Saturday, March 30, 2013

My Random Weekend : Agricola @ Settlers Cafe & Tokyo Mode Addict's Giveaway ~ ❤ ❤

Heya Minna-san~~
am supposed to publish this last week but forgot hahaha ^^""

cute cat headband

I have a photoshoot tomorrow so I'm a bit lazy today and have to let my eyes rest ... 
so I decided not to wear lenses hahaha ^^" (thus presenting to you my small eyes ! ^^"") wore my pearl cat headband out today ~~
loving it ~ <3

If you've read my blog post about Tokyo Mode Addict's giveaway before, I actually won it !!   xD  And I was sooo excited when I got it in my package !!! The items are : 


Thank you very much for Yukie-san for the giveaway~~
 I was reallly excited to received the items xD especially the Liz Lisa Mirror !!!
 It's sooo cute !!!! Really loving it !!!

On a random note~~ ;P
I went to a board game Cafe today  ^^
It was located near Clarke Quay MRT and it was called "Settlers Cafe"

The address is 
39 North Canal Rd
Singapore 059295
if you're interested that is :3

I went with ee-chan and some of our friends , and since my board game experience is limited to Shadow Hunters and UNO (muahahaha ^^"") , naturally, they choose the game .
They settled on Agricola (which apparently is very famous O.o ) 

But ... I was losing faith in it after 30 minutes and we're still figuring out HOW TO PLAY the game... !! =_="" = The game is difficult to understand :( and its a bit complicated if you have no one to guide you along ... 

The good thing is ,  once you get the gist of it and learned how to play , it IS actually a pretty FUN game to play :D (Basically you kinda play 2 people who must use whatever resources they have to build a farm and expand their resources and family members ) 

So that's it for today ~~ :D 
A Random post ! ^^ 


Monday, March 25, 2013

My Black Box ~

this post is going to be about how my cheapoTM self got a black box and what's inside ^^""
(shamelessly announces) 

You guys must have known , moi , a poor student in this sunny island of singapore is a follower of ChepoTM ideology . Being a cheapo , I'm on a constant lookout for freebies !!
(no la , not that cheapo lah ^^ but who doesnt love freebies? Come on~)

So I heard about Black Box , a new sampling box in Singapore , and subscribed a few months ago  (since its free anyway ^^)  and my Black Box arrived a few weeks ago (yea , I was a bit occupied to blog about it lah ^^ hehehee) so anyway , here it is :

They used some sort of registered mail to send it to my address ;3 very professional 
This is basically the first picture i took after i opened the box

Vouchers and a plastic gel-pouch on top ;D

Then , below the stack of vouchers , the goodies ~!!! ❤ ♡ ❤ (ノ≧∀≦)ノ ❤ ♡ ❤

Here are what's supposed to be inside the Box 
(note that some items are only available for special people lah ^^ --> which I think means people who got approached by Black Box itself to be sponsored ,  :D so in my box , I dont have them ^^ -sorry for not being famous lah hor heheheee~) but anyway , here's whats inside my box ) 
My Box :
  • Darlie Expert White 
  • Dettol Natural Nourishing Body Wash 
  • est.Lab Sunshield SPF 50 Sample
  • L'Oreal Paris Dermo-Expertise Youth Code Boosting Essence sample
  • L'Oreal Total Repair Deep Repairing Mask Sample
  • Nature Valley  Oats ‘n Honey (2 bars) 
Selected Boxes :
  • Kinohimitsu Drink 
  • Dr. Jart V7 VitaLaser
  • L’Oreal Men Expert Pure & Matte Charcoal Black Scrub 
  • Dr. Jart+ Rejuvenating  Blemish Base SPF 35/PA++ Whitening 
  • Dr. Jart+ Premium  Blemish Base SPF 45/PA++ Whitening & Anti Wrinkle 
  • Dr. Jart+ Detox Blemish Base SPF 25/PA++ Whitening & Anti Wrinkle
I think its pretty nice of them although I did expect more beauty samples (praying there are japanese cosmetics / face masks sample box in SG TnT .. which i dont think will happen in the near future...)

If you're curious , You can  sign up for it  HERE*
You can follow their fb page for more updates too as I heard that they're going to have some giveaway soon  :3 

Hope this helps ;3 


I met SCANDAL !!!! ♪ヽ( ⌒o⌒)人(⌒-⌒ )v ♪ Part 02 - Autograph Session

~~ continued post ~~

So I was at Bugis , waiting for them to appear !

Sadly, because the area in front of the stage is small this time, only 1 of us can go in , 
Gambatte Natalie ~!!

 Meanwhile, I stationed myself on the second floor to get a better view

The fans' scream shook the glass partition loh when they enter the stage hahaha ^^"

Look at the crowd !!!!!

That Queue !!
(apparently they have to autograph their CDs for 200 fans !)
Then, when a torrent of scream suddenly erupted , I know they're there ;D
Mami-san may be a bit difficult to spot because she had pastel purple hair (OMG !!! I really really love her hair colour xD !!! )

Not to bore you with my commentaries , 
lets have the pictures speak for themselves ;D 
( The 9 photos below are taken by and credited to Natalie-chan :3 )

After that , SCANDAL has a concert on the day after  ;D the setlist are as follow : 

M1 Harukaze
M2 Shunkan Sentimantal
M3 Shojo S
M4 Rock'n Roll
M5 Queens are trumps

M7 Pride
M8 Kagerou
M9 Want you
M10 Space Ranger
M11 Taiyo Scandalous
M14 Taiyo to kimi ga Egaku STORY
EN1 Satisfaction

Pictures below are credited to SOZO's official photographers :D 
(as seen in the watermark in each pictures :D )

So that ends our report about SCANDAL >,< we were really excited and happy that SCANDAL was able to drop by Singapore to perform and we really hope they would be able to do so again in the future ;D 

Again , thank you so much for SOZO & CutePOP 
for giving us this priceless opportunity !! 

Now, as usual , my dose of randomness :P

After that , we're off to a nice dinner at Aston's ...
Honestly waaaay toooo tired to think anymore ..

Singing out with my OOTD ~ *blurpic* hahaha ^^"
went for a Baby-Rock Style~
*blames the people who dont want to stop just for me to camwhore a while TnT*
Tee Hee~


I met SCANDAL !!!! ♪ヽ( ⌒o⌒)人(⌒-⌒ )v ♪ Part 01 - Interview Session

Heya Minna-san ~!!! 

Sorry for the long Hiatus >,< so... I actually just finished my final exam last friday ~3~ 
*crosses fingers and prays hard that I shall pass!!* 

ANYWAY , on the evening of my exam (which is Friday ,15th March 2013) , those of you following my fb should have noticed my post about me going off to an "interview"

Thanks to CutePop and SOZO  , I actually got to interview SCANDAL and meet them in the flesh !!!! 


SCANDAL Live in Singapore 2013

It was a great success with 1500 fans attending the concerts during the 2 days span of the concerts at SCAPE  !!!!!  This concert is SCANDAL's second concert in their South Asia tour ;D SCANDAL , best known by their songs featured on the Popular Anime K-ON and some of their famous hits (like Scandal Baby -come on Otaku-tachi !!!! (((*°▽°*)八(*°▽°*)))♪ , and Satisfaction -- used in WINDOWS' Parkour commercial  ) came to Singapore for their concert on the 16th and 17th of march 2013 !! 

I admit that I didnt go to the concert because I dont have the $$ lah TmT 
BUT !! At least I got to meet them in person !!! xD Gyaaa~!!! 
*fangirling ttm*  Here are some pictures of them for the benefits of those who doesnt know them :3

Aaaand you know what ? They're even prettier in real life !!! OWO !!! 
Wuaaaa!! Why all of these artistes are prettier in real life than pictures one (they're pretty enough already in their pictures but tehy're even prettier LIVE !! ) xD !! Make me a bit jelly :3 hehehee~~ (and OMG !!! Tomomi and Haruna-chan are SOOOOO CUTE !! 


 Anyway , Here we are : 
Me and Natalie :D waiting for the interview at M Hotel !!! :D 

THEN , we were told only 1 of us can go in because the conference room was too small... 
THUS my face here ... 

At that time , I remembered that I felt like saying :
" I wont take so much space , I dont mind taking pictures through the glass window outside the conference room , I will even stand behind the pot of plant in the conference room if you're worried I'll take up space!!!"
But of course I dare not say lah :P 

BOTH of us managed to get in eventually !!! *REJOICE* !!! 

my chui iPhone photo hahaha ^^"

OK, nicer photos now ヾ(*´∇`)ノ

♪ Mami 
I really love her hair colour !! And OMG she looks so Otona-kawaii~~ xD 
 ♪ Haruna ♪
❤A❤~~ She's soo.... sooo... tiny and cute !!! xD  And she really do look very Joshi kousei xD xD 
 ♪ Rina ♪ 
I was a bit surprised when I saw Rina-chan at first  !!! Because she does look a lot like Ritsu from K-on with her fringe up doesnt she ;D 

♪ Tomomi ♪ 
Tomomi -chan !! She's soooo Moe- Kawaiiii in real life btw xD ~!!! 
There was actually these few minutes when she started making cute faces and I find it reallllly adorable ~! Look at these ~ isnt Tomomi-chan cute ? ❤~ ❤~ xD 

 And here are the interview pictures ;D 
I shall let the pictures speak for themselves :D !

And ~ the last photo for the interview session ;D 

❤ Thank you for SCANDAL for being so nice and for posing for us ~!!! 

 After that Alvin-san , or many of you may know him as Yukino's Papa
drove us to Bugis to view the autograph session !!!

Click *here* for part two of the post :D