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Lens Review _ i Fairy Nova Green

Hi ,today I'll be reviewing iFairy 's Nova Green, 
followed by and intro to circle lenses for those who doesnt know about them ^^ 
For those who are using the, 
these may be fun trivia ^^
I'll be reviewing more of my current lenses in the next few days as an intro to my review of lenses sent by Uniqso, which is supposed to arrive in the next week or so

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So , back to Nova Green ^^

Thats how it looks like when taken under Natural Light , without flash :3

and this is how it looks like under bright light , without flash :3

[My future review will have pictures with flash , without flash and under natural light ^^ ]

I apologize that this post wont have it because my Nova Green has expired last week and I wouldnt want to wear it again deshou :3

The pattern , as promised
although colour does differ slightly :3 

Review :

Like my other ifairy lenses, they're quite comfortable despite their large size :D

Love it ! Boasting a 16,2 mm diameter  isnt for nothing :3 
However , abased on personal knowledge and experience ,  do note that you shouldnt wear these kind of lenses Every single day for extended period of time ^^ Let your eyes breathe a little :3

The colour isnt as striking as I would have expected from the advertorial picture , and the pattern does have clear gaps in between where your true eye colour will show .
I find it natural while not being totally subtle , since the green colour is indeed visible :3 although if you really want a striking green , maybe iFairy's Jewel green will be more obvious :3

Now, the last part (more serious part)

Circle Lenses Trivia
What are circle lenses ?
here's the wiki definition :
also known as a big eye contact lens and circle lens, is a cosmetic contact lens that makes the eye's iris appear larger; this product originated from South Korea.
So far , most of my lenses (if not all) are South Korean made :3
They often comes in many many design , from pretty to unnaturally scary interesting  ^^
consider these :
(these are purely my opinions :3, I do have a preference to non-extreme looking lenses unless for cosplay purposes ) 
I love casper violet         , but Yuri Grey's pattern (up close seems a bit off for me :(  ) 

Are they vision corrective ?
They're available in both corrective and non corrective forms :3 

Are they safe ?
This is important !! I do strongly suggest that you NEVER , EVER purchase from dubious seller no matter how cheap they charge you compared to official sellers. Nowadays , there are many many non authentic lenses from China which is making its way through the market parading in look-alike bottles of iFairy , Vassen , Geo etc . 

The latest step iFairy has taken to tackle this is by adding hologram stickers on their packaging :
End point is , DONT buy if its too cheap, dubious etc , no hologram sticker :( 
if your eyes experience ANY discomfort at all / REDNESS / ITCH upon wearing them ,  please please please  IMMEDIATELY take them off,rise them again (because it may be debri , when your first round lens washing isnt clean enough ), and try again . IF it persists , take them off and dont wear them at all. They may be fake lenses !!!
Be especially cautious because circle lenses are often ordered online :( 

Only order from trusted sources !

In fact , FDA SG caught a batch of fake lenses contaminated with the potentially dangerous bacteria Pseudomonas aeruginosa 
(these bacteria commonly causes Soft-lenses-associated keratitis . Wiki them to know what else this bacteria can cause :( I'm not trying to scare you. I;m studying microbiology at school  as of now :(( )

Now , lets proceed to the 'a bit' scary part ;3 
Can I wear them every day ?
I advise you not to.

I personally only wear lenses for special occasion, events(cosplay etc) , about once or twice a week :3 . I've known people who wore them everyday without fail, but then again , do note that these people may not wear it the whole day (only a few hours everyday) . Otherwise, if you're wearing them everyday and 

The cornea (part of our eyes where the lenses rest on) relies on diffusion of Oxygen via air to 'breathe' . Wearing lenses for extended period of time may hamper oxygen transfer :( your eyes will feel strained and tired :( Even worse, yourn cornea may turn hypoxic , leading to decreased sight . 

Also , most circle lenses are for yearly use (meaning you can use them for up to one year after opening provided they're not damaged and you clean them regularly) . They're not as soft as daily lenses and prolonged use may lead to dry eyes --> leading to abrasion or minute scratching of the cornea .

J-Runway With Shizu-chan + "FULL" EOY Meido Line up :3


How many of you guys are watching Chuunibyou now ? xD!!
Had a sudden urge to draw sth cute 2 days ago , so I ended up spending half an hour to draw these :
Behold, le egg and chick inspired nail design ( (ミ´ω`ミ)) !!!
Now , as I am looking at my nails, I wondered what in the world overcame me to draw these m(._.)m

Anyway , I finally found the time to visit J-Runway !!!
Rarely had the chance to dress up, so , I guess... why not ?

OOtd ~ inside and out ~ 
pardon the lighting ^^ I'm running all over the place, rushing here and there lollz ^^ 
I actually took these piccies in the lift and on the mrt respectively :P

And yes , that's a wig if you're wondering ^^ 
I prefer wigs than dyeing 
Healthier for our real hair and you can change style more often too~ :3

Decided to wear my Liz-Lisa inspired Floral Poncho out today ~~~
Its a poncho I love to death( and so rarely wear it >,< ) 
But its soooo warm , fluffy and pretty ~~~!!! 
I love Liz Lisa ~!!!

[Nom of the Day]
Ribs at Cafe Cartel!! Frst time nomming ribs after a year lollz (=´∇`=)ureshikatta~~~
I'm gonna turn plump soon .....

THEN !!! I finally met up with Shizu-chan !!!

Actually there was THIS huge mirror which will be very good to camwhore at ..but...

the lighting's not good :P
so...we decided to camwhore at the make up counter instead  ^^""

Muahahaha~ note the exact same pose lollz xD 
Shizu-chan and I have been friends for almost 1,5 years now :3 
we met because of school `w` and we happen to have interest for Japanese stuff ^^
She's like >n< very 'Hime'-type ~!! (*ノ´□`)ノ 
The Princess type that you cannot find any fault on  (*ノ´□`)ノ   !
She's nice, pretty , smart , and patient ヾ(*´∇`)ノ
Am lucky to have met such a good friend in my life ヾ(・ω・*)ノ

Anyway , 

(=´∇`=)/ Ojou-sama  
 Goshuujin-sama ヽ(=^・ω・^=)丿~~
Shizu-chan is one of the EOY Meido Ambassador this year too~~ :3 !!
We'll be there together ~~ so do come over to support us ~^^ ~

During the meido Photoshoot, I get to meet our fellow meidos too ~!!! 

Here they are ~!!! 

Neko-nyan and Shera-chan :3  ~!!!
Neko-chan is very "Nyan-Nyan Cute" as her name suggest ^^

Shera-chan gave me a very "onee-sama" feel when I first met her ~!! 

She's very tall OwO (like a model !!) and she's very nice and cheerful too :D

Yumi and Yuu-chan ~!!! xD 

Doesnt Yumi-chan look like a Tsundere in this picture ;3 ?
That look kinda reminded me of Taiga ^^

And doesnt Yuu-chan look very dolly here xD ?

She almost looks like a dollfie here !!! xD xD xD

anyway , 
The full list of meido ambassadors is not out yet, but here are the current list :3 
There are 6 of us as of now ^^ (we should have 2 more if I'm not mistaken ;3 )

And lets keep the 2 a mystery for now ^^ teheee~

We hope to serve you through the EOY quest :D ~~!!!

More write up can be found on Cute-Pop's site :D


Camwhoring at J-Runway 
Sorry I didnt took much picture ^^ 
Was too excited to take piccies lollz. 
If you want to know more about JRunway opening (which I missed because of busy schedule T_T) do visit 
BUT one thing I do love about them is their Make Up Counter !!!!

Shizu-chan trying on Dolly Wink Products on the counter ^^ 
If you look closely , you can see :
- hair straightener and curler 
- stash of testers make up 
They are even so considerate as to provide us with make up remover , both normal and eye&lips one !!! OAO !!!!
 On a side note OxO i need to cut the wig's fringe OTL..

Pardon the digression =_="""
ended up buyinglots of DOlly wink items ~~ Here's shizuku-chan's 

Here's Mine's 

I shared half the lower tsukema with Shizu-chan ^^
bought the spare rubber for eyelash curler (which costs $4.00 OTL for my cheapo self ^^"") 
(hey , I'm a poor student/otaku/cosplayer on a budget!!! 
Whatever I can make myself , I make myself :P )
because it will put our item at exactly the minimum purchase
to be eligible for the $30 discount >n< 

Items to look forward to 
(contemplating getting) :

- Dolly Wink brown eyeliner
- Dolly Wink brown mascara

Looking forward to 3rd December Dolly Wink Sales :3

Matta nee~~ ^^

Terumi ヾ(・ω・*)ノ

Sunday, November 25, 2012

DollY Wink Contest

To whomever reads my blog (hahaha ^^)

I've entered the Dolly Wink contest !! ^^
(and changed my cover picture for a change of feel on this blog 
- my attempt to make it more girly than my tomboy self actually is :P )
If i win , I'll be able to go Japan and meet Tsubasa Masuwaka-chan >,< My Idol~~!!! >,<
So do look over their page :3 !!!

if I happen to be your favorite  (heheee~~)
;3 do vote for me 


The steps :
1. Like Dolly Wink's page 
2.Click on the picture (cannot open new tab T_T)
3. Click on the 'vote' tab (and apparently you can vote DAILY ^^""" )

That's all folks~~
Thank you minna-san~!!!!

My entry looks like this :3

Still loving my Inspired Liz Lisa poncho to death even now xD!!!!


Terumi ~~

Majolica Majorca Make Up Workshop

 Im quite busy now , so I shall rush a post up here ^^

2 weeks ago 
I registered on a free make up workshop on Majolica's facebook 
(FREE people ~!!! Listen FREE!! Go stalk their fb pg and sign up now !!) 

But of course, before getting to the point I shall bombard you guys with random pictures first :P

Otw to studying outside 


Okay , Now to the event !!!
It was held at Shiseido studio (basically in the building behind H&M) :P 

So many working people >,< now i feel like the odd one out

Basically this workshop is to introduce Majolica's new Chapter 35 line :P
so its advert while ltting you try on 
Its a win win situation !!

Chapter 35 has a wild feel to it while being elegant and feminine at the same time ! :3

Majolica's chapter 35 poster for you to see 
(these are their new products ;3 readily available at watsons;3 )

From LEFT to RIGHT , they have :
"Hand Cream"

"Crack Nails"
Fuschia Red and Black ;3

" Creme De Cheek "
(no , they're NOT nail polishes ;3 ) 
Coral , Raspberry , Shell Pink , and Custard  Creme d(L to R) 

"Trick on Liner" 
Black and Dark red :3

Tried on both . Black one on my eyelids , Red one on my hand
I shall show you the picture on my palm one , because the black one kinda made my eyes look very very messy . 

Its a gel liner, and I dont really like it as it took quite long to dry and I tend to blink very often and thus it will smudge !!
But if you're pro at using gel eyeliner , its a good liner with vivid colours thougH !! :D 

But if you're an amateur I'll recommend Maybelline's sharp liner or Dolly Wink's :3 

"Majoromantica Fragrance"
OMG !!!! This one is so good !!! 
Basically it is a perfume with Three notes  !! Meaning , Three 'stages' when it will smell differently

1. TOP NOTE: Juicy & Fruity
Juneberry, Strawberry, Raspberry, Rum Bud, Apple, Fig, Mangosteen, Bergamot, Lemon and Mandarin
This happens within the first few minutes
2. MIDDLE NOTE: Floral ,Sweet
Rose, Sweet Pea, Jasmine, Muguet and Gardenia.

This is after about 30mins t 1 hr if Im not mistaken ^^"
3. END NOTE: Sweet , Mysterious
Vanilla, Maple, Brown Sugar, Sandalwood and Musk.;

This is after a few hours XD
I've just smelled the TOP note but IT .WAS. SO .GOOD !!
I'm definitely buying them after I've saved up TmT
gettign busy , juggling trying on the make up, camwhoring , 
and listening to the presentation  :3
Thats why i only have some pictures >,< ....
But here are some kind of tips you may get from the workshop :3 

One tips for drawing eyebrows :
slant it this way(below : pencil angled from edge of nose to outer edge of eye) 
to mark where your eyebrow tail should be

and like this ( below : from nose edge to inner edge of eye) 
to mark where your eyebrow 'head' should be :3

aaaaand ~~~~  

Ma Cherie was there too ;D

if you dont know Ma Cherie , 
its a new Japanese Hair Care Brand thats venturing into Singapore :3
I usually use Lucido-L but now I have more choices ;3 
Ma Cherie means "my sweetheart" in French.

and TAT they smell heavenly !!!!
Their formula contains champagne and honey amongst many other ingredients >,< They even have champagne glasses filled with a concotion  of champagne and honey to allow us to smell the fragrance ^^

Kooshi was there too :3 
In fact , they have a lucky draw where some of us 'won' presents . Here's mine :D!!

 a set of camisole-panty inside ^^"" not sure how to describe ...
here they are .. 

hahaha ^^ 
Now =_= before anyone said anytg about me posting 'my' panties on my blog
(since I've gotten some feedback O.o""" duh.. ~_~"""" )

1.They're brand new =_=
2. They'll be FOREVER brand new as long as they're with me .
They're too big for me , so I'm never going to wear them uinless I happened to gain 5-10 more kg I guess
3. We see these articles of clothings all the time (advert , TV , magazines etc =_= please ....) why would it be such a fuss...O.O??

now not sure what to do with them OTL...

After the workshop , one product actually impressed me so much I went to Watsons to waste "wisely-spend-after-a-very-long-deliberation"  my hard -earned $$$ TmT 

Majolica Majorca's make up base... T_T
I'm crying even now..
its awesome ...
but its ex...
but its awesome...

was quite impressed with the foundation too >,< but Im low on funds hahaha ^^ 
So I'll just get this first :3 

Majolica Majorca also gave everyone a package of goodie , isndie which is :

Majolica Majorca's lip gloss !!!
I have veeery dry chapped lips so I dont really like to wear lipsticks >,< 
I just wear lipbalm for the sake of maintaining a healthy looking lips :'( 
BUT !!!!
 after i tried this on (they're veery sticky BUT !!!!  IT WORKS AWESOMELY WELL if you have dry chapped lips !!! >,< ) 
May be doing a review one of tehse days when Im less busy 
(because its simply So. AWESOME !!!!)
was a tiring day .. ~_~
In fact , a very tiring week ....

will blog more soon O.O 
thats all~~

Terumi~~ (。・ω・。)

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Danny Choo 's Culture Japan Night

Tim and Vincent, our Bossu from Kira Candy invited Minni-chan and I to help around during Danny Choo's Culture Japan Night xD!! Its right after AFA and its super tiring 
but its Danny Choo!!! so why not? ;D

Lessons ended late and have to rush there like mad >,<
Reached there , Change!! Henshin !!!
Into Meido-nyan!!
Was there with Spinello-chan (as Asuna from SAO) and Minni-chan (as Lizbeth from SAO)

Minni chan and I are from Kira Candy :3 
All of us were from EOY Meido Ambassador 2011  and Spin is now with MMK :3

  with Spin-chan's friend

Guess what ?
Met Nitroplus' Shachou (president) Takaki Kosaka !!! (○o○) (○o○) (○o○)
(so kancheong even when i typed it became a typo!)
Anyway , 

and he took a pic with us too !!!
I also got his autograph !!! 

Ee-chan also had a pic of him playing with Neko-chan heheheee~~ 

when else can you see Nitroplus PRESIDENT playing with a cat ! xD lollz xD

Minni-chan took this pic with my phone ~ xD wahahaha~
Naughty Reimu !! 

Mirai goodies xD


Danny Choo~

with Tim , EOY's manager :D

This onii-san is from Goodsmile company and he handmade some of the figurines displayed by himself !!! >w<!!!! So cool!!!

 Ultimate Madoka-chan !!!!!!!!!!
Minni-chan was going crazy when she saw this !! She's a Huuuuuge  Madoka-fan xD

Mini madoka~ :D

 with Danny Choo !!! He's very nice to agree to take picci with us xD!

My signed Card !!!

Ani Culture Team :3

with Vincent , our Bossu :3

With Madoka's Itasha 
(look how Minni-chan turn from her usual calm and cool self into Hyper-mode when she saw the Madoka Itasha hahahaha xD) 

Thanks for people from Ani Culture to allow us IN to the Itasha!! xD xD xD

 But Minni-chan cannot drive !!!! And I only found out when we're already inside waa~!!! 
hahahaha xD

Btw , Most of the piccies taken are NOT mine lollz xD I cant take pics most of the time because wearing gloves = cannot use touch screen phone:P 
So where are they from ?? 
I stole them from Evelyn!!! hehehee~ 
Of course not ! I actually asked he permission lollz xD
Do visit her blog ! She had a write up about Danny Choo's CJ Night too ^^ 

With EveY~~

Evey's cute Namecard , drawn by Ophelia from Daiyaku xD

Group Picci!!! 

Recognize Esther there in front ? (Mirai's Ambassador xD )

Hahaha ^^ 
Minni and I were squished in the middle of the Otaku Brigade ~~
Anyway , Thats all for now :3

Bye bye ~~

Oh ya !!!

I signed a contract with this Qb for this :P
(Spin and Minni-chan also signed :P)