Sunday, September 15, 2013

Sanji Ramen @ Tanjong Pagar

I'm excited ~ Really quite excited ~ :D !!!!
I recently found an awesome (Kinda) hidden ramen shop near Tanjong Pagar !!

Sanji Ramen !!!

Its located near Tanjong Pagar MRT , about 100 metres away (not really hidden la hor hahaha xD)  , not exactly easy to find but not exactly hard too :/// !!! Its on the way to Vellus hair studio tho ;D  so if you follow the route *here* and keep a lookout on the right side of the route, you'll see the shop !!!! :D 

What's special about their store is their rustic feel ~!!! 

Its a really small Ramen shop ~ :D 

The Menu ~ :D

They have Ladies set too~~ 
LOL (Lolololollllll xD wahahaha)

In the end , Ee-chan ordered :

Pork Soup Soy Sauce Ramen ~ 
( He thinks its this , cant remember exactly OTL)

and I ordered :
Spicy Ramen ~

Now for the taste test , 

The Noodle 
Love it ~! Bouncy , thick and goes well with the soup xD !!!

The Soup
I love stronger taste for Ramen soup and I was skeptical about Ee-chan's soy sauce Ramen at first but it actually can rival my stronger spicy ramen's soup !! OwO its about 1 notch down the umami level I guess on a scale of 1 to 5 xD so if my soup is 4/5 , his is 3/5 ~ :D 

The Cha Shu 
I love my cha shu a little bit fatty and not too tough ~
And I got it here xD ~!! Nicely done  ~!!!

The Menma & the Ramen Egg
Nicely done too ~ :D 
Soft yolk checked !! Tasty menma checked !!

Besides the ramen , one different thing about Sanji is ....

They have their own store-made Spicy Pickled vegetables !
(free flow , and VERY VERY SPICY !!!=[]= but VERY NICE too~ ) 
Which goes very well with the Ramen itself (I played around with my food -hahaha- and mixed it with the soup and it blends in nicely xD) , and Im sure you'll agree that its spicy even if you're someone who loves spicy food like me >,< !!!

After I finished my food , approached the chef to take a picture of him , hahaha , 
so here you are ~~

The Chef-san ~ xD
Thank you for agreeing to let us take a picture of you hehehe~~ xD

A nice ramen place ~ an unexpected finding for me :D !! 

Service is good , we're served quite promptly and servers are polite ~ ;D 

SO!!! If you are dropping by the area, do drop by and have a taste at Sanji xD (really excited because I do think it deserves more customers xD) Meanwhile, I've already planning my 2nd visit to Sanji and I actually have visited a few other Ramen places :3 shall blog about it soon when I have the time to do so ~ 

Ciao ~~


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❤ Neko - K the anime - Cosplay Photoshoot ❤

It's been a long time and I've uploaded most of the pictures on my facebook album 
then I forgot that I forgot to blog about it OTL....
so here it is : ^^

I managed to squeeze in a few hours of  "very free " time after a big exam TAT;;;;
and ........ I used that time to do a PS for Neko ネコ ~!!!!

for those of you who are not familiar with the Anime K , 
Neko ネコ , is a 'strain' from the anime 'Project K'
Decided to cos her because I like her chara design and she is soo cute~ xD !!!

K as an anime is pretty slow overall (and too much scenery porn OTL... they could have sped up the whole series) Hopefully the 2nd season will be much better xD because the plt actually has much to promise :D

As for the shoot  , there are pros and cons to the day's session ..

Bad thing is :
My free time at that time is about 6pm ~_~ Understandable lighting was.. horrible because we dont have any strobe light / any lighting source with us  ~_~ so... I usually rely on lighting available on the place itself TAT;;; So... most of the picture turned out quite bad .. T_T 

 Good thing is :

I managed to rescue some photos ... :D
Amongst the hundreds to zillions to unglam and ugly photos , there they are !!!! SOME nice ones !!! *A* !!!! I was so happy when I saw that some pictures turn out quite nice xD !! 
Thanks Ee-chan !! 
And although it will be hard to find another free time,  I am pretty happy I can go to another shoot for Neko again ^^ !!! Yaaay!! ~ <3 

Some problems found when cosing Neko is ... the short skirt ... (I feel kinda unsafe walking around climbing stairs with her attire  hahaha ^^"" lucky I have friends accompanying me :3 ) and her cat-like pose ... :P
Not moe enough to depict her pose accurately T_T and I realized that my wig is... huge... 
Will flatten it for my next PS (if there is any at all ^^") and the bell earring freaking HURT !! QAQ because I dont actually have earring hole, I have to clip it to my ear lobe and 
boy... does it hurt TAT;;;;;;

Anyway...long story cut short

Here you are :3
Constructive feedback are very very much welcome because Im still learning :D !!!
Really hope to improve next time ^^ 

Camwhoring in my room before the shoot :3





If you'd like to see more, feel free to visit my FB album here : 

I'm currently in love with neko ^^  
Which is why I changed my dp to her recently xD too !!! 

Anyway, thats about my first Neko PS, still have quite a lot of cosplans to do so I have to really find time to finish Neko's PS and do another one >,< Argh... feeling quite sad that I cant cos as often anymore T_T when I saw people cosing almost every week I can almost hear my inner heart screaming 
"I freaking want to Cos RIGHT NOW !!!!!!" 

while grabbing my textbook and trying to finish about 50-100 pages of reading per day that is..
ha.ha.ha ^^
Wish me luck kayy xD
Ciao ~ :3


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Monday, September 9, 2013

❤ CutePop Featured Cos Interview ❤

Recently (so long already lah hahaha ^^") interviewed by "Boss-san" over at CutePop ^^" almost forgot about it , but here's the link if you're interested in the answer to questions I was asked.... :3

I'm also a writer contributor there :D
was asked by the boss if I could be interviewed so here you are :)

CutePop is basically one of the local media covering Japanese Culture/Techno news ;D 

On another note, 
if you have any other questions, feel free to ask me via wordpress / Blogger comment box / just drop me a message or comment on my Facebook :3

Thanks ~
and see you at AFA and EOY ;D  (hopefully)

Saturday, September 7, 2013

❤ Pika ☆ Pika Meido Cafe ❤

another belated post TAT;;;

This time, its about :
Add them on their FB !!

I went to their latest event at Scape Warehouse a few weeks back ~!
Very glad to get invited xD = can drop by to see friends ~  ❤
Actually was thinking of wearing a meido to the place but in the end only wore casual because I have to rush off (I'm rushing a lot nowadays >,< busy busy >,<;;;;; )

❤ OOTD ❤
Trying to go with a more "street" baby rock look today ~

The event was held at SCAPE Warehouse :3 

must die die camwho first before go in wuahahahaha xD
Its been a while since I have the time to dress up and go out ~~
Feel quite sad that I cant join them because I missed the photoshoot due to school stuff last time >3< 
Maybe next time~ Haizxx.... T3T;;;

 the first thing you'll notice when you enter in the amount of moe~ 
despite the place's barrenness, the meidos are all giving off moe aura

The moment you enter the area, you are welcomed by THIS sight : 

❤  the Cashier area :3  ❤

❤ Already!!! Moe Meidos stationed near the entrance ~~ ❤

Moe Menu !!!

The seating area ~

In the other corner of the room, the merchandise table !!! 

❤ Some more meido and  a butler too !! xD ❤
That's Mirai ( , Jim, and Yuki-Mao-chan~ 

❤ Stage ❤

with Noelle ( and Ringo ( on the stage , em-cee-ing

As soon as I got in, and was putting my bags down, 
I suddenly got attacked from front and back !!!
My Tail was grabbed !!!! QAQ

The Culprits !! 
Hahahaha xD 
No other than Liy ~~ ❤ 
She volunteered to help out at the event :3

and the one in front, with green t-shirt hahaha, 
 Nanami xD, who ran off everywhere energetically 
Until forget to take photo together with her ^^"""""
its good to be young *feeling-old*


I then proceeded to stalk the meidos hahaha xD 

Natsumi, Yuki, and behind the goggles, my purposely-pouting cute kouhai, Nanami, Mirei ~

Beside food, service, merchandises, they also have 
❤ Performances!!! ❤ 

Suzume-chan in action ~ 

Then Natsumi-chan's turn ~ ❤ 

❤ Natsumi-chan Singing and Dancing on stage ❤ 

❤ And Mirai-chan too ~ ❤ 
She's just so so so very graceful xD !!!! *MELTZ* xD !!!!!!!

They also invited some very talented guest performers !!
Like Our very own Momo-chan !!!❤  

The Meidos will  play games with you ~ 
This fierce looking crocodile is one of the games beside many other games you can choose from ;D

You can get polaroids with personalised  messages with the meidos too ~ 

Cute polaroid background + a very cute meido~ xD = ❤ !!!!!

Yuki-chan~ ❤

❤Noelle-chan hard at work , deco-ing her polaroid ❤  

❤  Mirai and Natsumi-chan at work  ❤  

 ❤  Me disturbing Mirai and Natsumi-chan at work  ❤  
Busybody come and bug them to take picture with me !
hahahahahahaha xD

I also went to bother Roslyn(Spica) 
Muahahaha xD

and the MCs of course lololollll

BASICALLY, Im disturbing everyone, gg around bugging for 
"pictures ! take pictures with me !! Hahahaha xD"

AND, when I was gg around the artists' sections , there are some interesting booths !!!
Like this one, offering live sketches!!

and this one very talented artist we saw : 
Orange Owl

Sample picture vs the real thing!!
Sooo cute xD !!!

 ALSO SAW Tim !!!!!
❤ Tim-san, the man behind EOY xD ❤ 
He was so nice to volunteer as the lighting technician for the event xD !!

And suddenly, when there was a chance to take a group photo with the ultra cute Meido-tachi~ ❤ Jumped in and hahahaha : voila !

There were still tonnes of events and performances after that but I had to bid goodbye to everyone as there are tonnes of work waiting at home to be done T3T;;;;; 

So I kidnapped Yuki-chan ~
;D jkjk~

Hahahaha Yuki-chan very nice agree to take picture with me LOL xD 
Turn out to get this impromptu shot  ❤  xD LOL !!!

Anyway, yea,  didnt really spent the whole day there... 
cant help out because of work too .. *sigh* .... however, although I only spent 1-2 hrs there, I had lots  and lots of fun that day ~ !!!! 

If you want to find out more about Pika Pika , feel free to visit our FB page ;D 

Yesss, I was very happy~ 
Got a huge One piece bag too hahaha xD

On a random note,  
recently, I missed ICDS and STGCC because I have to study... *sigh*.....
Hopefully once my exams are over , I can get some time to study for future exams so even if the exam is near AFA etc I wont have to worry so much and can still attend the events *sadlife*

Seems like I'll continue blabbering about random things if I speak even more whahahaaha xD
SO !!! Before I digress and talk about even MORE random things, 

Hope to see you guys at events nyaa? ❤

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