Thursday, December 6, 2012

Lens Review _ UNIQSO's Barbie Three Tones Puffy Green & My first non-gothic loli ^^""

Sponsored review : UNIQSO 


Yessh~ I've just bought a lolita and I wore it to camwhore take pictures to commemorate my first non-gothic loli outfit ;3 Its good timing that Uniqso's lenses arrived that day too ^^
here you are ^^"

Hope I'm not an eyeburn 
(hides self , prays for the best) ^^"

hyaa~ my new green lenses~~ (*´∀`*人*´∀`*)

Anyway , Soo~
Here's what I'll be reviewing today ^^

Barbie's Three Tones Puffy Green 
Diameter 16.5 mm
Water Content  38% 
Replacement Period : 1year 

When Uniqso offered to send me this pair of lenses for review 
I was super excited ヾ(@^∇^@)ノ

Firstly , I have to say that this review will be unbiased though it is sponsored ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ
Everything will be my honest opinion ( (ミ´ω`ミ))

It actually almost didnt happen because the lenses send by UNIQSO was lost on mail 
despite being a registered mail :( 
( SingPost , :(  I'm not sure how many times I've had lost mail.... sigh... ) 
Uniqso responded professionally when I informed them of this and send me another pair of lenses, (✪㉨✪) so... here they are ^^

Ta daah~~  

Nicely bubble wrapped :3

These are whats inside :3
Hahaha , there's even a greeting card inside ^^
Didnt see this coming ^^"

Anyway, lets get to the lenses :3

O.O Bubble wrapped again ! Which is very good ! O.O 

Now , 
The colour and pattern 
as expected , just a tad lighter - emerald greenish ^^ :3

 Here are how they look :

Under Natural Lighting  (and before make up hahaha^^")

Brighter Lighting/ with flash

Dim Lighting/ without flash 

Review :

I wore them out yesterday for a duration of about 8 hours and I have to say that despite being 3 mm bigger than my iFairy lenses, they are quite comfortable :)  !!
Was pretty skeptical at first because 16.5mm lenses are quite big , and I'm wary my eyes will get very dry , but they dont ^^ 

I feel that my iFairy lenses are sliiiiightly more comfortable at the end of the day though :) although the difference isnt much if you dont wear it for so long i guess ^^ 


Quite satisfied wth it !!! Despite having only slightly darker rim to it , its enlarging effects are quite prominent !! :D It rivals iFairy and Kimchi ^^ 


I used Nova Green from iFairy before and compared to that , I have to say the green colour in these three tone lenses are awesome ! OAO !!! This is better than my iFairy Nova green in my personal opinion :D 

I wasnt expecting much  initially as the colour seems lighter and since my irises are quite dark in colour , they would probably not be so obvious BUT!

You can see the green colour even here (when its super 'hazily' bright on the bus :D)  ! :D
and in my lolita pic above ^^, when the lighting on my eyes are actually quite dim ^^
I'm pretty happy with them !! :3
*and now I'm curious if the three tones brown /Kimchi's Bambi brown will be as good too ^^ 

Would i buy it if given ? 
Yes :3 
its affordable (below $10) , comfortable, and the colour's great ^^

UNIQSO's Service 
For those of you who doesnt know Uniqso : :3 They're a lenses webstore .
They were great in their service! :D And why did I say so ?
1. When my parcel went missing on mail and I notified them, they promptly send me another pair .
2. They replied to my emails super fast ! Ranging from within 1-2 days to within 30 minutes !! Unlike some stores which can take up to a week to get back to their customers >,<
Their staff are also friendly and professional in the way they communicate to their customers :) My experience with them is pretty awesome !
3. The lenses came in double bubble wrapping package ^^ which is safe - I love it !

aaaand ~~~ 
Here's a picture link to their webstore ^^ 
Do take a look there :D
If you have anything to say about their store, do leave me a comment here ;3 

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Doumo Arigato ~ ^^

and I hope this is useful~~

Terumi ~~

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