Saturday, April 5, 2014

❤ Dip and Roll ❤ Bag Review

Heya ~~

I recently received my Hello Kitty Harajuku Bag from Dip and Roll  [] and today , I'm going to review it !!! After being so occupied with work for the past few weeks QAQ I finally have the time to sit down and consolidate the shoot pictures from last week >,< !!

So basically , this is the bag I got ;D
No. 05 !! 

I chose this because its just so. freaking. cute !!!! xD I mean , look at that ribbon !!! x'D 

I was pretty anxious about pre-ordered bags because sometimes, although they look nice in pictures, when they arrive, the quality isnt that nice :( what looked like pvc / thick cloth / leather on picture can turn out to be some dull colored /rough/ cheap materials when it arrived. 

That's why , 
when my bag finally arrived , I was quite HAPPY !!! :D 

Because , the bag is really nice and true to picture !! :D

First , the material really is quite hardy and nice, as pictured ;D !!!
( and look at that cute ribbon!!! >,< )

the bag size , colour ,  and even the positioning of the hello kitty pictures and phrases  
are true to picture to quite a good extent LOL !!!!

Of course I've had some encounters with bags I bought at $10 from Bugis Street which broke down just because I put heavy books in the bag (the snap will break apart) /because it dropped OTL... or bags which material got scraped easily just because it brushed against some rougher surface or was placed on the ground ... but this isnt the case lol. I brought this bag out for a week and it was pretty hardy and the material quite lasting ;D 

I love this bag because it screams out "Harajuku!!" 
So of course , 
I have to bring it out for a "Harajuku" styled outing ;D 



I also bought (yes , purchased ^^ ) a bag from Dip and Roll  because their collection is so cute ;D and quite affordable !!!!

I bought this one below , in Cream colour ;D 

I've been using this for work for the past week and its an awesome bag ;D 
Will be reviewing this as soon as I have the time to do so :D 

I was initially very VERY torn between buying the bag above and this one below >,< 
(because the purple one is so cute >,< and I dont have a purple bag ) 
But after some thinking I decided to purchase the one above LOL ^^""

If you're interested in cute stuff , feel free to take a look at their website for more cute stuff !!! ;D (some of which I've copy pasta-ed here below ) 

They've also kindly extended a promo to this blog's readers ;D 
so if you're shopping with them , do Quote me to receive some discounts and free mail/gifts ;D ❤ 

So, that's all for today's review :3
Hope that has been useful ^^ 
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