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Ramen - Keisuke Four Seasons ❤ Bugis Village

Last Sunday , I ate Ramen after quite some time~! (wahahaha xD)

So this time, I tried Tonkotsu King Four Season :3

I tried Tonkotsu King on the Tanjong Pagar branch before *here* But honestly :(( they were not actually quite nice .
however, this new shop has a new concept of 'four season' menu :3 so I decided to give it a try .

and the free and nice Roasted Hojicha is actually pretty tempting to be honest TAT

I usually didnt talk much about interior. When I blog about Ramen , its about Ramen wahahaha 
but this time :3 when we went in , we were greeted by this sight ! 

Spring !  はる !!

Summer !! なつ !!

I was seated at the Autumn  あき section !! :D 
needless to say , I'm pretty happy we got the prettiest section hahahaha ^^

Can even see the kitchen !! xD

One good thing about this outlet is, the staff is very hyper, and yet  polite and kind ! xD
when we went in and went out , we were greeted with jest and when ee-chan peered into the kitchen to take pictures , they actually smiled and  initially posed lololollllz !
So sporting xD !!

Winter  ふゆ

I'm sorry I didnt do you justice TAT because its so far at the back....

Anyway , lets jump into business !! 
The Ramen !! :D

The new concept has 5 options : Spring , Summer, Autumn , Winter , or King Ramen :3 (as seen in banner above) 

with very cute Keisuke-san's chibi version 
so cute ~~~ xD

❤  Ee-chan's King Ramen ❤
with Rich pork broth

I tried Ee-chan's soup base ~ 
Its pretty nice , with a hint of sweetness :3

Ee-chan's review : "its super duper rich and 'shiok' !! After you drink the soup a while, your tongue will be overwhelemed by the sheer taste !SO after eating for a while, I suggest you drink and chill before eating again " 

The ginger pork Ee-chan let me try
which is very nice xD !!!

Ee-chan's comment : "Very nice ~!! The taste of the pork is amazingly rich and compliments well with the ginger - not too overpowering - with the onion slices being a great addition ! I feel like a food critic after saying this wuahahahaha !!!! "

❤ My Summer Ramen  ❤
with spicy minced pork in my soup base

The soup base ~~ 
very rich and savory ~ 
when I tasted the soup, seriously , I'm convinced this ramen will be nicer than the Tanjong Pagar stall's !!! :D 

The spicy minced pork
which , when mixed with the soup base, creates a heavenly spicy and savory combo !!!!! xD 

 The Noodle ~
This here is the same as Tanjong Pagar's :3 nice, but not "fabulous" :3

 Mushroom topping

Look at that chashu !!!
This is nice ;D !! A very good improvement !! The previous Tanjong Pagar Keisuke chashu is nowhere near this one !!! Thick , large and succulent chashu for mine :3 
Although the "succulent" can be improved of course if you compare with marutama's side dish chashu :3

There is more meat still beneath that cha shu xD

The Egg 
heavenly, heavenly melt-in-your-mouth ramen egg cooked to perfection xD

The Nori :D
 dip it for a while in the soup base and eat it ~!
You'll have a satisfied smile on your face ~~ ❤

Keisuke , btw , have a free-boiled eggs and free beansprouts with sauce thingie :3 
(See how cute those Chibi Keisuke-sans are xD)
They give you a basket of boiled eggs and a jar of pickles , 
and both are free flow 

nice thing is , the beansprouts are nice ~ :3
good to have some fibers in that bowl of sin too ^^ tee hee...

They also offer free hairbands wahahaha xD 
I was wondering what kind it will be like, so I asked if I can see , here they are ;D 
very thoughtful of them to offer hairbands to ladies with long hairs ~

We also received complimentary Green Tea Cola 
by registering (free) as member ;D 

Overall very nice ~ it has a hint of green tea and smells nice :3 

About the Ramen ? 
It was an overall very very nice experience ! Nice place and atmosphere, very polite , attentive and sporting staff ;D Quick and stellar service . Awesome Food . 
My POV about Keisuke is changed wahahaha (either that or I visited Keisuke at Tanjong Pagar on a bad day ^^") but Will I come back again ? Yes , Yes , Yes . 

But I'm dirt poor now hahaha , so I'll be waiting for a while...

unless... erhm...
anyway keen on treating people ? ;D 


That's all people ~ 

Hope it helps~ 


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