Friday, December 7, 2012

Tsubasa Masuwaka Look-alike Competition

This is kind of the first competition involving Make up that I've ever joined :3
I submitted my entry (taken right after my exam , so it is kind of very rushed) 

and prayed ^^ 
Somehow , Kami-sama answered my prayer ...

This was my entry ...
taken behind my hostel lollz ^^ teh lighting just happened to be like that , 
Lucky on that day 

Then , the 2nd step was teh casting... went imitating another one of TSubasa-chan's look^^ 
Quite fail though... 

My face is too round ^^"" hahahaha^^""

Too chubby for it ^^""

Anyway , somehow...

I got through !! OwO

Not to mention , Kelly Konomi , whose blog I've read for quite long is there too!! 
OMG >n< ~!! Not to mention Wendy Ashley , Rachel Pxdkitty and Golly Locks OTL...

Am really thankful to Kami-sama for the opportunity to be there ^^ 
I get to see Tsubasa chan and I get to meet a lot of famous bloggers too O.O 
Am also thankful to everyone who have been supporting me throughout ~!! 
Arigato~ <3

Today there will be a press conference from 3-6pm at Mandarin Orchard Hotel..
I'm still coughing *cough* ~ ~_~ just hope i didnt cough during the press conference

Kami-sama , help me along ~! 

'wishing for the best'

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