Monday, May 13, 2013

Food Review ✿ Porky Pork ✿ Central

Today's post is going to be about foooood~~ 

Basically Ee-chan and I went to eat at this restaurant/Cafe called Porky Pork because Ee-chan had a craving for meat ~ !! :D

So ~ this is how the store looks like from outside~ 

Menu board 

From inside~ 

stairs leading to the small 'balcony' area

They have a very nice raised area with a 'balcony" feel  at the corner 
hahaha (not sure how to explain that ) 
But I love corner seats and I love balconies, so we decided to sit there :3

Looked around while contemplating order

Ordered !!! 

while waiting , 
they actually have a LOT of dif sauces ... so...

we took most MUAHAHAHA ^^ 

curious curious ~~

meanwhile, camwhore ....  le bag...

I just met up with Evey to pick up my giveaway stuff so.. here they are : 

Thank you Eveeeey ~ xD 
You can read about Evey here at her blog here ;D 
do pay her a visit ^^ 

~~~meanwhile , le order arrived !!!~~~

My Hungarian Sausage !! :D

Cross-section shooooow ~~ 

The Portion is a tad small for me T3T  but then again for that price, location and taste its actually pretty allright !! O.O the sausage is really nice!!! Its juicy , tender , and meaty xD !!! Sooooo nice I'll actually come back again !! xD 

Ee-chan's Pulled Pork :D !!!

Ee-chan let me taste a bit :3 
pretty yummy~~~ ✿ 

The place's ambience is good , lighting is very nice (for eating , NOT for camwhoring sadly TAT) , and the price is pretty affordable for the taste they offer ;D if only the portion is a tad bigger ~ >3< *i wish* hahahaha ^^ Yup! Overall a pretty nice place to eat at ~!!

I found out they have a fb page too :3
You can visit them for more info I guess ;D 


I've been racking my schedule trying to juggle so many things recently >,< Hope I have free time to enjoy my holiday to a fuller extent (watch all the animes, read all the mangas ) soon .. aih... 


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