Saturday, May 11, 2013

Meeting Kyary ~ ~ ❤ (*´▽`*) ❤


 as you guys might have known , I was able to meet Kyary (press conference ,concert , and backstage access) yesterday and I was super happy 

Press Con 
at Modern Asian Dining from Tung Lok Group 

Camwhoring Before press con
With Cheryl and Kelly ~ ;D

Press Con , snap pictures of Kyary , ask questions 

Camwhoring after press con


I feel like a really damn lucky girl for this day ... 

. Courtesy of many many very nice people who allowed me this precious chance xD 



So many things went wrong today as well though D: 

 ಥ_ಥ 1. Sleeping and Waking Up
Wound up sleeping very late (about 4 am and woke up late + with swollen eyes , so have to rush to the place) The first picture I took of the day is actually this one below : ssooooooo tired dont even feel like smiling but when I saw how dead I looked , realized must cheer up and buck up !!!

 ಥ_ಥ 2. Getting there
Bus uncle should arrive there but told us no, he doesnt go there (where we got confused , get out of the bus , he drove off and after double checking with the directory , INDEED he goes there !! =[]= ) We wound up tkg taxi cause its $5 only anyway ~_~""

 ಥ_ಥ 3. The Press Conference 
I didnt realize it was only 45 minutes and thought it will end at about 2pm so I brought my whole lolita luggage there all the way to The Grandstand Turf club =[]= !!! Then turn up we ended early, so I went back home again to pack my messy room 

 ಥ_ಥ 4. The Concert 
The moment I stepped out of my house, it RAINED!! =_= then I got shoved here and there because I was carrying a huge bag of my costume, pannier etc and the bag is wet (outside only) , and many people doesnt like the wet bag and pushed it away t the extent that I almost got pushed off bus .. =_="""

 ಥ_ಥ 5. Arrival at Concert 
because of rain, late bus , jostling for bus with people etc , arrived at 640pm :( in simple tank top and short jeans :(((( no time to really change , so I just changed my wigs and went in to the concert , feeling really underdressed 
(I prepared everything le :((( but ... haixx.... ) 

 ಥ_ಥ 6. Didnt have time for dinner too :(((




❤ 1. The fact that I was able to attend the press con at all 
❤ 2. The fact that I was able to get a pass to the concert xD 

❤ 3. The most  exciting fact that I was able to  : 
take a pic with Kyary herself !!! xD

picture copped from one ^^ cause we took picture using her camera  and my iphone's attempt to snap a decent picture from her camera screen failed  TAT

This one is especially courtesy of Kelly-chan from and her friend at ASOBISYSTEM :D 

At that moment , I was cursing the fact that I didntr change into my lolita. I should ahve changed after all :(((((

anyway ...

I'm in the midst of editing the pictures, collating resources and will blog about it either within 1 or 2 weeks :3 . Will keep you guys updated ;D 

Meanwhile, here,s sharing a very cute picture (again) of kyary~~ that I cant resist to upload first because... because....

She is just so freaking cute !!! xD 



  1. Ahh!! You're soo lucky!! I read Kelly's post too >3< You're so lucky to have met Kelly and Kyary!! I wish I lived in Singapore with the both of you QAQ It's too bad so many bad things happened that day x.x I'm glad you were able to meet Kyary though ^^


    1. Yep >,< I felt so very damned lucky that day !! It was one dream come true moment ! xD Thank you Rei-chan~~ ^^

  2. u should have kept your present!!! and pass it to her yourself >.<

    1. Yea ... ikr >,<;;;; am regretting it ttm now... Didnt thought your friend will let us see her QAQ;;; the present dont hv cards etc some more... only the present as it is TAT;;;

  3. Terumi!^^ thank you for taking care of me! XD
    Hehe and so lucky to get a photo with kyary!^^

    1. Np Cheryl~~ thanks so much for accompanying me and helping me with my luggage nee hahahaha xD Yup!! You shd hv come >,< then we can take pic with her tgt >,< nyaa....