Sunday, May 26, 2013

Lunch at ❤ Tabushi Tokyo Ramen ❤

Hello from Jakarta ~~ 

although I'm here, I'm posting about Jap food again ^^" hahahaha 
I'm going to fatten up OTL....

My visit here so far has consisted of staying at my host's house playing Skyrim and occasionally going out hahahaha ^^""" I initially wanted to visit Ennichisai , one of the biggest cosplay event here yesterday and today , but (1) My host cant drive me there because they're busy :(  (2) Even taxi uncle told me it will take 1.5-2 hours to get there from my place ... sigh .... so I kind of got stuck at my room now T_T;;

Anyway , this past Friday , I went out to Moi (Mall of Indonesia ) 

Taxi here is unsurprisingly much cheaper than in SG X3

along the way , my friend brought me along to Tabushi Tokyo Ramen , which is supposed to be good *excited* 

They even had a manga page for instruction on how to eat Tsukemen properly xD hahaha
so cute ~~  ❤

My little sister's Curry Ramen ❤

My Standard Shoyu Ramen since I wanted to compare with SG's ramen :3

Ee-chan's Tsukemen :3

My Shoyu Ramen's soup ~ :3 

The egg looks more well done than the usual Ramen egg I had before O.O
But it taste surprisingly nice for that appearance 
(it looks harder than usual but uis actually quite soft xD )

The Noodle texture is nice ~ just the right springiness and chewiness~ ❤

Menma is delish~~ !! ~~ ❤

Overall , My Shoyu Ramen lost in comparison to the standard Shoyu Ramen in Singapore :((( However, Ee-chan's Tsukemen taste surprisingly nice !! At least nicer or the same as SG's tsukemen :D !!! I regretted not ordering the Tsukemen and going for the Shoyu Ramen instead >,<;;;;

After that , I went to Moi and had these set of 5cute little ice cream cones that is pretty cheap by SG's standard but quite ex for local standard lah ... 
 costs Rp 15,000 (roughly $2-3)  :3 

Look how cute and small it is ~ ❤
I took the Matcha flavored one :D

Anyway , that was how my day went this past Friday . Basically after that we just went around walking aimlessly while sightseeing hahahaha ^^""" Again , my only qualm : Internet TAT;;; it is so so difficult just loading all the pictures I have into the com (from my handphone) and then into this blog post (from my com) ... haix.... T3T;;;; internet .. Y u so slow..... 

Thus I apologize for the once-in2-3days posting I'm doing now whil I'm abroad :(( 
Will keep the blog updated ~~ 

Ciaos-su~~ ❤

Terumii~ ❤

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