Tuesday, May 28, 2013

False Lashes <つけま> Review ❤ Dolly Wink No. 05 ❤ Real Nude~ ❤


I'm still abroad for now >,< 
❤  so I'm going to review this for now :3 ~ ❤ 

Dolly Wink No 05 ❤  Real Nude 

The one I bought was purchased quite long ago :P so it was still in the old packaging ^^

❤  close up ❤ 

And here's how it looks like when worn: 

kidding lah .. kidding.. I'm going to give you a proper review k ^^ 
with real life pictures worn by commoners one , not model ones ^^"



I tried to compare them again when I got home ~

☆ close up ☆ 


and here's my review :

❤ Design
The thing I love about this Number's design is the natural effect it creates when worn! 
Many lower lashes give a very unnatural enlarging effects when worn , and some, if they give natural effect , are pretty hard to wear "correctly" --> meaning , some requires extra effort to create a natural effect and when worn wrongly can create a very unnatural effect . I dont know about all guys' opinion regarding lower lashes, but some of my closer guy friends have commented that they dont like some of the lower lashes  that gives an unnatural enlarging effects (borderline "creepy" was the comment I got last time :P wahahaha ^^" ) 

So far , this one is :
1. easier to wear :3
2. has a design that allows you to create a natural enlarging effects without much hassle 
:3 thus , my favorite ;D

❤ Comfort 
Lower lashes are fairly more comfortable than upper lashes according to my opinion :3 
if worn correctly they shouldnt give you any discomfort :3

❤ Quality
Very good !! I cleaned and re-used my lower lashes extensively & the cleaning actually involves tugging the glue off the lash stem and the lashes didnt get damaged even a bit with all those tugging !!! Try tugging those $3 Taiwan lashes :P and they came off immediately.

❤ Overall
This is my favorite , comfy , easy to wear, on-the-go  lower lashes :3 
I highly reccommend this if you're a beginner and want something easy ;D 

However, it is not so easy on the pocket :P
The only backdraw I have with Dolly Wink's lashes so far is still the price , moi being a poor student T3T . I pray for the day to come when I can treat this as the equivalent of the price of  a cheap tea time snack. 

Anyway , that's it :D hope it helps ;D
if you have any questions/comment , feel free to leave it below and I'll try my best to get back to you asap :D

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