste nice to me....
to each his own in this case heheheee~~

Soba is sadly soggy and overcooked
The sauce is too thin :( 
Even Daiso one taste nicer :( 

Chawan Mushi doesnt looks very nice with bubbly holey surface
BUT taste good !! (⌒▽⌒)☆

They have Ramen too , 
but I doubt this will be worth the carbo :P 
so I skipped it 

Then Dessert !!! 
This is my friend's plate , because I was pretty full resultant from not eating buffet for too long TAT  now when the need arise, cant eat a lot anymore TAT

Thanks for letting me cope the picture Ibel~ hahahaa ^^"""
He has good arranging skill ;D arrange until so nice ;D

some jelly thingie in cups :3 ー( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

I was pretty full by that time , but then I saw 
Maraschino cherries !!!! xD 

So I HAVE to have some !! xD

Overall its a quite "filling" experience (wuahahaha lame pun intended ) 
my OOTD for the day ~~ pretty tired by then because I have sinusitis AGAIN !! TAT;;;

I'm still quite fuuuuul of sashimi and tempura for now Wahahaha !!! 
So Ciao~~~ Till later 
*goes to lalaland*


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