Sunday, December 29, 2013

Lucky☆ Star らき☆すた Photoshoot - Izumi Konata 泉 こなた

Heya Minna-san~ 
I'm back after a long long hiatus thanks to school/internship TxT 
Anyway, managed to squeeze in 2 shoots recently , so I'll be writing about the first one first :D 

Which (as you must have known if you are in my Facebook page) 
is Lucky  Star らき☆すた !!

and the character being 
Izumi Konata 泉 こなた

I have to say Konata is one of my favorite chara xD!!
Because ...
she just represent many of us I feel T3T;;;;;

cannot study.

dont want to study.

not born to study!!


tried playing with more vibrant colours this time around :3 

Also managed to snag Amane-chan my kouhai to shoot as Kagami with me !! 
Check out her facebook here :

Because I have Kagami with me now ;D Of course !!

an attempt at the scene's replication!! 

Also did Konata's Christmas version, for which I rushed the cape within 1-2 hours or so with Ee-chan's help OTL...

this is the original illustration :3

We actually tried taking a Konata-licking-the-cornet shot :P
Like this below xD !!!! (completely unedited kay~ ) hahahaha xD

Have quite a few of fun candid shots too xD !!!

 Offerings of snacks to the Kagami-sama~!! 

chilling nearing the end of the shoot wahahaha xD

In the end, after choosing this one picture below for the cornet shot 

I realized that I have some leftover pictures of us 
so I tried to make this "san-koma" instead hahahahaha xD (no 4th picture thus sadly, cant make a yon-koma) :(((

I feel so happy I was FINALLY able to 
(1) Have a photoshoot at all 
(2) Have a photoshoot of one of my fave chara of all time xD !!!
(3) WITH Amane ~ my pretty Kouhai ~

The shoot is a pretty fun one since Konata's generally laid back, lazy, otaku-ish and tomboy-ish attitude will come naturally to most of us I guess :D heheheheee....  I just have to act chill , sit in the natural way I sit, and remember what she likes to do :D 

Although I tried to act more moe for a few shots (which is kinda out of chara hahahaha - but its a fun shoot for us :D )

Lessons learnt this time : 

(1) Lighting indoor , despite the many many windows in the room, may not be enough TxT , 
(2) Watch out for the ahoge, although it looks good in real-life some shots doesnt show it at the correct angle and it ended up looking like a stump OTL . See below? The first picture's ahoge and the second's are the same. But the angle in the first one makes it look like a STUMP!!! OTL 

To end this post , this picture is what I first posted before anything else, (I only had time to edit in the bubble speeches and emoji signs hahaha xD) Now you see how it was qite a fun shot for us xD I was actually whacked a few times with harisen to get this shot LOLOLLL!!! xD!

That's all for today xD !!

I'll be chionging a few more posts asap :D
sorry for the delay *sigh* 
I just started my holiday last week and this week is ALREADY my last week of holiday (only 2 weeks) so I dont have time to travel overseas (i'll just be stuck at home like a true Hikkikomori while watching anime and making props) :3 Hopefully  I'll get the mood to study next week ebcause I REALLY need to start studying already so I'll be ready for school in Jan :(((( haix... Wish me luck ^^ 

Ciao ~~~

Friday, December 20, 2013

Nippon TV 日本ブーム沸騰中!ニッポン大好きシンガポール

Just a short update

I appeared in a jap channel video T3T hurhur *so happy
its just one second ... but oh well xD hahaha xD 
happy regardless  (easy to make me happy LOL)

I'll be writing more soon after I finished my props and stuff since my very short hopliday starts tomorrow ;3 

Meanwhile, Cya~

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Lens Review ♡ i.Fairy Tofi Blue ( ・ω・`)//~~

Since I've not been reviewing lenses lately >,< I've decided that 
I'm going to review one pair of lenses that I'm currently using ;D 

iFary Tofi blue !

When I saw the promo picture below , I was soooo tempted !!! >,< !!!! 
But I was conflicted if the lenses will actually be as visible as it is in the picture below because Dolly+, despite looking very nice in its advert picture, doesnt actually give me the very obvious blue I want D:...

In the end , I bought it tho :/ because I need some lenses for my cosplans anyway...

and speaking of lenses, ;D
Loving my new Soft Cream Lens Casing Now ~ 
Bought it for only $1 in Indonesia~ xD !!!

 The lens design :

without further adue, 

this is how iFairy Tofi Blue looks like when worn :D !!!

Room Lighting 

With & Without Flash !!!   ( ・ω・`)//~~ 

Review :

I love the design !!! Its not too dramatic a to make it unnatural and yet it gives a natural look by mimicking the iris' pattern when viewed from a distance :D Quite in love with this pair xD !!! 

iFairy lenss usually doesnt give me this problem but with this pair , I felt its a little bit drying :3 Not something major though. Easily resolved by eyedrops and I usually wear them out for cosplay only so It's still pretty comfortable :D 

Yepp! Needless to say , as with other iFairy lenses, it gives more than enough enlarging effect ;D 

In love with them  ;D !! The colour showed quite vibrantly in pictures despite the lack of flash ! :D If I have to compare it with iFairy Dolly+ Blue  *review here*, I would say this has a score of 7.5/10 while Dolly+Blue has the score of 6.5/10 ony because Dolly+ Blue, despite its cute look is semi-transparent while the blue in Tofi Blue is actually quite opaque --> which means the blue is actually more visible :D !!! 

Will I buy it again ? 
Yes !! xD Love it !!

I used this lens in one of my cosplay shoots too !! :D 
For one of Neko's eye read about it *here* :D
Quite obvious isnt it ? ;D

So, that's all for today's review :3
Hope that has been useful ^^ 
If you have any questions feel free to drop me a message on my FB Page

And yes , I just changed my FB Cover page to C.C / C2 's shoot!! 
TAT I'm in love with this character xD !!!! 

Alternatively, you can leave a comment below too ;D 



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AFA SG 2013 - Day 3 in ❤ Senbonzakura Luka ❤

I finished my exam a few days ago ,
and HERE I AM , scarmbling to study again for the next one TxT 
So I promised myself I HAVE to post this before I study , as a matter of discipine ..

Today, I'm going to write about my AFA Day 3 experience 
it will be a short one ;3 because *glare at my own brain's slowness and the super thick textbook * OTL

Anyway, I decided to cos my Senbonzakura Luka for that day :3

I was VERY late 
*sulking* and ended up cabbing TxT

Senbonzakura Luka picture sample ~ 

Some piccies of my full costume :3 
Hurhur... 2D always looks nicer x'D 
Its difficult to bring Luka to life TxT 
as Yoda said , "much to learn you still have"

And shortly after I reached, I immediately started jumping around the venue with Ee-chan !
Look what we found near the entrance !!

A huge DollFie !!! :D
Sooo cute xD I wish I have the $$ to kidnap her home T3T;;;

Jumping here and there 

Here's a picture of me with my newfound husband *blush* 
(*runsaway before Cardboard-Levi comes to life to murder me*)
A HelloJapan! Mascot performance :3 

She's really cute , but Im not sure who she is ;3
If anyone knows mind to tell me ? ;D 

Managed to meet some old friends too finally !!!! 

With Pretty Seika ~!! <3

With mirai~ ( 
OMG look at that flat tummy~ *A*!!!!

Yu Bin , 
(hahaha) I ask him to pose in a "cool photog" style, 
this is his take xD!!!

Ee-chan, not old friend at all!! WAHAHAHA
Trying to replicate Levi kick scene with ee-chan, but FAILED OTL

And with Onnies , my very hot neighbour 

 (HAHAHAHA jkjk la !!!!)
If you dont know her, Onnies is the guest cosplayer from Thailand this year !!! I was queueing, hoping to get just a handshake or pass my coscard to her and guess what ??? She even took pictures with those who queued xD 

Onnie so sweeeet~ *squeal*

Coincidentally, the MC (guy in gray shirt) is Ee-chan's friend at our university OwO !!!
I was scheming all along to ask him if he can let me take pic with onnies (evil xD hahaha) but in the end Onnies was so nice she took pictures with most if not all of us xD!!!

Such boobs !! 
So pretty~~ *A*

In the end, I had lots of fun at AFA 2013 Day 3 !!! Although in the end I didnt manage to find many of my friends thanks to my weird timing of arrival, at least I manage to see some old friends and make some new ones :D

One hell of a fiercely KAWAIIII baby Mikasa ;D 
This cute baby is so Mikasa already at this age LOL xD
Her mom has kindly allowed me to take picture of her and helped call her name repeatedly so she'll look at the camera ;D 
Thanks so much Baby Mikasa's Mommy ;3 
You have one very cute baby here ;D 

A New friend!!! 
Met another senbon Luka TOO!!! 
But I forgot to write down her name (she did tell me) 
but I forgot TxT
if anyone knows her , do you mind telling me at all ? She very kindly approached me when I squealed and jumped and acted hyper when I saw her and asked if we can take a Twins pic tgt xD !!!

More Pictures from AFA below :3 

An artist friend I met at AFA , 
she has some crazy drawing skills !! OWO (she was going around drawing ANYTHING from cosplayers to people on her notebook with lighting speed *A*!!! ) go check her out at 

*and look at that badass drawing that she's holding onto*

Hope I can have some more free time to process my Lucky Star shoot pictures soon ;D 
Have only separated the unglam ones from the glam ones and selected 2-3 pictures 
Wish me all the best to find a time to rush PS , select photos , sew, make props, and study drg my short 2 weeks dec hols TxT hurhur...

 Ciao~ ~ ❤