Thursday, December 20, 2012

Lens Review _ i.Fairy Eclipse Brown

Hey hoo~~ , today I'll be reviewng iFairy 's Eclipse Brown
I'm sorry i tore this pair of lenses before I had the chance to take  decent pictures for review but I add some pictures where I wore it on occasions (better reflection of the true colours etc too right ;3)

iFairy's diameter is 16.2 mm

55 % water content
45 % polyhema

Review :

Very comfortable ! 
The downside is they're not very easy to put on if you;re not used to wearing circle lenses , simply because they're quite big ::3

Love it !!! These pairs look natural on me even without eye make up!!!
 These are great for students like me who dont have time to put on make up every time i 
go out (not to mention its not good for skin too >,<) 

A little bit disappointed that they're not as brown as they shd be . They look nearly black on my eyes . But if you're looking for NATURAL lenses, go for it !! They made my eyes look sparkly and big , with a hint  of brown while not being too striking . 
and basically you get what the picture shows ^^" the brown colour is only that obvious under flash , and under natural lighting , seem almost black

If you want sth like Tenchim's eyes here :3 these are perfect !!! BUT dont expect to see too much of the brown :3 

Here are some more pictures 
on occasions when i wore them out ^^ 

This is in my room , you can say dim lighting 
because I am facing away from the light (its behind me )

This is outside , natural lighting 

Brighter natural lighting 
(look almost black, almost no brown , but i do like the sparkle, 
you cant get this kind of sparkle with pure black lenses ^^)

Will I buy it again ? 
I'd love to have them again !! But then I got careless and tore the edge of my right lens T_T be carefgul if you have long nails people ..
The tear is just 1mm , but then Do NOT ever wear a torn lens !!! They can scratch your eyes and you do not want that to happen . EVER. !!! 
I am hoping my Uniqso's sponsored lenses will arrive safely this time round and I look forward to asking if they allow ordering of single lens (i just want to replace my torn side T_T ) 

Thats all :3
Hope it helps ^^


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