Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Candy Doll Sales !!

So , Candy Doll Singapore is having a clearout SALE ~ and who doesnt love sales 

Went there with Yimin and Liy on Monday .
the place is a bit secluded 
and it looks factoryish so :

here's a map :3

Look at TOP RIGHT -- yes, thats redhill MRT
Now, Look at BOTTOM LEFT --> the "1002" is the building you want to get to .
Its quite a distance , about 10-15 minutes walk :3 
But when you get there its worth the walk ! :D

Its a huge factory-like, blue and white building ^^
Reached the place?

here's a preview ^^

Skim care , hair care etc 

nail stuf :3
fake nails, nail stickers , nail polishes etc

Jumily eyelashes !! >n< !!! regretted not getting 1 set T_T
aaaand ~~~!!!


In the end I bought these :

all for a total of $32 and I got these freebies :3
the left one for Liking Candy Doll Fb page 
the right one for spending >$30
that being said , my friend who went after me get cheaper freebies, maybe because they ran out D: I'm not sure about this now though 

we also get these ;3

Tsubasa's Candy Doll Make up Book :D

Quite happy with it ^^ 
Have t save up this month T_T haixx...
hahahaha abrupt end now because I'm dead tired >,< 
That's all for today ^^ 


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