Friday, December 14, 2012

Chupa Chups Flavored Lipgloss in Caramel review 3

Hi, I'll be reviewing Chupa Chups flavored lip gloss in caramel today :D
To be honest this is my first time trying a flavored lip gloss and my first time buying them ^^ 
They were usually not cheap but I bought them at Mandom's sales for $2 !! xD

my stash : here

these are my chupa chups gloss :D
I bought cherry and caramel

see ? MFG is jan 2012 ! Its not even near expiry !! 
This was an awesome sale !

My caramel chupa chups ~ <3

with the plastic spatula applicator



Love it !!! Its so cute and easy to carry around ^^ the cap is tight and although Im impartial to the plastic spatula (i hope they have plastic brush spatula or sponge lip applicator instead) , it works just fine :3

you can smell the caramel from the moment you opened the cap !!! OAO !
Its like passing by a popcorn chop ~~ (=´∇`=)
I love the smell ~!!!   (✪㉨✪)

Okay ^^ I know you're not really supposed to eat it but well :P Maybe its supposed for couples' use (for kissing ahem *** ^^""" ) But anyway , I tasted it and its quite good !!〈(゜。゜) not as sweet  as the lollipop but sweet enough to be delectable and yet not too sweet to bee overpowering ..

Texture & Colour 
Like most lipgloss :3 a little bit sticky ( ̄(エ) ̄)ゞ
I like the sheen and the gleam it gives on my lips~ But the colour is nearly transparent upon application although i expected it to look nude :3 

Overall, I love this gloss and will continue to use it !! If its cheaper I'll buy it hehee ~ ^^ 

Hope this helps ~ 


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