Monday, May 6, 2013

Candy Doll Lip Gloss ❤ Macaron Pink ❤ Review

(moshi moshi~~!!)

picture above is CandyDoll's property

Today I'll be reviewing Candy Doll's Lipgloss in Macaron Pink ;D

picture above is CandyDoll's property

As you must have known , Candy Doll's spokesperson is none other than 
the super kawaiii Gyaru sensei  Tsubasa Masuwaka-san

picture above is CandyDoll's property

I bought this when it was on sales last time and here it is : 

The before-after :

❤ Colour ❤
Yes :3 It has a very nice milky pink colour to it , which I really adore ^^ It also has a very nice glossy sheen to it which will be the consistency of condensed strawberry milk (if it exists hahaha ^^) I have problems with chapped/dry lips so what I usually do is to apply a lipbalm first before lipstick and lipgloss because I find that lipstick tend to dry my lips even more 

❤ Does it Stay ? ❤
It stays for a while if you dont eat/drink etc , but  like most lipglosses , it doesnt stay for long especially if you have  a habit of licking your lips. The good thing is, it doesnt dry out if you leave it alone ;D 

So far , Majolica Majorca's Honey Pump gloss still stay the longest for me , although its sticky nature may be a downside for some too D:

❤ Is it comfortable to wear ? ❤
Yes . It is not as sticky as some other lipglosses and is generally comfy to wear :D

❤ Overall ❤
I love how it makes my lips looks smoother and more kissable , given the really cute pink colour it has ;D Love the moisturizing effect (my lips doesnt dry as fast if i use this on top of my lipstick) , adore the colour , and the resultant shiny shiny lips :D 

Anyway , that's it :D 
hope it helps ;D
if you have any questions/comment , feel free to leave it below and I'll try my best to get back to you asap :D


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