Friday, May 3, 2013

Blog list ❤ ~the Versatile Blogger 'Award' ❤ 7 Random Facts~~ :3

Heya Minna-san~~ 

Yesterday Rei-chan from reminded me that she has nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award ~ \(^ω^\) So touched that somebody other than my friends and the people I know from my page etc actually read my blog !! 
ヾ(*⌒ヮ⌒*)ゞ arigato Rei-chan ~~

I'm not sure what this was initially (because the name is "Versatile" award .. so I was thinking ... "eeh...? versatile award ? what does it mean ? O.o"" )  but after reading about it on her post here : , I got the gist of it ! Hahaha , gomen Rei-chan for being such a slowpoke ^^"" tee heee...OTL... 

She actually reminded once already before I think .. But I forgot  (✖╭╮✖) !!! TAT;;;

Anyway , this "blog award" is basically to share more about blogs that you've recently found/am currently regularly following/that I find interesting ;D So , its like "spread the joy /info about new interesting blogs kind of things ". I'm going to include more of the blogs that I read regularly rather than the blogs that I've found I think ;D 

In brief :

♥ Rules 
I tweaked it a little bit (okay quite a lot ^^""" hahahahaha ) rather than copy pasting ;D 

♥ If you are "nominated", you have been awarded the Versatile Blogger Award.
Thank the person who has given you the award. 
(No need lah in my case ~ muahahahaha ;D)
♥ Include a link to their blog. (  ~ ^-^ but I think really no need in my case. I follow lots of famous people's blogs and I cant expect them to link back with this mah rite ? ;D so I'll just put up a link to their blog since I love their blog and you may feel the same too when you read theirs ! ;D )
♥ Select 15 blogs that you have recently discovered, or follow regularly.
♥ Tell your readers 7 things about yourself ;D 

So here you are !! 

Here are SOME of the blogs that  I read regularly :3
(I am rushing this blog post >,< so I deeply if I forgot to include anyone that I read. I dont read many blogs regularly but I do follow FB pages of many blogs regularly for the sake of  convenience and time-saving :3 )

♥ Le Awesome Blogs 
No pressure , actually I'm not going to inform them about this heheheee ^^ I'll just take this as a sharing session .. also, many people prefer to have a freedom on what to blog about/ already have a fixed blogging schedule ~~~ hahahaha ^^""

  I'll just take this as a awesome-blogs' info sharing session since I think their blogs are a good read and they deserve more sharings ;D Roughly, half of them are are my friends/senpai but half of them arent :3 

Mirai-chan here is veeeery pretty AND tall at the same time x3 
she has a very sweet and cute style ;D

or many of us know her as Ringo :D She has a super duper cute voice if you've met her in real life !! Like, really MOE kind of voice (she can even be a seiyuu if she want too!!! xD ) 
She has this blog and too :3 

Evey is my senpai !!! She has helped me so many times and her blog is an interesting look into part of her life ;D go take a look! 
 She's my very very cute Kouhai xD she has lots of cute harajuku-ish accessories and wigs on her blog ;D 

Met Noelle-chan during a Maido event ;D She has a very interesting blog ~ ;D go read her 

Got a chance to meet Kelly ,Pearly and Golly during a few events and 
GOSH ! They'e gorgeous xD !!!

Hers is the blog that started me off hunting for other kawaii blogs actually !!! xD she also has an extension shop Popu Store, which although a bit pricey, has kawaii stuffs inside :3

Other friends that I follow mostly via their Facebook pages includes :
Suzume~ , EvonneNg (another uber famous and beautiful gal ;D ) , Sochii Kamiya and many others 

And these , because Im running out of time, I shant explain k ^^""""  some of them no need explain anymore anyway rite ? Im sure you all know these gorgeous ladies and many of the girls I linked above too ;D  So I'm putting these links here just in case some of you havent found them 
Kaika - the Cosplay Chronicles

♥ The 7 random things about me ♥ 

1. I have a love hate affair with nice Ramen ~ xD 
Love because nice Ramen is nice ~~ Hate because most nice ramen places are expensive :'(

2. I am an Otaku . My first anime is either Dragon Ball or Sailor Moon (cant remember ) but the anime that gets me seriously hunting for more is Inu Yasha !!! xD

3. I read manga rather than watch anime simply because they're faster and more accurate to the mangaka's interpretation :P  (with the exception of Code Geass and the recent awesome Shingeki no Kyoujin which I must SEE in motion xD) 

and I read mostly Seinen (a few shoujo <for teenage girls>  and josei <for mature girls> here and there , and a few shounen <for teenage boys> )

4. I ... erhm... had a Chuunibyou period when I was in Secondary (Junior High) 1-2 when I thought I had some super power to see the past OTL... *shame on me ... shame...*

5. I used to hover around 57-60 kg when I was in sec 1-2 , then I lost about 12kg in sec 3-4 to reach 47 and gradually, my current 43 kg :3 The reason : I moved abroad and I no longer have easy access to  snack ;;TAT;;; I used to have supper regularly every single night and ah... what a happy, delicious, unhealthy time that used to be >3<;;

6. That being said , I can still eat the same amount of food as a guy on buffet (the last time I went to buffet was last semester tho :3 ) ;D !! Simply because I love eating ;;T3T;; 

7. I have a mortal fear of roaches - the worst case saw me acquiring a sudden superstamina to run across the room and climb atop a table within 1 second. But I'm perfectly fine with lizards as long as they dont move suddenly (I dont even mind touching them .. eew to some of you I know OTL... but yea, I dont mind helping you shoo them off too ) 


That's all the camwhore for today~~~ 
Again, thank you to Rei-chan for linking me ;D 

The links above are not exhaustive cause there are quite a lot of blogs I follow via other medias (some via FB pages, some via iphone apps , some - well, via blogs directly hahahaa ^^"" ) but I hope it gives you some links to awesome blogs that you previously dont know about ;D 

That's all ~~

I realize that most of the blogs I read have at least some relations to gyaru fashion ;D which I love ~~~ I really hope that  gyaru fashion culture can  grow stronger in SG :D 

Gambatte yoooo~~~ 
sorry its a rush^^""" eheheheeee