Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Lens Review ♡ i.Fairy Dolly+ Brown ( ・ω・`)//~~

So many things went on these few weeks from some shoots, to project deadlines, to appearing on Hello! Japan to me x'D!!! I really really have to find some time to blog all that's happening or else this blog will just die OTL....

In order to discipline myself from spouting excuses such as "too tired...too lazy" 
I finally decided to blog about one of the lenses series that I bought because I thought they have awesome designs !!!

Yeap ! 
Today I'm going to write a review about a pair of lenses I tried recently for my Suzumiya Haruhi shoot read *here* :3 

iFairy Dolly+ Brown !
this series is also known as Vassen Dolly plus Brown for those who purchase from Vassen! :)

I bought this pair because I'm looking for a pair of brown lenses which is on the mellow side, but at the same time allow it to stand out . For this I've purchased a few pairs and initially, seeing that dolly red is quite vibrant, I thought dolly brown will lean towards yellow/gold rather than brown, as pictured in the ads above :)"

on the lens case, I definitely still thought so !!

 Look at the lens design !!

The design's quite vibrant isnt it ? ;D
Now lets move on to the review of the lenses when worn !

This is how iFairy Dolly+ Brown looks  like close up when worn :D !!!

Normal Room Lighting 

Shadowy Lighting ( ・ω・`)//~~ 

With Flash !!!   ( ・ω・`)//~~ 

Review :

I find the design simple and not too unnatural. The black ring and simple design allows the colour in this series to stand out quite a bit and I feel that this series will be good to use for cosplay ;3 however, the downside is of course, it doesnt look as natural as some other lenses. Puffy 3 tone series from barbie is natural looking but the lack of the solid black ring means the enlarging effects are not as much as ifairy's -- in the end, it depends on how you want to replicate the chara's eyes I guess :3

Comfort wise, this is a comfortable pair of lenses ^^4 hours straight under hot weather and its perfectly comfortable for me :)

Very good enlarging effects ;D 

Good if you're looking for a pair of brown lenses that will stand out during shoots :3 However, if you're looking for yellow/gold :( be prepared to be disappointed as unless you take a close up shot/ have very good lighting on set,  the lenses' colour tend to veer on the side of light brown rather than yellow/gold that is portrayed on the ad :3 

Will I buy it again ? 
Yep! This works quite nicely for me since Im not looking for gold/yellow lenses this time around :D the brown does stand out and provides a very nice mellow soft brown colour to your eyes ;D Wont really be wearing this much if you want something which look natural though ^^ but yes, this is good for cosplay ;D

Here are some pictures from my Haruhi shoot which I took with my phone, 
just to show you how it leans more towards brown 
I guess, if you're using some sort of flash or reflectors when you're taking pictures :x or taking SUPER CLOSED UP pictures , the gold/yellow hue will show, as seen in my close up pictures up above O.O

The picture below is taken by hi-def camera but is totally unedited
As you can see, the pattern is clearer, making the colour more noticeable but not much brighter :/ 

With proper lighting blasted FULL POWER at your face from the reflector (which is very hot <literally> and blinding at times <hahahahaxD> ) it can look clearer :3 this added with some processing can look quite vibrant ^^

So, that's all for today's review :3
Hope that has been useful ^^ 
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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Cat Cafe Neko no Niwa - シンガポール - カフェ !! :D

This post contains A LOT of cat cuteness (and loads of pictures!!!) !!! ;D

Hello Nyan!!!
By now, I think most of you would have heard about Singapore's 1st Cat Cafe :
Cat Cafe Neko no Niwa 
 シンガポール - カフェ 

I managed to squeeze in some time to squeeze into a corner in the cat cafe to see how it is ;D  and today , I'll be writing about my experience with the furry felines there ;D!

1. The Location 
At  54A Boat Quay Singapore 049843
you may have to resort to google maps' help and keep looking up for this cute neko sign as they're located at the 2nd floor ;D

2. The Cafe

As you go up the stairs to the 2nd floor and inside the cafe, you'll see a lot of cute cat artworks such as these ;D 

aaaaand the CAFE !!

Cafe entrance :D

Cafe reception area 

From the "MENU" above, you can choose how long you want to cuddle and order some sweets of drinks to perfect your time in the cafe ;D ~!! The food looks quite nice  ;D I ordered a chiffon cake and its actually quite delish :3

Cafe Menu!!!

3. The CATS !!!

Of course the cats!!!! 

before you can go into the 'cats area' you'd have to take off your shoes and wash your hands to make sure you dont pass germs to the cute cats :3 Afterwards, you'll be allowed to go in, take a seat inside and cuddle up with the cats !!! I dont remember all of the cats' names but you can take a look at their profiles here : 

Meanwhile , here are the barrage of pictures I've taken of the cats LOL!!! ;D

The first cat I wantd to pet when I went in , but its asleep >,<

Mr White too :((((

Miss Muffet too....
Seems like they're all sleeping ...

Or at least, pretending to ;D 

This fella tho, is up and running around happily! :D

So I stalked him!!! >:) 

Chubby cheeks and tiger stripes !!! xD Success in finding a cute target !! >:)

Scratches post x'D!!!
Cute overload much????!!!

PUPPY I mean CATTY eyes ~~ x'D~~

Tsundere some more ~ xD!!!

Fluffy coat~ Round butt~ soooo cute~~~ xD!!!

So fat and cute~

He even let me put a mouse stuffed toy on top of it xD

Celebrity Cat LOL!! xD 

I love this guy , he lets me pet him for a while and he's super chubby and soft to touch xD!!

he finally fell asleep though :( too tired of us I guess hahaha x'D so we let him sleep

This one just woke up xD and still a lil bit sleepy xD

But immediately got wide eyes and active when some people tried to pet him/her wahahaha xD

 so I approached this one... 
sleeping too :(

I looked around ..
Mr.White is awake but wont really let us pet him for long (he ran around hahaha xD)
You can see that Lil Miss Muffet stays where she is , I guess she must have really loved that corner LOL!! xD

I noticed 
They also have this cute little door 

Which leads to the cafe reception's side :3 maybe the litter box is there because I didnt see any inside the cafe area ^^

We walked around finding a cat to play with and holla!!

a little too active !! 
He's aiming for the feather with murder intent LOL!! xD
I guess this one's quite young and thus the energetic behavior ! 

But when you're not playing with him/her, it will just sit sweetly like an angle xD

OOOH! My first target cat is finally awake xD 

and a wild tabby appeared! xD

after drinking , it proceedd to sit beside my bag

and bathed OxO!!!
Add caption
then slept again LOL!!! xD

Then I went back to my target cat and he's asleep too :(((((

While some of the other cats are sniffing ee-chan's camera case with interest

one gangster of a cat xD
this is Baloo I guess :)


Most of the cats ran around pretty fast after you pet them for a while :P so in the end, I was sitting sadly in one corner until I realized that Miss Muffet is finally awake 

LOL!! So I immediately rushed over to pet her xD!!

Ee-chan petting the lady cat :D
Hahaha I think she's getting pretty pissed off at this time xD!! xD


I shall reserve Miss Muffet while everyone's sitting and watching LOL xD

Look at her glorious coat of fur xD!!!
Cute round butt~ xD 

SO. FREAKING. SOFT!!!!! xD!!!!!!!!!

Damnit!! She's so cute !!! xD

Thank you for letting us pet you Miss Muffet !! xD LOL!!

Eventually, our times are up and we have to leave :'((
as we head up to the counter again to wear our shoes and wash our hands, we saw these cute accessories ;D which are up for sale of course :D !! 

all handmade ;D 

Sadly, that's all of the pictures I took there :D
Its a pretty fun experience although I guess the cats are pretty tired of us lowly humans who kept on bothering and petting them and thus wont let us pet them for long x'D Thankfully for me , Miss Muffet allowed me to pet her for damn long! !! xD Grateful to her lolll!!

If you're interested and wanted to find out more about Neko no Niwa (Cat's garden) 
feel free to add them at their Facebook Page :D They have their cat profiles there and some nice picture too :D !!!

I really hope to find another time to visit them again and maybe spend some playtime with the other cats as Im not allowed to have pets whre I live now TxT although I used to have 4 dogs and 1 cat T3T;;; so yea, crossing fingers for a free time soon

This is all for my picture heavy review ^^
I hope you find it useful ;3 
If there are any questions/comments that you'd like to ask/say, feel free to write it down in the comment section below ;D !!