Sunday, December 16, 2012

Monster Curry @ ION xD , Reunion :3

Just thought I'd want to share about what  I did a few days ago lollz :3
Because I managed to find an awesome eating place today and I want to share about it too !!!! xD

 OOTD for today :3

I'm out , accompanying my bestie to his internship place to get a letter 
A favor cause he became my Sai Kang Warrior last time heheee

the thing is , I cant enter the factory cause I didnt work there before, 
So I waited outside ...
am bored, so I camwhored...

 Then I saw this truck lollz .. so cute !! 
Cute right ? At least cute for me :P 
Big head and small body xD 
Chibi Truck !!!
I know the back container part supposed to get on top of th short 'body' part la ^^"" 
just thought its quite chibi looking without the container hehee.

Then I wandered to the factory next door because .....

Its Gardenia lolllz xD !!!!

Look what I found !!! :D

a BREAD vending machine ~!!!!! hahahahaha xD 

and another self-absorbed camwhore shot 

Today , I had lunch at Monster Curry @ ION Orchard !!!

This costs $25 ... 
Too small a portion for you ? :P
Not worth it ?? 

Still not worth it ?? :P
Here, lemme  take a better picture :

Do you see how huge THAT PLATE is ? OAO!!!

This combo has fish and shrimp !!!

Katsu !!!!

Pork/Beef slices , 
I dont know hahaha xD but its nice !!!
cabbage salad !!

Pickles also !!! 

I guess its free flow cause Bestie and I asked for a second serving muahahaha

This place is at ION basement , near DAISO ;3 

 The plates at the display counter doesnt lie =[]= 

Menu ~~

Its awesome !!!

The taste is quite nice , although they could have fried it at higher temperature so its not as oily :3 I loved the Katsu !!! It was fried with cheese and was quite delish !! :D 
I am comparing this with Coco ichibanya and taste wise, altho Coco is better, I'd definitely go here for portion and awesome toppings. Coco doesnt give you much toppings :(( and the rice is so-so as well. Although if you want curry , go for Coco Ichibanya because i personally feel their curry is currently better :3

It was quiet at the time I was there ^^ Lighting good for camwhoring also :P 

They charge serving tax ~_~ so yes, i expected good service , and that was given to me :3 
The waiter was very friendly and nice, very amiable and "smiley"

Although it may seem expensive at a glance, it is actually quite okay for once in a while treats :3 If you are ordering the $24-$25 set to share with a friend , it Is more worth it (dont order the cheaper single portion if you want to save $$) because you get more toppings and the rice etc is enough for two !!! ^^ lolllllxz

Then ,
 I'm OFF to reunion party !! Can only drop by though ... 
because I have sth else to do after that T_T !


Look at these :P 
after I told them that the first picture isnt so nice, because Andrew (the one in red) closed his eyes onthe first shot :
one guy immediately took off his glasses while the other one quickly put his arms around friend's shoulder to pose :P (can see who :P)
Guys know how to pose nowadays hahaha xD 
Wasnt like this years ago in secondary school as I remembered !! xD 

They're eating these T_T 
So sad I cant join them T_T

 Arrived home , I was tired >,<

They were doing a gift exchange thingie and sent me a picture ^^

 I got number 9 :3

Inside is ...

Rainbow cup :3 Thanks for the present Michiko-chan~~

Haix.. tired ~
Off to sleep now ~ ;3 bye bye ;D


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