Monday, May 20, 2013

False Lashes <つけま> Review ❤ Dolly Wink No. 16 ❤ Dolly Mix~ ❤


Today I'll be reviewing the Dolly Wink pair that I got recently again ~ :3 

Dolly Wink No 16 ❤  Dolly Mix 

❤  close up ❤ 

And here's how it looks like : 

on another day :

I tried to compare them again when I got home ~

☆ close ☆ 

☆ open ☆ 

☆ both eyes closed ☆ 

and here's my review :

❤ Design
This looks like Dolly Wink 01's outer corner doesnt it ? :3

This below is No 01

This is no 16 :3

But they're different !! The design of dolly wink no 01 - Dolly Sweet , has longer lash length compared to this no. 16 . Also , No 16's design is almost even throughout, only becoming slightly longer at its edges :3 As the result, they look much more natural compared to No 1 when worn ;D 

❤ Comfort 
As usual , Dolly Wink lashes are still the most comfortable that I've ever worn .

❤ Quality
Good quality as expected from dolly wink - flexible , comfy , durable (withstand more tugging than other cheapo lashes :3 ) which is important as I like to clean my lashes and these requires a little bit of tugging :((

❤ Overall
Love this ;D although the design is nothing "wow" , it kinda merge the dramatic and natural look , so you still have very thick looking lashes while maintaining the natural 'feel' about it courtesy of the shorter length :3 

Backdraw ? Pricey at SGD 25 T_T price for quality I guess....

Anyway , that's it :D hope it helps ;D
if you have any questions/comment , feel free to leave it below and I'll try my best to get back to you asap :D


Some more pictures from another day of wearing them out :3





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  1. These look so pretty! They look dramatic in a natural way (lol does that even make sense hahaha)