Saturday, January 31, 2015

❤ Promotion ❤ ALMOST free Majolica's Puff de Cheek !

HELLO !!!! I'm gonna keep this short and sweet k basically ....

(still got time to insert a shameless camho hahahahaha)

Want an 'Almost Free' Majolica Majorca Blusher ? 

Run to Kinokuniya !!!! 

I chanced upon this 'freebie' which comes with the two magazines, Women's Weekly and CLEO's when I was browsing through my facebook timeline , and rushed to Kinokuniya as soon as I finished my first exam to get THESE !!!
I am actually not that crazy about benefit (sorry benefit's fans ^^"") - since I've never really used them but since its almost free anyway, good chance to try them out right ? BUT MAJOLICA is another story altogether for me QAQ !! I was like "I have to go Kino" when I saw the ad !

At first I was worried the Puff de Cheek may be sample size but 

(internal cheering - YAAAAAAYYY) 

I mean, I've ALWAYS wanted to try Majolica's Puff de Cheek but poor intern be a poor intern QnQ;; so I was pretty excited when I got mine at $7++ OAO (the magazines' cost) After buying the magazine and getting my free puff de cheek, I actually sheepishly went to Watson to remind myself how ex these were usually and smirked in my heart while congratulating myself ( on a clear descend to be a total CHEAPO aunty surely *SIIIIGHHH* ) 

two of the benefit freebie from women's weekly are sample size... :'x

athough the one pot of eyeshadow is actually full size I THINK ;D
because I've never gotten benefit , once again ^^"

Anyway, sorry for the bad quality of photo lately kinda took them with my phone and rushed to post them up ^^  Just wanna share with fella majolica lover  who may find this an excellent chance to try puff de cheek at cheaper price ;D (altho sadly cant choose the colour la hahaha - in fact I think they only hv 1 colour T__T) so yea... 

That's about it ;D 
Hope this has been useful for you girls ~  
PS : just in the slightest most bizarre occurrence where you think this is an advert and there's a catch to it - NO. =_= not in any way advert or whatsoever k ... just wanna share cause Im just really excited about FREE stuff me being a cheapo HAHAHAHA so yea ;D 

❤ Cia

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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Haul ❤ Hello Kitty Make up Brush - MAC Inspired

Hello ~ ❤

First and foremost apologies for the slow post this week . Im having my final year exam tomorrow ( TAT ) so I'm rushing studying for everything for the past few weeks. So today I'm just going to write about one of my recent haul  ❤  : a set of Hello Kitty brush in a Hello Kitty tin brush ( first and foremost apologies for the low resolution pics as I only have my phone camera with me recently ^^" ) 

Anyway ,I saw these and they were so cute I just couldnt resist ordering them !! I mean, these are freaking cute !! 

ヽ( ★ω★)ノ

Hello Kitty Brush Set 

This is how it looks like inside of the box  :) A set of 7 brushes with labels on the handles 
(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ The brushes included are :

 Face Brush
Foundation Brush
Eye Liner Brush
Eye Shades Sticker
Eye Shadow Brush
Shader Brush
Lip Brush

Apparently they're inspired from MAC's Hello Kitty brush set :3 the Tin is the one on the right below (the silver hello kitty shaped ones) , which is absolutely gorgeous ૮(ᶿ̴͈᷇ॢ௰ᶿ̴͈᷆ॢ)ა✧  I know the quality is of the inspired one is course probably totally diff from MAC's - actually the brush design itself is already not exactly the same - but honestly as a dirt poor intern ╭(๑¯д¯๑)╮ I cant afford that kind of thing so... for me these will do !! ヽ(=^・ω・^=)丿 - overruled by cuteness ٩(●˙▿˙●)۶…⋆ฺ

~ Le Original ~

With regards to the inspired brushes , what struck me most and taunted me to buy them is the ... pink gradation at the end of this brush 。゚( ゚இ‸இ゚)゚。.... ( being an ageing lady , I am ashamed that I still cant control my impulse-buy tendency with regards to cute things ) When the brush arrived , I have to say I'm surprised that the hair is actually quite soft  ヾ(。◕ฺ3◕ฺ)ノ 
You definitely can NOT compare this to animal-fur brushes which were retailing in Japan at 60-$150++ per brush , but seriously for a brush SET which I bought for $8 ... I dont have much regret  ٩(●˙▿˙●)۶…⋆ฺ 

pink softness ~ 

Here are the rest of the brushes !
 Most of the brushes inside have white-creme-pink gradations except for one brush !!
The tip of the eye shadow stick ( the one on extreme left side ) is roughly a heart shaped sponge with peach colour on one side and white colour on the other side as you can see 

And for the one brush with creme-brown gradation, it is the foundation brush . Although since this is a foundation brush I guess when you use it with foundation creams , powder or BB creams it will turn creme-beige in the end and so even if it started off pink it wont show it in the end (╯︵╰,) so its allright for me :3  unless you planned to use it exclusively for brightening mousse or pink cc creams o(〃^▽^〃)o

Anyway , here are some nicer pictures I found from some eBay shops selling the exact same set of Hello Kitty brush :) 

Conclusion ~ Conclusion ~
Quite happy with my haul this time around ^^ I was afraid the brush will be rough and wont be functional and the brushes will just look cute. However , it turned out that the brushes are actually quite soft and nice to use. The compact size means you can easily carry them around too :3 Sadly, only the blusher brush comes with a thick plastic covering .・゜゜・(/。\)・゜゜・.   The rest comes in the crackly plastic covering which is easily torn ... But I guess the metal tin kinda made up for it though cause I saw some online shops selling ones without the tin at about $7-$12  (。◕ฺ3◕ฺ)  Anyway this end my rant for today  ~ Will post sth longer in 1  to 2 weeks time after my exams are done ~~~

and see you again next post ;D !

❤ Cia
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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

False Lashes <つけま> Review ❤ Dolly Wink No. 12 ❤ Feminine Girl~ ❤

Hello ~
I've had this set of tsukema on my stash for really quite a while now and I havent really worn it out so I've decided to wear it out recently and write a review about it :D ! I know there's been alot of new DW lashes recently and I've actually gotten them but my schedule is so bad to the extent that I've not tried many of them ^^"" hahaha.... wishing for that CNY break (please come !!!!) so I can post more about my recent apparels shopping haul  and try out all of those lashes T__T 


So this week's review will be about : 

Dolly Wink No 21 ❤  Secret Girl

The package details

❤  close up ❤ 

And here's how it looks like : 

☆ open ☆ 

close up ☆ 

and here's my review :

❤ Design
The criss cross design is definitely not something natural :P I guess this will not be my choice of lower lash most of the time when Im going out. However, it does stand out when you want to wear something different and it does achieve the purpose as a lower lash and it fits pretty well with its counterpart : Dolly Wink No. 9 :3 

❤ Comfort 
Super comfy like most DW lenses are ;D

❤ Quality
Good :3 if you clean it regularly , treat it with care and store it properly you can even re use it for quite a while :3 

❤ Overall
Yepp :3 I guess this is something which I'll buy to try and because Im curious. 2 pairs in a box can easily last quite a while for me since I wont wear it quite often and overall its a good pair of lashes with a unique design although its not a natural looking design ;3 

Will it buy it again ? Only when my pair got damaged - and I'll be in no rush for that too :P 

That's all for today ~ 

❤ Cia
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Senbonzakura [ 千本桜 ] Vocaloid Photoshoot - Megurine Luka 巡音ルカ

It seems like it took me years to write about me ^^ hahaha 
Basically, this is a shot of a vocaloid character , Megurine Luka [ 巡音ルカ ].
Now, Vocaloid isnt an anime or a mange - neither is it a game. Its actually a voice synthesizer programme :D !! 

Previously, I've shot Miku [Hatsune Miku 初音ミク ] from the same series : Senbonzakura 
千本桜 as you can read from my previous post *here*

If you're interested in the song, here it is :

by Vocaloid 
( the voice synthesizer / software version ;3 )

Cover by Wagakki ;D 
(kinda like *human version* of the song ^^ I like this version a lot too !!)

 I've decided to do a shoot for Luka from the same series because I just love the song (lyrings, arrangement and concept) and I love the characters' costume design as well ^^ ( as it is with most traditional-ish japanese costume hehehe ) 

So , here's the character concept for Luka in Senbonzakura :)

( the inner piece is so reminiscent of sakura wars time (´∇ノ`*)ノ )~~

I rushed to Japanese Garden for the shoot on the few hours of free window I have but guess what ? It RAINED !!! =____= It RAINED and in the end we waited for the rain to subside for a while and when we saw that our time was running out and the rain didnt seem to mellow any further, we decided to shoot. Right in the rain, so if you see, in some of the pictures , my costume fabric is riddled with raindrops T___T

千本桜 夜ニ紛レ 
此処は宴 鋼の檻 

made the dango from random stuff. It was a 5 minutes thing ... ^^" 

The Luka paper head is the hardest one to make T_T took us almost 30 minutes to cut all parts neatly and glue it to that form T_T, sake bottle from daiso hahahaha xD I was not hapy with the eye make this time around :( am hoping for a more mellow look (but at the same time I want to give off the 'onee-sama' feel that I think Luka exudes too ) Kinda feel that I could have experimented with diff eyemakeup and eyelashes to see how it would suit her better T___T but all's done is done ...hurhur...

All in all it was a fun but half-disastrous shoot ^^ because of the short period of time within which we 'chiong' (rush) through everything and the rain + the fluctuating sunlight on that day T___T  I went to AFA with this costume and realised that the make up turned out quite dark so for the shoot and there was some problem with the wig (decided to puff it up in the end ^^) So for the shoot I decided to spend considerably more time on make up  (which for afa I did in like... under 20-30 minutes ? ) and do some brightening with my new  brigtening mousse and much more concealing :3 

三千世界 常世之闇(とこよのやみ) 
青藍(せいらん)の空 遥か彼方 

Basically thats my experience during this shoot ^^ am in the midst of exams now T___T hope this ends soon ( and ends well ) so I can do some reviews if possible :3

❤ Cia
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Monday, January 12, 2015

TOHO 東方Project Cosplay Shoot - Yuyuko Saigyouji 西行寺 幽々子

Heya 。◕‿◕。
today I'll be writing about my Yuyuko Shoot :3  which was like freaking long ago hahahaha ^^ ""Anyway , before I go there, during the recent new year I saw many people making a compilation of their shoot throughout the year , so I decided to jump into the fray and make one as well since I had more free time during the holiday :3 And it turned out like this - your normal photo collage - I did this in a rush and - to begin with - had no idea how to design a pretty collage anyway hahahaha xD ( talentless at scrapbooking) 

It kinda surprised me that I actually did 10 shoots in total with 12 costumes ( 2 of the costumes, meido kuroneko and default izuna isnt in the compilation) . I didnt realize that I actually did quite a few - an average of roughly one per month !! Hope next year will be the same or not as bad Q___Q ... Anyway, I started school on 28th December and had a semi-huge exam on 9th January ( Sadlife) and now , Im mugging like crazy again for my FINAL YEAR exam in 1.5 weeks time approximately =___= needless to say, Im dying slowly and am deathly afraid... At times like this , I really really REALLY wanted to just sieve through the PILES of shoot pictures I have and single out the decent ones . ( Its when I need to study MOST that my brain start to think that cleaning the house, cooking , or ANYTHING unrelated to studying is EXTREMELY interesting  ) 
Sadly, I do admit that I have to study :'( 
So yea, I'll continue to try to blog weekly as my new year promise indicated ... bit by bit ... but I dont think I can churn out much pictures hahaha xD its final years after all.. T__T (wishing I'm one of those smart people who somehow managed to chill quite a bit even before exam) 

Anyway, pardon my digression. Lets continue with the topic of this post 

Yuyuko's shoot !
Yuyuko is one of the character from a popular shooter game TOHO Project  ( or some people would like to spell Touhou / Touho ) :3 Its  basically a shooter game thats 
Developed by a single artist : JUN  
Illustrated by a single artist : JUN 
with Music Composed by a single artist : JUN 
and to top it off, if you're not used to it , toho is NOT easy to play ٩(●~▿~●)۶
(such an awesome japanese polymath (◐ω◑ ) )  
and here below is Yuyuko's original character Illustration by JUN 
The thing about Toho is, the character and story is more or less much more open to interpretation ;3 and the design is actually very pretty :3 As you can see, some fanart turn out to be really beautiful 

Sourced from
Credit to the awesome artist :) 

To make things simple for non-TOHO fans , background wise, Yuyuko is the ruler of Hakugyokurou , the Netherland for Toho Universe. Kinda like Hades in Greek mythology or Hel in Norse mythology in soooome way if that makes it easier to understand ^^ Her hobby is eating (almost anything that tastes nice) and sleeping /lazing around ^^ 

Source :

She has on close servant + gardener that is Konpaku Youmu :3 

Source :

and so
now you know the purpose behind me truckloading so much food onto the shoot table set 

Actually got the cake at 1.5 from Cold Storage 


and added the strawberries ourselves. 
They were on DISCOUNT !!!!! LOLOLOLLL Korean strawberries are the best ! (The USA ones seem too sour for my taste and I have not tasted Japanese ones T__T *digression auntie * ) ^^ The cupcakes and pastries were from a bakery opposite my HDB  block LOL. For Yuyuko's shoot, we did both indoor and outdoor shoot, so for indoor shoot we focused mainly on her 'foodie' aspect :) - the best thing about indoor shoot is AIRCON !!

In addition, because the shoot was indoor, we can start in the morning, have lunch and THEN venture out to shoot. I remembered that day , I had Indomie for lunch because .... err.. we're rushing before my face melted basically ^^ hehehe...

Post is turning into an indirect advert to indomie due to digression

The bad thing about an indoor shoot when you dont have a proper flash /studio is the lighting is freaking shitty.... Ee-chan (my photog) and I wish for that one day we can buy a proper flash , background etc and set up a small studio for indoor shoot T__T... 

Outdoor shoot at the right timing of the day meanwhile can give you awesome lighting ^6 However, I do worry more about outdoor shoot because, the moment you stepped out to do a shoot, you have to worry about so many things from forgetting a prop , broken prop , etc to melting make up - which is a potential disaster at times ^^" I have to bring the usual arsenal of emergency kit (safety pins , hair pins , emergency sewing kit etc etc etc ) before I feel safe . 

At one point of time , I was sitting on grass for a pose and were quite worried about ants and insects T___T In the end we managed to take the shot but I was deathly worried about the insects during the pose itself....

Changed the colour scheme of most outdoor shots since I want to try to replicate the 'netherworld' feel (hahaha hopefully 2 years down the road I wont return and feel this is damn embarassing and fail ^^)  

That's all for my Yuyuko shoot :3 still have some that I've yet to see .. Going to slowly sift through whenever Im free hahaha 

❤ Cia
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