Friday, May 24, 2013

Eating at Ippeke Komachi ❤

Posting here from Jakarta~~ 

Basically on my first day here , Ee-chan brought me out to eat ~~ 
Hahaha , go so far to Jkt and end up in ....

a Jap Restaurant :P 

Ippeke Komachi ~!!

cute warm towel on a boat thingie 

Somehow, seeing the menu price in THOUSANDS  scared the shit outta me now =_=""
everywhere I go , things are like "OMG !!! THOUSANDS !!!! So ex !!!!! " 

Negitoro Mini Don :3
my first time eating Ootoro xD 
very nice and savory xD 

50:50 , so so :P

The standard Salmon Sushi 
which is so small :(( and doesnt use Jap rice ..... but the salmon itself is nice :3

Ee-chan's own Salmon Kabutoyaki =[]= 
Grilled Salmon head ... I personally think cooked salmon is a waste since sashimi is sooo nice >,< but Ee-chan loves this a lot !! >,<

Kurage ~ Jellyfish ~ I love ~ 

Tenzaru Ramen  :P
usually we have soba , but they offer ramen too here , so we dcided to try . 
Its surprisingly very nice ;D springy chewy fresh noodles . The service is a bit unsatisfactory though :( the waitresses are very free standing around and we have to call so many times before they top upped our tsuyu :'( and somehow , the waiters are more hardworking than the waitresses who seems to be standing around OTL... 

the accompanying Tempura ~ 
Yasai and ebi~ is pretty nice, albeit lacking the "crisp" factor 

That's all that we ate :P 
Somehow , along the way , got many stares because I was wearing these bow jeans  OTL....

Anyway , so happy~~ 
Havent slept for one whole day when I reached that day and got very nice food to eat ~~ 
also I am still pretty Hyper despite the lack of sleep wahahaha xD 

Still misses the internet tho :P
 I am blogging from Starbucks even now *sigh...* 

Hopefully internet will improve tomorrow :'( somehow.... 

Byebye ~~~



  1. wow you're in jakarta ? *u*

    - a reader from jakarta :)

    1. Heya Hikari-chan :3
      Waaa *・゜゚・*:.。..。.:*・'(*゚▽゚*)'・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚・* very glad to have a reader from Jkt!!! Yes I am at Jkt now :3

    2. how long are you going to stay? >.<
      Jakarta's so different than singapore right? DX

    3. Hahaha yep :3 pretty different :3 WIll be here till 3rd of June ^^ :3

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