Wednesday, May 29, 2013

✿ Colourful hair ~ by ~ Hair Chalking ~ ✿

Hello ~ ~
Hahaha , As you might have known , I am abroad now to meet my little sister :3 whom I havent met for like ... so freaking long (1 year TAT;;;) 

First and foremost I apologize for not being able to post on time T3T';;"" and I may not be able to post on time too for the coming week since Internet connection here is just .... *sigh* ....

Anyway ,

After I met her though , I immediately subjected her to hair chalking (wahahahaha) because I've been dying to try it but my first attempt at trying on myself failed quite miserably T3T .... On her it turned out quite O.K tho OxO !!! 

I also kinda forced her to She kindly volunteered to pose nice nice for me this time although she is the very tomboy-ish kind of girl :P 

So here she is :

le stoned face

le look down act like supermodel xD

The hair chalking doesnt turn out bad right for first time on people :3 ??
( trying to convince self its not a half assed work muahahaha xD)
anyway :
here are some info based on my few times doing it by now :3

Steps :
1. wet hair first 
2. apply chalk to hair from area closer to root down to the hair end , DO NOT apply it from down to ROOTS as this can create a huge tangled mess >,< 
3. let it dry a bit  first , dont comb although it may be slightly clumped >,<
I tried detangling it immediately and it actually cause the colour to fade :( so better leave it to dry :(( 
4. comb through to detangle 
5. curl :3 
some chalk powder may come off at this point and stain your clothes :3 

 Some "tips" :
- have a comb and water spritz/spray nearby 
- keep a wet cloth nearby to wipe your hand :3 
- wear clothes you dont mind getting dirty when doing this :(

I used DAISO's $2 set of pastels for this :P and yea , I know there are people out there who raved about special hair chalks for hair but I'm just doing this for fun ^^ hahaha , and I'm cheapo too lah (on a budget ~ :P ) so this is sufficient for me ;D

Basically, about hair chalking , 

Advantage : 
1. Temporary colour  :3 
Good for people who cant dye their hair bright colours permanently (like me T3T;;;) if you have events/parties to go to :3 

2.  Easy to wash off :3 

Disadvantage : 
1. Super drying to hair 
So be sure to condition /mask your hair after washing it off :3

2. The colour can run onto your clothes :( 
so wear dark coloured clothes/clothes you dont mind getting a little bit dirty :(( 

3. It looks nicer in curls :P doesnt look as nice straight , so just curl it for a neater but more sophisticated look ;D 

Basically that's what I did on my second day here hahaha xD 

So Ciao~~ 
have to go off for now ;D 

Seriously , I miss SG's super fast Internet >,< *siiiigh* 


Tuesday, May 28, 2013

False Lashes <つけま> Review ❤ Dolly Wink No. 05 ❤ Real Nude~ ❤


I'm still abroad for now >,< 
❤  so I'm going to review this for now :3 ~ ❤ 

Dolly Wink No 05 ❤  Real Nude 

The one I bought was purchased quite long ago :P so it was still in the old packaging ^^

❤  close up ❤ 

And here's how it looks like when worn: 

kidding lah .. kidding.. I'm going to give you a proper review k ^^ 
with real life pictures worn by commoners one , not model ones ^^"



I tried to compare them again when I got home ~

☆ close up ☆ 


and here's my review :

❤ Design
The thing I love about this Number's design is the natural effect it creates when worn! 
Many lower lashes give a very unnatural enlarging effects when worn , and some, if they give natural effect , are pretty hard to wear "correctly" --> meaning , some requires extra effort to create a natural effect and when worn wrongly can create a very unnatural effect . I dont know about all guys' opinion regarding lower lashes, but some of my closer guy friends have commented that they dont like some of the lower lashes  that gives an unnatural enlarging effects (borderline "creepy" was the comment I got last time :P wahahaha ^^" ) 

So far , this one is :
1. easier to wear :3
2. has a design that allows you to create a natural enlarging effects without much hassle 
:3 thus , my favorite ;D

❤ Comfort 
Lower lashes are fairly more comfortable than upper lashes according to my opinion :3 
if worn correctly they shouldnt give you any discomfort :3

❤ Quality
Very good !! I cleaned and re-used my lower lashes extensively & the cleaning actually involves tugging the glue off the lash stem and the lashes didnt get damaged even a bit with all those tugging !!! Try tugging those $3 Taiwan lashes :P and they came off immediately.

❤ Overall
This is my favorite , comfy , easy to wear, on-the-go  lower lashes :3 
I highly reccommend this if you're a beginner and want something easy ;D 

However, it is not so easy on the pocket :P
The only backdraw I have with Dolly Wink's lashes so far is still the price , moi being a poor student T3T . I pray for the day to come when I can treat this as the equivalent of the price of  a cheap tea time snack. 

Anyway , that's it :D hope it helps ;D
if you have any questions/comment , feel free to leave it below and I'll try my best to get back to you asap :D

Oh yes , 
and also , 
If you decide to drop by Vellus Hair Studio to pamper your hair , remember to claim your Free Bottle of Essential Oils k ;D 

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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Lunch at ❤ Tabushi Tokyo Ramen ❤

Hello from Jakarta ~~ 

although I'm here, I'm posting about Jap food again ^^" hahahaha 
I'm going to fatten up OTL....

My visit here so far has consisted of staying at my host's house playing Skyrim and occasionally going out hahahaha ^^""" I initially wanted to visit Ennichisai , one of the biggest cosplay event here yesterday and today , but (1) My host cant drive me there because they're busy :(  (2) Even taxi uncle told me it will take 1.5-2 hours to get there from my place ... sigh .... so I kind of got stuck at my room now T_T;;

Anyway , this past Friday , I went out to Moi (Mall of Indonesia ) 

Taxi here is unsurprisingly much cheaper than in SG X3

along the way , my friend brought me along to Tabushi Tokyo Ramen , which is supposed to be good *excited* 

They even had a manga page for instruction on how to eat Tsukemen properly xD hahaha
so cute ~~  ❤

My little sister's Curry Ramen ❤

My Standard Shoyu Ramen since I wanted to compare with SG's ramen :3

Ee-chan's Tsukemen :3

My Shoyu Ramen's soup ~ :3 

The egg looks more well done than the usual Ramen egg I had before O.O
But it taste surprisingly nice for that appearance 
(it looks harder than usual but uis actually quite soft xD )

The Noodle texture is nice ~ just the right springiness and chewiness~ ❤

Menma is delish~~ !! ~~ ❤

Overall , My Shoyu Ramen lost in comparison to the standard Shoyu Ramen in Singapore :((( However, Ee-chan's Tsukemen taste surprisingly nice !! At least nicer or the same as SG's tsukemen :D !!! I regretted not ordering the Tsukemen and going for the Shoyu Ramen instead >,<;;;;

After that , I went to Moi and had these set of 5cute little ice cream cones that is pretty cheap by SG's standard but quite ex for local standard lah ... 
 costs Rp 15,000 (roughly $2-3)  :3 

Look how cute and small it is ~ ❤
I took the Matcha flavored one :D

Anyway , that was how my day went this past Friday . Basically after that we just went around walking aimlessly while sightseeing hahahaha ^^""" Again , my only qualm : Internet TAT;;; it is so so difficult just loading all the pictures I have into the com (from my handphone) and then into this blog post (from my com) ... haix.... T3T;;;; internet .. Y u so slow..... 

Thus I apologize for the once-in2-3days posting I'm doing now whil I'm abroad :(( 
Will keep the blog updated ~~ 

Ciaos-su~~ ❤

Terumii~ ❤

Friday, May 24, 2013

Eating at Ippeke Komachi ❤

Posting here from Jakarta~~ 

Basically on my first day here , Ee-chan brought me out to eat ~~ 
Hahaha , go so far to Jkt and end up in ....

a Jap Restaurant :P 

Ippeke Komachi ~!!

cute warm towel on a boat thingie 

Somehow, seeing the menu price in THOUSANDS  scared the shit outta me now =_=""
everywhere I go , things are like "OMG !!! THOUSANDS !!!! So ex !!!!! " 

Negitoro Mini Don :3
my first time eating Ootoro xD 
very nice and savory xD 

50:50 , so so :P

The standard Salmon Sushi 
which is so small :(( and doesnt use Jap rice ..... but the salmon itself is nice :3

Ee-chan's own Salmon Kabutoyaki =[]= 
Grilled Salmon head ... I personally think cooked salmon is a waste since sashimi is sooo nice >,< but Ee-chan loves this a lot !! >,<

Kurage ~ Jellyfish ~ I love ~ 

Tenzaru Ramen  :P
usually we have soba , but they offer ramen too here , so we dcided to try . 
Its surprisingly very nice ;D springy chewy fresh noodles . The service is a bit unsatisfactory though :( the waitresses are very free standing around and we have to call so many times before they top upped our tsuyu :'( and somehow , the waiters are more hardworking than the waitresses who seems to be standing around OTL... 

the accompanying Tempura ~ 
Yasai and ebi~ is pretty nice, albeit lacking the "crisp" factor 

That's all that we ate :P 
Somehow , along the way , got many stares because I was wearing these bow jeans  OTL....

Anyway , so happy~~ 
Havent slept for one whole day when I reached that day and got very nice food to eat ~~ 
also I am still pretty Hyper despite the lack of sleep wahahaha xD 

Still misses the internet tho :P
 I am blogging from Starbucks even now *sigh...* 

Hopefully internet will improve tomorrow :'( somehow.... 

Byebye ~~~