Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Bugis+ Star Style Blogger 2013 ❤

Hahaha as promised , I'm going to blog about the runway now :D 

Met up with Vernessa (http://sugaraddictx3.blogspot.sg/)  , Slayedoll ( http://slayedoll.wordpress.com/) and Kelly (http://www.kellykonomi.com/)  on Thursday to try the outfits :3 

This was my LOTD for that day :3 

wore my Dezigner lenses out (review up soon  :3 ) 
Pretty nice ~ <3

Us after trying out the outfit Kelly chose --> heading off before Saturday ;D Slayedoll went off first TAT .. forgot to take a picture with her.... T_T;;
Anyway Kelly kindly accompanied me to shop (spend all my vouchers wahahaha) at JRunway  although she looks pretty tired >,< (so sweet of her TAT) , so I accompanied Kelly to DAISO to buy props for Saturday too ~~~ 

photo from Kelly's instagram :3

Then , on the day of the event itself : 


After  : 

The First theme Kelly planned " Sweet and Dreamy"
Do read about it at her blog if you want to know how she came up with the idea ;D 
(its pretty interesting ;D)
From Kelly , clockwise : Kelly , Beautiful Erika , me , super Kawaii Vernesa-chan , the very loli Eleanore (she's so tiny and cute xD) , Uber Moe Veronica , Pretty Camille Iora , and Slayedoll, who really looks like a MODE- model doesnt she ? xD

 photo from Kelly's Blog :3

photo from Kelly's Blog :3

photo from Kelly's Blog :3

photo from Kelly's Blog :3

The  Runway Begins !!!

There are 4 teams in Total. Team Kelly is No.4 :D

Le Judges !

Team 1

 Team 2

Team 3

Then Team Kelly ~!!! ;D

❤  Kelly  ❤ 
getting interviewed before we hit the runway :3

❤  Camille  ❤ 

❤  Veronica  ❤ 

❤  Eleanore -chan ❤ 
 Ee-chan only managed to take 1 picture of her TAT ... 

❤  Vernesa -chan ❤ 

❤  Slayedoll ❤ 

Then ,   Moi ❤  , yours truly , (シ_ _)シ

who, when other girls are busy being moe and cute and pretty , 
am equally busy trying to get the pinwheel to freaking turn ( =[]= )~~~!!!

Fffuuuh!! Fffuhhh! !! friggin turn !! turn !! ヽ(o`皿′o)ノ
I practiced a few times backstage leh ... 
then the pinwheel decided NOT to turn when I was friggin in front of the judges =[]=!!!

Anyway , here's the 2nd Theme Kelly planned : kinda " Baby Rock" to me ;D

❤  Camille ❤ 

❤  Veron ❤ 

❤  Eleanore ❤ 

❤  Vernesa ❤ 

❤  Moi ❤ 
Who walks too freaking fast Ee-chan complained this is the only picture he can get that isnt blurred... 

❤  Slayedoll ❤ 

 The A .... eh.. K - Team !!

Winner announcement 



Kelly won ! ( ノ^ω^)ノ゚

Le final walk ~!

 credit to omy.sg

  credit to omy.sg

 credit to omy.sg

Yeaaa... so that's it about the Runway , 
for me its a new experience gained. 
I get to know more pretty girls (wahahahaha ) and I was happy to be able to help Kelly :D (Actually I just recovered from surgery 3 weeks ago and the scar is still hypertrophic on my right cheek  (and must conceal ) , but Kelly still wants me *touched* >,<;

I shall end with my blur iphone pictures that I took when we were prepping ^^"" hahaha 
(I pray I can get the nice casio camera soon TAT) 

Pardon the unglamness kaaaeee xD 
Some of our make up half done ley at that time wahahahahaha xD

These 5 pictures below belong to omy.sg

Witness the mess behind the scenes  ! hahaha ^^"

Super Pearly being everywhere, doing everyone's hair 
(Erika help me do my ahir since Pearly is so busy that day and we were running late , so Thank you lots too Erika!!!! >,< )

Kelly doing make up ~ :3

the mess backstage !!
The place was so narrow the cubicle where all 6 of us have to change in is only 1.5x1.5 metre wide >,<

lighting backstage was so bad =[]=

I looked like an aunty here TAT;;;;Not used to this kind of style...
Beside Kelly somemore , her cuteness !!! *die from over- moe-ness*

Super pretty Erika TAT She's sooo beautiful I was like 
\( =[]= )/ !! 
when I saw her !!

Kawaii Camille and Pearly (Kelly's sister xD, pearly n kelly both looks v alike siah !! xD ) who helped us lotz throughout the preparation !! :D She's awesome !!!

that's it !!!

Ciaoosssu~~~ !!!! xD!!!!

❤ Update ❤ 

There is a video up on youtube of the show ;D



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