Thursday, December 20, 2012

My Taiwan Hetalia Photoshoot ~ ❤

I've finally gotten the photos and I just finished uploading the files onto my page ~~ 
Do visit my page's photo album to  view the piccies ;3 

Here are some previews :



  1. こんにちはTerumiちゃん!
    I am just a random person in love with anime, or maybe an otaku if you consider. I came across your blog and I think your cosplays are great! Personally I don't cosplay but I am seeking design and animation course to further my studies in Japan for manga or digital animation for Poly next year. I wish you all the best and hope to are you at AFA 2013 or EOY next year. I am just glad that anime culture is still thriving in sg. Take care and stay safe!

    じやまたね ♪

    1. Arigato~ ^^
      I'm still learning ~ a long way to go ^^
      Wish you all the best too Anon-san ^^