Tuesday, June 4, 2013

False Lashes <つけま> Review ❤ Dolly Wink No. 02 ❤ Sweet Girly~ ❤

Hope that you still remember me after my MIA (MIssing-In-Action) session ^^ hahaha
Basically I'm in Indonesia, and my host's internet service is painfully ... slow TAT;;

So I have to make do..

I just flew back yesterday >,< 
So tired that I slept very late and woke up late + met the prospective Salon Sponsor I'm going to review :3  (thanks so so much for Kelly and Golly who helped reccommend   heheee~~ ;D ) I'll have to settle some school stuff these few days and blog about some stuff I did during my visit in Indo for the next few days ;D 

I'll just review another pair of my つけま (falsies) today :3 
  I'm going to review the pair of Dolly Wink lashes which are : 

❤  My Favorite pair so far 
❤  Actually is the second Dolly Wink Lashes set I own :P
❤  The longest and most dolly looking (in MY opinion) so far ;3

which is :

Dolly Wink No 02 ❤  Sweet Girly 

When I bought this pair , it was in the special edition package set that comes with a set of lower lashes and case :3

❤  close up ❤ 

And here's how it looks like when worn: 


I tried to compare them again when I got home ~

☆ close ☆ 

☆ open ☆ 

☆ both eyes closed ☆ 


(from up-down)

and here's my review :

❤ Design
The thing I love about this Number's design is : 

There are 3 different parts with 3 different designs which blends in very well to give you : 
1) Super Ultra Long Lashes !! >,<
2) Super Ultra Thick Lashes , which is NOT overwhelmingly thick xD
3) very doll-like final effects 
if you're looking for lashes to extend your volume, length and create a doll like effect , this is a good choice , I say :3 but if you're looking for more natural lashes, this is NOT the best choice from Dolly Wink's selection . I have to say No.09 Natural Dolly   and No 10 Sweet Cat are better choices to go natural ;D

❤ Comfort 
As usual , Dolly Wink lashes are still the most comfortable that I've ever worn .

❤ Quality
Good quality as expected from dolly wink - flexible , comfy , durable (withstand more tugging than other cheapo lashes :3 ) which is important as I like to clean my lashes and these requires a little bit of tugging :((

❤ Overall
This is my favorite pair of lashes so far when I want huge dolly eyes which are not necessarily natural :3 (like , for lolita look) . Some other Taiwan lenses DO give better enlarging effects from their thickness etc but Dolly Wink of course provides the ;level of comfort when worn which so far is still unrivaled x3 ~!!!

The only backdraw I have with Dolly Wink's lashes so far is the price , moi being a poor student T3T . I pray for the day to come when I can treat this as the equivalent of the price of  a cheap tea time snack. 

Anyway , that's it :D hope it helps ;D
if you have any questions/comment , feel free to leave it below and I'll try my best to get back to you asap :D


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