Saturday, December 27, 2014

No Game No Life _ Hatsuse Izuna 初瀬 いづな Cosplay Photoshoot Part 1 - Chirstmas ver.

Heyo  ~
Merry Belated Christmas !!

Today's post is going to be about one of the cosplay shoot I did recently 
Basically I was doing a shoot for Izuna last week and since it was christmas , I decided to do a shoot for Izuna in Santa costume :3 It was kinda rushed and a lot of decisions were made last minute in the end T__T 

No Game No Life is an anime that I got to watch quite recently ;3 To make things very simple, its about a pair of hikkikomori game addict brother and sisters who got 'invited' into a 'game world' by the world's God and was challenged to kinda 'defeat and unify' the different races in the 'game world' in order to gain a chance to battle the game world's god and get a chance to return to their own world.  Its quite a nice anime to watch although the flow is kinda predictable ^^ (since the brother-sister's motto is ' blank (their team's name is "blank") never lose'!! ) The animation is very colourful and I love the characters' designs :D ! Initially I'd wanted to cos Shiro but settled on Izuna after some thinking and feedback :3 

and this is Izuna. Izuna is a warbeast / werebeast as some may call them - which is a race with superior ability in terms of fighting skills compared to the other races (so far in the anime) 

Her character is basically just waiting for someone to squeal T__T 
(have a personal weakness for cats, foxes , dogs and most cute furry things with fluffy ears and tails ) .... She had a battle version which is fiercer with facial 'tattoo' / painting but since I've not much time to find the red wig for that version , I didnt shoot that version :'(( 

Anyway back to the shoot , for Izuna , we decided to have both indoor and outdoor shoot  . We started with Indoor shoot first which is both a Santa shoot and a small portion of the default costume shoot . Here are some pictures from the Santa shoot.

As for all other shoots , we encounter difficulties of course hahaha ! ^^ The difficult thing for me is to get Izuna's expression right ... .・゜゜・(/。\)・゜゜・. I'm getting old and am 153 cm while Izuna is like... 5-10 years old and looks about 1 metre tall (-̩̩̩-̩̩̩-̩̩̩-̩̩̩-̩̩̩___-̩̩̩-̩̩̩-̩̩̩-̩̩̩-̩̩̩) both photog and me were like trying our hardest to make gigantic me look smaller from varying angles...  Meanwhile , the photog and my sister (who helped hold the reflector ) were trying to make the best out of the lights , arranging the deco when I was in positions where I couldnt move much , and positioning the tail so that it looks more 'life-like' on picture . We dream of a day when we can upgrade our camera :P , buy some nice flash and studio set up material - currently we have some white clothes and IKEA discounted curtain , a white wall , a single reflector , and a DSLR. 

checking fringe ,make up and pose on phone camera 

Another challenging thing actually happened before everything even started - clipping the ears ... the ears are not easy to clip on (it will stay , but not for long and will slowly droop off to a weird angle after some movement. In the end I have to use numerous clips hidden under all those hair to make sure the ears stay upright :P ) 

After the shoot , I changed out to Izuna;s default costume , ate lunch (which is instant ramen in the end because we have to rush ^^) and set out to Japanese Garden for the outdoor shoot .. Camwhore with half worn half taken off costume hahaha ^^"

Anyway , Merry Christmas again !!! I'll start working again this coming Monday and will continue to work through new year without a break T__T and hopefully will have some time to take a look at more of the pictures :3 meanwhile Ciao ~ Will continue after I've taken a look of the outdoor shoot pictures ~ byebye ~ :D 
Have a happy happy New Year :D 

❤ Cia
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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

of 2014 and the many things I've missed :(((

Heyo ~ hahaha I've disappeared for eons (months la months ^^ hehehe ) :3 It just hit me how long I havent been blogging recently because as many of my working friends have warned me indeed, when it gets really really busy (-̩̩̩-̩̩̩-̩̩̩-̩̩̩-̩̩̩___-̩̩̩-̩̩̩-̩̩̩-̩̩̩-̩̩̩) sometimes you dont even realize how much you've missed , how many outings you didnt make it to, and how much time have passed (╯︵╰,)

My life's getting crazy hectic lately and in my current state I cant even promise myself that I'll be able to hit the 'one post per week' target ( *ashamed* ). It got so bad that two weeks ago for two weeks I actually stayed overnight at my workplace (。┰ω┰。) for 3 days in a row (3 days each week) because the new workplace is almost 2 hours away from my house and it just doesnt make sense to go home at almost 11:40pm , reach home at 1 am+ , bathe etc and sleep at 2 am only to wake up again at 530-6am so I can reach work at 7:50 am the next day =_= (Im sure some of you ladies who juggles work and school or lives very far away from work also have similar experience ) 

Anyway hahaha since Its new year and I have a short break, I'm feeling kinda optimistic and I've decided I have to be more hardworking ,diligent , and disciplined for the next year ^^ So I'll try to hit my target once more :3 (and stop whining - ' this may be hard T___T hehehehehe'

But anyway, I'm gonna tryy~~~~ xD hahaha so ciao ~ :D 

Monday, September 8, 2014

A Quick Update !!! :)


sorry for having disappeared for so very long >,< 
Believe it or not, my schedule have been crazy for the past few months (and its getting crazier) 
so now that I have some time to update this space ^^ I'm just gonna post some pictures from my recent shoot (thank god I still have time for some cosplay xD grateful xD ) !!

Anyway , here it is  : )
The character is Yuyuko Saigyouji (basically , she's a ghost who likes to eat - to make things horribly simple ^^ hahaha ) Yuyuko is a character from TOUHOU Project , a very fun (but quite a challenging T-T) shooter game developed by JUN ;D 

I'm trying my best to adjust and adapt so that I can update this space more often :3 
Hopefully I can manage this crazier schedule soon :) 

(abrupt ending ) >,<
(time for sleep now as I have to wake up in 4 hours' time :'(((( byebye ~~ 

Ciao ~~ 

Sunday, August 3, 2014

* Random Rant *

This is a rant post :x so as the title suggested, Im going to complain. If you dont want to read complains, dont proceed k ! You are warned :P 

Please forgive me for complaining ... But I just have to vent this out somehow :((

Lately , (rather, for the past few months :< ) I havent been able to do much things with regards to my hobbies / recreational activities :( I mean , it was quite bad already last time , but this time its getting worse... 

I actually wondered if later, when I started working , I wont be able to do this at all anymore... *big sigh* 

I understand that many people will respond by saying that no matter how hectic work is , one will die die be able to find the time to do one's recreational activities . After all , one can not survive working non stop... and indeed I do have free time :) The thing is , how much free time do I have now ? 

My usual daily schedule now is something like this : 

0630 --> eat breakfast , start preparing for school/internship 
0730 --> make my way to workplace 
0830-1800 --> work 
1800-1900 --> travel home 
1900-2000--> prep dinner 
2000-2100 --> bathe , cool down , chill for a while 
2100- (2400-02.00) --> study for the next day 
(2400-02.00) - 0630 --> sleep 

I fit facebook within the 2000-2100 period (*big sigh*) 
Sometimes Im so tired I self-declare an extension on my 'break time' , and I cant really skip not studying because that means I'll lag behind (stupid as I am compared to my classmates because I really really need to read one material mutiple multiple times before something clicks in my mind and I finally understand , and thus remember what I must ^^ )

On weekends, I'm mostly too tired to give a shit about anything else other than sleeping , sitting down and lying on a couch , etc etc and even then , I still have to chase after materials I havent touched & go to church on Sunday , so my weekend consist of friday night and saturday

I havent touched cos stuff for 1 month ... 
(another big sigh) 
and Im really dying to go for eoy / events , 
dabble in making my due props , 

Even on weekends, when I'm going to church , I revel in the chance to dress up a bit now.. thing is , I cant possibly wear somthing harajuku to church without getting the stares :(( 

(HUGE SIGH ... ) 

Sometimes I envy friends who can understand something real fast 
Friends whose life are all about the course Im doing 
Friends whose hobbies is reading educational journals and textbooks 
Friends who dont fall sick as often as I do
Friends who seem to have unlimited energy :x
Friends who have stable finances and can do much without worry :'x

But then again there's nothing much I can do about this. :( 

Currently, Im trying hard to balance everything out, to increase my stamina while eating healthily , to hopefully be able to cos once in a while when that extended free time strikes when I am healthy this weekend, Im suddenly down with a terrible cold :< and I have some appointment the previous day , which is why I cant go to EOY in the end.. ), to be more active in pika pika , and to finish more of my  cosplans :'x 

With this , I hope I'll be more resilient and hardworking when it comes to what Im facing in this new academic year :'x I hope I'll be able to balance out all these stuff soon >,<''''' 



Tuesday, July 15, 2014

CLANNAD クラナド Cosplay Photoshoot - Fujibayashi Kyou 藤林杏

Hellow~ , 
last week I wrote a short diary entry about haruhi's shoot , so this is the next entry :3 
After Haruhi's shoot , I did another shoot at similar location :3
(The location is getting very convenient when I have a pocket of free time to shoot and yet not much time to travel to faraway location xD )

This time , Im shooting Kyou from CLANNAD - Summer Uniform version :D
Character : Fujibayashi Kyou 藤林 杏
Series : CLANNAD クラナド
Photog : Ee-chan

CLANNAD is one of those older anime series which has very nice feel around it 
Albeit being very slow paced , the second part is actually pretty sad :'x

During the shoot ,Kyou's tsun facial expression is hard to get right T_T 
I couldnt even remember how many shots we have attempted to get the better ones 

Just a random thought , 
I love kyou's purple wig this time around x'D !!!! 
Its the first time I loved a purple wig so much (because lighter wig usually make our face looks darker, I usually dont really have a liking towards lighter colored wig but kyou's wig is quite smooth and looks pretty nice on camera :'D !! ) 

I tore the white thigh high socks during the socks... right after this shot was taken =_="" talk about bad/good luck ? 

Anyway , processing the pic was quite fun :3 I tried experimenting with the tones to give the pictures a lighter feel (when you watch CLANNAD, you'll realize the anime have a really light, ethereal tone to it T_T which is almost impossible to replicate in Singapore's context so thats where editing goes... ) 

Anyway , this is all for today :) 
If you'd like to see more CLANNAD  piccies or 
If you have any questions ,
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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Blood C Cosplay Photoshoot - Kisaragi Saya 更衣小夜

Hello Everyone ~~~ 

Ive been busy preparing for the start of a new academic year for the past few days . This year , we barely have 2 and a half weeks' holiday :'x , and I havent had many shoots so far....  However, since I havent written about the few shoots I had before my electives started, today's blog diary entry is going to be about my BLOOD - C Saya shoot :) 

Character : Kisaragi Saya 
Series : Blood C

Didnt really managed to do the sword as it was a mad rush >,<;;;;;
so its not accurate AT ALL.... borrowed a katana from my friend Shizuku  ( , changed the chains provided with my own thicker set of chains which is closer to the original neck chain , and went ahead with the shoot anyway tho T_T and in the end still have quite a lot of fun xD !!!! Thats my prop staff dangling at the back hahahaha (another cosplan which I havent found the time to shoot TxT) 

Basically , Blood C is a bloody series ^^ and I mean it quite literally ^^"" Initially, the only reason I watched the show is because I thought it is a good show since it is affiliated with Blood plus somehow(which is an awesome show ;D ) .What happened was, I watched the series up to 4 episodes before I gave up because I watched the final episode right after the fourth episode because I wanted some spoiler . However, while watching the final episode, I saw a scene where some 'monsters' (for the sake of simplyfying what the antagonists are  ) are literally blending humans in a gigantic blender  (●´∀`●)"""" ........
and that scene kinda botched the deal for me...(ノ´ー`)ノ

(you can watch it in youtube here if you want... but you are warned OxO)

However, I actually liked Saya's character design (/•ิ_•ิ)/ . Despite what people say was shallow characterisation , I feel that its quite logical for her character to switch from a cheerful side to a more serious and cold-blooded side since seeing her character background (wont be giving any spoiler if you're gonna watch it ^^ relax) one will realize that under such situation its actually very logical of her to be able to juggle both side of the personalities O.O Anyway to cut the story short , eventually ,my friend Mirai from Pika Pika was very nice to lend me the cos I have been eyeing for a while :3 and so I decided to go all out and rewatched the series (∩_∩)

Since CLAMP is one of my favorite mangaka groups xD , 
let me show you  CLAMP's illustration for Blood C :)

For Saya's shoot one of the major challenge I face now isnt lighting or angle or make up etc...but the expression (╥_╥)

I tried portraying her darker side but mostly, what I get is still her happier more cheerful side ---- and not a good one at that too :'((( since my facial expression is... T_T unsuitable for her lets say.... I dont like as mature as Saya should look....

(One of the nicer shots *hides*)

My friend Yu Bin was very kind to be my photog for the day too and we managed to get a few nice shots too :3 (still processing because of my slow speed T_T but hopefully most of them will be up soon) His style is darker and more mature and this below is one of the pic that I got from him :D

At last, looking more mature T_T

Ee-chan's style is very diff from his...
The venue by the way is pretty fun to shoot at :3 Many cosplayers say that the venue is "overused" for shoots ^^ but then again its a pretty nice area and unless your aim to look for a unique location to stand out from the crowd, shooting here is pretty nice :3 its free , its sheltered , easy to access and there is a mall nearby where you can change (and its very close to mrt ;D ). The lighting's not bad too :D Being so busy at school I dont really get to travel to many nice photoshoot sites and when I got the chance to come here , I have to say its a very nice location ;D 

At the end of the day it was a terrific shoot xD !!! We tried many many shots and failed but eventually got some decent shots and were happy ^^ Thank you so so much to all my friends (Mirai-chan , Shizu , Yu Bin , Ee-chan ) who have helped with the shoot !!! :D 
Learned a few tricks with the wig during this shot as it was really quite difficult dealing with this wig :'x !!! (Anyway , about wig , I really want to level up my wig styling ability but the time... argh... I hope I'll be able to improve my studies this year so I'll hv more time to cos T_T) ..... Anyway , thats all for today's post :) Will work harder to improve my skills (since I'll only get older and this face aint getting any younger hahaha xD) and accuracy next time ;D 

If you have any questions feel free to drop me a message/comment on my FB Page kay :D
I also stashed more photos from my shoots there (shameless advert OTL) 
bye bye ~



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Friday, July 11, 2014

残響のテロル – Zankyou no Teroru – Terror in Resonance Sneak Preview!

Thank you CutePop for the opportunity !!

~ <3 ~

Hi everyone! I and Terumi just came back from the sneak preview of Zankyou no Teroru – Terror of Resonance, the new anime series by the renowned Shinichirou Watanabe, who was the director of Cowboy Bebop! Here’s my reporting from the day!

The anime’s premise is that the two ‘protagonists’, Nine (aka KokonoeArata / 九重新) and Twelve(aka Hisami Touji / 久見冬二), are on a mission to terrorize the whole city of Tokyo to take revenge for their traumatic past (presumably a human experiment program or something). Along the way, they implicated a troubled but innocent high school girl named MishimaLisa (三島リサ) as a complicit in their terrorist activities. And so, going under the pseudonym Sphinx, they bombed their way through various buildings in Tokyo, leaving behind a trail of destruction and mystery.

The feel of the movie is somewhat comparable to Psycho-Pass (maybe it can be described as Psycho-pass from the opposite point of view), although without the techno-babble and the big-brother-esque Sibyl System. While the protagonists can look cheery and playful (especially for Twelve), but their dark pasts and personalities are strategically foreshadowed, setting the series’ dark tone.

I’m really impressed by how believable the modern society is in the series O.O Like, they actually use Youtube instead of TV to spread their terror messages O.O The characters also regularly chat to each other on their phones using something like Whatsapp (instead of the usual email). They even had a reference to the cola + mentos reaction (from episode 2 ehehe how lucky was I)which was super popular on Youtube last few years.

Anyways, about the production quality itself, I think it was quite amazing! The art was superb, animation great, and the effects they used were strategically placed. I think lady fans would also love the two ikemen protagonists, the ice-cool Nine and the red-hot Twelve. Of course, as a guy, that’s not for me to comment though. For the male fans, you can have this picture of Lisa instead.

And dat music O.O 

The music is soooo nice O.O Soo moody and dark yet melodious O.O The soundtrack is composed by the great Yoko Kanno-sensei (technically KannoYouko though), which would explain why it’s so nice.

The OP song isTriggerby Galileo Galilei (I think it was only by the lead singer but I could be wrong), while the ED song is Dare ka, Umiwoby Aimer which definitely goes directly into my playlist once it comes out. I’ve never heard of Aimer before, apparently she’s been compared with YUI with regards to her voice (which I think is true), so I’ll definitely be checking her albums out. The OP/ED songs were both written again by Yoko Kanno herself, so that’s already one big reason to check out the anime :D

Anyways thanks so much to the organizer ANIPLUS HD, Cherry Credits for hosting the preview (their mini-cinema is so comfy I wish I could live there). You should definitely check out the anime!! You can watch it on ANIPLUS HD which will be available on Singtelmio TV Ch340 and :D It’s simulcasted from Japan so you’ll be the first people to watch it in its full HD glory :D

Jyaaminna-san, sutekinaichinichiwo :D (So everyone, have a beautiful day ahead!)

PS: Valerie was the host for the preview muhahaha

~ <3 ~

PS : Basically and I went to the preview ;D I'm currently working on a few posts which I hope will be up by this weekend ;3 meanwhile , 
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