Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Candy Doll Lip Stick ❤ Ramune Pink ❤ Review

(moshi moshi~~!!)

Today I'll be reviewing Candy Doll's Lipstick in Ramune Pink ;D
(Ramune kinds means Lemonade :3)

picture above is CandyDoll's property
picture above is CandyDoll's property

As you may have known, Candy Doll is phasing out its old packaging now . When I bought it , it was still using the old packaging 

picture above is CandyDoll's property

When I saw the new packaging below ....

picture above is CandyDoll's property

My reaction was like : 

Aaa.. I really hope it will be on sale in SG soon ;;TAT;;
Tsubasa , as usual is super cute xD 

picture above is CandyDoll's property

 The new spokesperson/Model is also damn cute >,<;;

picture above is CandyDoll's property

Anyway , here is my review : 

Here's what it looks like

Hahahaha I didnt manage to take nicer pictures as I was rushing and was doing some work outside when I wrote this post , so I hope this is sufficient ^^""

❤ Colour ❤
It's a pretty pink colour that isnt exactly pastel on the stick , but quite pastel when you applies them on the lips :3

❤ Does it Stay ? ❤
Stays for quite a decent period of time , doesnt stay longer than any other lipstick 

❤ Is it comfortable to wear ? ❤
Yes :3 Compared to some other lipsticks which tend to dry my already dry lips , these are actually pretty moisturizing . I particularly love the creamy texture :3 it is scentless and is neither too drying nor too oily/sticky ;D just nice 

❤ Overall ❤
This is one brand of lipstick that I'd love to purchase again :D the texture is creamy , colour is lovely and it doesnt overly dries my lips. The new pcakaging is lovely and has a regal feel to it xD. 

One drawback is probably the expensive price tag , as usually applies to most Japanese make up brands sold in Singapore ~_~"""  I think I bought this at $26 OTL... (*cries*) seemed to remember last time there was a 20% discount when I bought this (which is why I ended up buying  this hahaha^^""")

Anyway , that's it :D hope it helps ;D
if you have any questions/comment , feel free to leave it below and I'll try my best to get back to you asap :D


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