Thursday, December 20, 2012

CoCo Ichibanya @ Bugis Iluma

Just a short post ...
 I went to Coco Ichibanya with Bestie ~~

and ordered this ~!! 
Hashed beef Omelette 
Ee-chan knew Japanese food well and he said the cause is sth like cury but NOT curry and NOT spicy. He was right . We cant even choose level of spiciness to begin with ^^" 

the omelette is delish~!! xD 
soft and unyuu~~ 
the rice is well cooked and fluffy ^^ 

But I personally prefer spicy curry , so  doesnt cut the line for me ^^"

Meanwhile, Ee-chan's food :
doesnt seem so delectable beause of the lighting la ^^ 

But I love the curry !!! Its just the right spiciness at 3 
although Im hvg sore throat (tee hee)!! xD !!!
A bit too spicy for him though hahaha 

The curry sauce is way better than Monster Curry !!! 
But toppings volume-wise, Monster curry 's double portion win !! ^^ 

meanwhile, if you want to read a FULL review of the food at Coco ichibanya

Personally , I prefer Monster Curry though. 
You can read about it here

Byebye ~~


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