Friday, December 14, 2012

My Mandom Sales Stash xD

This will be a short post ~
Went to Mandom Sales today with Dion and June-chan :D 

look at what we bought !! hahaha xD

okay la , it looks very ulu with those plastic bags but!! 
Its all make up and skin care products !!
And you know how much THAT much  costs :P 

 Helped Mirai-chan and Ring-chan buy these ~ :D
all these for $37 :3 

 And these are my stash :D
ALL for $57 !!! For over $300 worth of products !!! xD 

Fairydrops BB Cream !! My favorite >,< Discontinued liao so i buy 3 to last me for the next 2 years muahahaha . Not joking seriously ^^ cause i rarely wear make up to school, so this can maybe last me that long lollz ^^""" the mfg is 2012 some more O.O 

These are really really so very  cheap !!!
this is about $45 @rtp !! ;D But discounted !!!!

Fairy Drops Sparkle Powder !!! OAO !!!

Fairy Drops Mineral Powder - Ochre xD!!

Heavy Rotation lipgloss ! :D

Chupa Chups flavored lip gloss !! :D
You can read my review about it here 

Dolly Wink Eyebrow Mascara  in Milk Tea xD


Believe it or not , i bought ALL those at $57 :3 
very cheap for whats worth over $300 of products !!!
Hahaha , really glad I went today ^^ Save money for future use :D yay !!!

Anyway , thats all for today  :3
Will put up more notices on sales where possible in the future ;3 


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