Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Lens Review ❤ i.Fairy's Lumos ❤ in Orange ( ・ω・`)//~~


Today , I'll be reviewing a pair that I got recently for Kyary's concert :D 
iFairy Lumos Orange~~

Here's the promo picture :3

What I got :3

The Design :

When worn :

Under Lighting :

Direct light 

Bright light 

Dim Light

Review :

The lenses' colour on the outside and inside is different ! O.O unlike most other lenses, these are lighter on the inner side and more brownish/darker on the outer side. But the outer side is the side that is seen anyway O.O (so just pointing out this fact ... )

The design is pretty but nothing eye catching . But this is exactly why I chose this. It is not so eye catching so it enables you to still look natural while wearing them 

Yeap, comfy~ :3 ifairy for you

love it ! ^^ the black rim does help in creating the eye-enlarging  effects :D

Not so obvious while remaining obvious enough to give your eyes that "gleam/shine" :3 however, this isnt a colour that will appear in pictures easily :// it took me some tries to capture the dim/bright light picture above TAT;; and the picture below is the only one where the colour actually  shows (in other pictures , they somehow looks grey/green depending on lighting OTL...)  **See LAST picture below**

Will I buy it again ? 
Yes !! 
Loving them :3

Some more "when worn" pictures 

Anyway ,
Hope this helps~~ 
If you have anything else you'd like to ask, feel free to drop me a comment~~ 


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