Tuesday, May 14, 2013

What's in My Make Up Pouch (◕‿◕✿)


today , I'll be blogging about my "Emergency"  Make Up Pouch 
Emergency because , its the one pouch that I take with me whenever I go out and thought that I may need some make up-"back up" ;D 
Granted , mine is what I usually need, so just sharing lah hor... 

I'll be very interested to know what you have in your emergency make up essentials list too ;D So if you have sth that you think will help 'enrich' my emergency box , feel free to leave me a comment below k ;D

So : here it is !! :D

✿1. Bifesta Make up Remover
I feel that THIS , in fact , is the single most important thing I dont want to miss out >,< 
If my make up bcm too cui or cakey , or if I'm outside for veeery long period of time (like whole day OTL), I like to use this to clean my make up first mid way , let my skin rest for a while, before putting make up on again . This is because I have pretty acne-prone  skin though , :(( So I try not top put make up for extended period of time when I can :3

It also help when I'm re-applying falsies and eyeliners and I drew the line wrongly :3

✿2. Canmake Blusher
Two colours, pink and peachy colours, for sweet and natural look respectively , or you can just use them both at the same time ;D

✿3. Dolly Wink Eyeshadow - 02
I choose this because it has natural colours and its my favorite so far ;D

✿4. La pensee eyeshadow and eyebrow 
Double as "emergency" shading powder too :P

✿5. Body Fantasies Vanilla Perfume
I love sweet but not too overpowering scents xD and this vanilla scented perfume give me just enough "up" without feeling too nauseated because the smell is pretty natural :3 still, dont spray too much ^^ , one spray do the trick for me 

✿6. Dress Glove Hand Cream 
The majoromantica scent , the moisturizing power, and  and the shimmery glitter ~ 

✿7. Fairy Drops Vanilla Puff Mineral Powder in Sparkle
It evens out and can double as highlight when needed, although not as potent as highlighting powder :3 It adds glimmer/shimmer to your face beside smelling good too (vanilla smell , again ^^ heheheee) , pretty good as a pick me up

✿8. Plaster, Cotton Puffs , Cotton Buds 
for when I'm wearing pumps T_T ... and to correct make up mishaps :3

✿9. Eye drops
Remember to keep your eyes well moisturized when wearing lenses :3 !!!!!
Lest, the cornea may be oxygen-deprived >,<

✿10. Eyelash case and Eyelash Fix / Glue
For those annoying times when le eyelashes came off :(( or you need a change of eyelashes or when you want to take them off and need a place to keep them in without ruining them :3 

✿11. Revlon lipstick in Nude
for nude natural make ;3

✿12. Candy Doll Lipstick in Ramune Pink 
✿13. Candy Doll Lip Gloss in Macaron Pink 
These two are a good combo for sweet pink colours ;D

✿14. Majolica Majorca's Honey Pump Gloss 
for all-colour fix ;D

Sooo...~~ here's what I have in my "emergency" make up pouch :3 
Despite what it looks like, its not that bulky as the pouch is actually pretty small ^^ 
and I saw some other people have many many more stuff in their pouch than I do O.O 

If you feel that there is anything that I should have added in my pouch , feel free to leave your suggestion below ;D 

Hope that this post helps in any way possible , ;D

and Ciaos-su~~~

no camwhore selca, so , here is a photo about my next blog post hahaha ^^ ;D


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