Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Golly Locks' Makeover Event @JRunway ~ ❤

Last Saturday , 
I went to Golly's Makeover Event at JRunway (。・ω・。)

Was really thankful for the opportunity ~ :3 !!!
And not to say , both Golly and Kelly (who dropped by) have another gyaru discussion session earlier at about 11 at Funan Kawaii Cohii =[]=!! I was too tired to go already because it was after Kyary's concert OTL...  and they still have the energy to work so hard while I was still dead on my bed ^^"" hahahahaha *lazyme* 

Anyway , put on make up base and lenses before gg there .. 
my scar on le right cheek quite visible T_T only base after all.. haixx....
bumpy too :(( cause its still only 1 month old... :((

Now ~ , let me introduce you to two pretty girls I got to know on that day ~ ;D

Nini-chan~ ❤ 
who is going to have a "MODE"-look makeover 

Angie-chan~ ❤ 
who is going for a Sweet/Kawaii-look makeover

Moi ,
meanwhile, was scheduled to go for a lolita-makeover :3 
but PUTUMAYO was taken off the shelves already :'(( *sadlife* 

so we decided to go for a Baby Rock Look (which is the kind of look I really love - almost my normal look wahahaha xD ) 

So here goes !!! 

Ta-daaah, us after the makeover Thanks to super awesome Golly ~!!!! xD
*I'm surrounded by pretty babes wahahahaha* 

What did we do for the makeover ? 
Basically,  after everyone have arrived there, Golly went around choosing outfits for us ...

The Mister who is following us is from Nippon Terebi (Nippon TV) :3 
I was actually bothering everyone ( tee heee....while everyone's so busy ) by taking picture here and there , snapping away (wahahahahaha) even when Golly is choosing outfit for me (sorry..... TAT.... *guilty*)  Lucky everyone were so nice that day to allow me to snap snap here and there xD heheheee~~ 


Golly did our concealing , eye make up, and finishing !! :D

I learnt quite a lot from Golly during this time O.O!! I actually never did obvious eye make up with shimmers etc for normal gyaru look (I usually do those more for cosplay character look O.O) This is because I tried doing a few times before and they kinda.. failed ^^""" so I was thankful that she actually did it for me this time and taught me how it should look like if done in correct way :3 

exp-gained !! yay!! xD

And guess what ? 
Hana from HanaHearts did our hair >,< !!!!!!!!
OMG >,< Im so thankful to have met people I usually only see on my PC screen xD !!Yay~!
But I think I'm the most trouble for her  here because my hair is so freaking long and I never bring hairtie and they dont have hairtie until Pearly came and help give us two pieces of rubber bands TAT;;;

I really really Thank you for being sooo patient with my broom-hair Hanaa.. >,<

Then , after we are finished , we took pictures.
Golly even taught us how to pose wahahaha 

So , without further ado , pictures ;D  !!!

Aaa... my pictures sadly didnt turn out that nice D:
cannot see Angie-chan's face TAT
(bad lighting >,< ) and fringe-people's problem too, same as me...

I will update later, after the official , nicer pictures are out ! !!!

meanwhile, here are some piccies from my so-so iphone camera k :3
me with Kawaii~ Angie-chan :D ❤ 

Baby Shoop~~❤ 

Yihaaa~~ ❤ 

Digress~ Digress~
SlayeDoll also appeared halfway :D 
She's the makeover model for the earlier session at Funan :D

*here is me , changed, but my broom-of-a-hair still untamed by Hana wahahahaha*

Back to topic~

Wahahaha , Got the real person also must take with the poster LOLL xD 

Then , after finished , we went our own way ~~ 

I am actually quite surprised this camwho picture turn out so nice !!! OAO !!! JRUnway changing room lighting FTW !!!! Must have good lighting so you'll buy ! hahaha ^^ But the lighting seriusly very nice ;D 

But of course, before we go ... another set of Selca~~ hahaha xD

After that , I went to Astons to have dinner ~  met Shizu-chan to pass her stuff too~~ ;D

My Reward Dinner ~~ Pork Chop Muahahaha ~

and overprice cocktail sausages I got treated too :3 
so I wont complain....

So that's it for my experience last Saturday ;D 
Will blog more about it when the official pictures came out :3 

I seriously feel sooo soo lucky that so many good things have happened to me these past few months >,< made so many new friends , got to experience and learn so many new things , etc 

*Happy but tired*
But I'm really dying to sleep now .. hahaha ^^"

So,Bye byeee~~



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