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100% Kyary Pamyu Pamyu - Press Con ❤ Concert - Report

*pictures heavy*

muahahaha , Today , I'm going to release 3 days' worth of Blog Post kay ,
So I wont be blogging until Sunday :3 (posted a total of 3 posts for today, tomorrow and saturday ;D ) ^^ (lazy , lazy .. come on... give me sooome tiny break ;D I'm technically on my very short  school holiday ;;TnT;; before my demanding course starts again.... )

Last Saturday ,I have the privilege to attend KPP's Press Conference at Modern Asia Dining Restaurant (Tung Lok Group's) thanks so so much to CutePop and SOZO :D !!!! xD 

As a team from Cute Pop , Cheryl-chan and I went to Kyary's Press Con together ;D !!!

We also met the Ultra cute Kelly-chan from xD
she's together with Harajuku Kawaii Team~!! 
Kelly and Miki wa Kawaii desu nee~ ? ;D

The girls' OOTD ;D 

For the Press-Con, I attempted to sport more Harajuku look , with a tinge of Decora and Sweet Loli ~ But It was kinda messy ^^"" I know... hahaha , 
I was rushing from one place to another OTL... 

Anyway , here's the concert poster ;D 
in true Harajuku fashion ;D

 Kyary is managed by Asobisystem and the concert here is organized by SOZO :D 

If you havent heard of Kyary yet , here below , I've attached some of her videos 
Because her videos are introduction enough to her style heheheeee~~~ 
From these , my ABSOLUTE ABSOLUTE favorite is Fashion Monster and Furishodeshon ~!!!

PS : since the pictures are HEAVY OTL... I've uploaded a collage of pictures alone on another blog post *HERE* ), so loading this one post wont be too heavy . If you're looking for pictures ONLY and not report, just go to that post k ;D

So now that you're back ;D , Let me present you the Press Con venue :3

When I reached , the second thing that caught my attention was this spread below :

FOOD !!! (*0*;)
*Starting to get VERY distracted* 
dangerous !! dangerous !!

Luckily , I didnt get 'distracted' for so long hahahaha xD When Kyary was due to appear , we returned to our seats , and  in True Stalker Fashion , I snapped away furiously even when she's like , 10 metres away :P
(Here , I even circled the picture for you because the picture is kinda blurry TAT)

  *snaps!!**snaps!!* *snaps!!**snaps!!*

And without further adue , here is Kyary , in her full glory~ ;D
I love her Jewelled Black top ~!! ヾ(*д*)ノ゛

in True blue Fashion Stalker's way of life again , 
I snapped close ups ~ (although not very clear TAT) if you're interested :3

her platform shoes

From what I can see, 
I think her nails are done in pastels-decora theme ;D 

After completing my staling phase, I returned to attention hahaha ^^"
So basically , the host restaurant , Modern Asian Dining , 
has concoted a special mocktail inspired by her debut song Pon Pon Pon ~ ;D 

Happy Kyary~~

Kyary thanking the bartender ~ 

Kyary toasting in Singapore's Kampai ---> "Yum Seng" ~~~!!

It is a mango-based mocktail , because they have stalked researched Kyary's favorite fruit and it turned out to be Mango~ ;D


Kyary inducing cuteness overdose ~ \\(≧▼≦  )//!!
Seriously >,< how can someone be so so so cute OTL *faints*

Anyway , I wont bother you with more of my rants anymore ;D hahaha , again, since the pictures are HEAVY OTL... I've uploaded them on another blog post *HERE* , just for the pictures alone so loading this one post wont be too heavy ;D 

For the concert , many many people turned up in Kyary inspired outfit , such as these ;D 
I have to cop the picture  blog because I arrived late ... will explain why later TAT;;;;

Credit belongs to
She posted about her Kyary concert here too :D 

Anyway , I went to the concert planning to wear a Kyary inspired lolita outfit ( (ミ´ω`ミ))
I even hand-made these accessories myself .

Actually , I made another pair of decora-cake hairclips to give Kyary as present , 
but .. but.. when I want to pass her during the present , a lady assistant prevented me from giving it to her and in the end I passed it to her instead TAT 

Now... I dont know if Kyary actuaklly got the present TAT ... should have given her myself ..

End up I arrived late because of RAIN (┳◇┳)
ヽ(●-`Д´-)ノ and I got pushed out of a bus by uncle TAT
So when I reached I didnt have time to change anymore , I just donned my wig and entered the concert with my sad sad camisole and jeans combo I left my house with TAT;;;;

Little did I know ...
that ...

THIS ...
will happen....

I managed to take a picture with Kyary ~!!! 
Super Thankful to SOZO and CUtePop for the ticket , and Kelly Konomi and her friend at Asobisystem management Kuro-san who was very graceful to have given us this chance >,< !!! 
( I should have changed into my lolita TAT;;;;)

anyway , 
was really thankful to Camille, Kelly ,Golly and Fiera Glitz to let me hang out with you girls since I'm by myself for the concert ;D It was super fun hanging out with Camille again and very glad to  make new friends with Fiera ~ ;D 

here are some pictures of the concert for those of you who are interested ;D 
courtesy of SOZO :3

Photo Credits: c 2013 ASOBISYSTEM | SOZO PTE LTD | KEN0601

Pamyurin chaan~~~~
 Kyary's personal Mascot~ ;D

Guess what song is this outfit for  ?
Fashion Monster ~~ <3

Kyary's Encore Outfit ~ Tsukema Tsukeru ;D


The Press Con documents ~

Again, thanks so so so much for CutePop and SOZO for this really really unforgettable , priceless chance >,< . WIthout this chance, I wont be able to fulfill my dream of seeing Kyary so fast !! xD  With this , one of my bucket list is crossed ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ
YEAH !!!

Anyway , after we took picture with Kyary , we went out and Kelly took some random pictures of me ... which apparently I was told by some ppl looks like I'm crying  ^^:"
Hahaha , no la no la, not crying , maybe because the concert lighting is a bit dark so my eyes got a bit watery inside ^^ wearing lenses nee~~ 

But really ! Really super super duper duper HAPPY (with CAPITAL!!) to be able to experience all these sort of crazy good luck and bad luck streaks today !!! Im wearing my hobo camisole, but hell yeah , I took pictures with Kyary thanks to my awesome tomodachi~~~ xD 


Shall abruptly end here before I went full mode Kyary Fever again hehehee~~


*end with another super cute picture taken 1-2 metre away xD *melts**

*Kyary's Press Con Pictures Collage Link*

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