Friday, December 14, 2012

Dolly Wink Lookalike contest

Hi , today's I'll be writing a  post about my experience in Shibuya Gals SG Dolly Wink Lookalike competition :3 

I am borrowing pictures taken by my friend 
and also some pictures from Carissa-chan :3 and Noriaki-san ^^ 

So there are 4 steps to the competition : 
1. Snap a picture and submit 
seriously, I thought this was cmi one... cause I did this like mid exam OTL..

somehow... got called in for casting OwO!

2. Go for Casting
I went for casting like this : 

I look stoned because taxi uncle wont stop staring at me ~_~"""
Difficult to concentrate ...hahaha ^^""
Then somehow, I got into top 15 ! OwO

3. Press Conference
Basically I went like this :
we were asked to dress like our submission pictures :3

At Mandarin Orchard Hotel :3 
when I went there , I kinda got lost and asked one passerby :
"Excuse me ,do you know where is the Mandarin Orange Hotel ?"
and they were like =w="""" 
and I didnt realize that I said "orange" until they laughed OTL...
stupid ....stupid..mistake...

peek~ peek ~ Tsubasa's backdrop :D

Pretty girls galore ~ 
Left to Right : 
Mimiko , Pei Ting , Ashley , Denise , Ariel 

They asked us in ...

and flashed our before-after make up piccies on the screen =[]=!!!

the press

no, not gift for us , gift for the press ^^"""

Cant take pictures when Tsubasa was talking and shook our hands as we are in front QMQ !! I should have buay pai seh (no shame) took out camera to take pictures i think ^^"""

a picture with Cute Mimiko-chan before we went off xD 

4. The Runway 
The  next day after the press >,< woke up at freaking 630am because we need to reach Scape Warehouse at 830am and I live 1 hour+ away T3T
with Yui-chan and Kurumi-chan :D

I didnt veen bother to dress nice and wear make up ^^ 
I came in my student-nerd-mode lollz xD

Then, Runway in the evening :


Make up Check~ 

Okay lah I CMI ^^ hahahaaa~~ I arrely goes out as gyaru after my year 2 ~~ 
very busy at school.. haixx ~_~ 

If you're wondering what we did while waiting off stage :P
I took pictures , bracing the darkness, praying Tsu chan will miraculously look sideways hahahaha xD 
Tsu chan on stage !! :D

For the runway , they first screened Tsubasa's Dolly Wink promo video

Then they asked the contestants to walk out ..
My number is G1 (got G1 , G2 , G3... etc) 
and I have the sad "privilege" (hikz) to roll out first T_T 

At this point , my mind was totally blank ~_~

Then , more Runway !! 
I didnt even had any idea they were flashing 
the before-after picture behind the screen =[]=!!!!

Okay , enough with my unglamness ^^ Here are the other much much more glam contestants! :D

Gorgeous Babe - Evonne !!!

Talented  Ariel-chan ;D !!!
She made the Dolly Wink inspired dress ALL BY HERSELF !! OAO
She won the Xiaxue prize !! :D Pity I dont have a picture of her receiving the prize >,<
But this is the pretty gal ^^

Pretty Denise ~!! xD

Kawaii Golly Locks !!! Didnt know she is soo tall !!! Like a model !! OWO

Cute Kelly Konomi -chan !! :D

Ashley-chan , who won the Popularity prize xD !!!

Golly Won the KOJI prize :D

Dolly Kelly-chan, of course, was chosen by Tsubasa chan herself !!! xD 

Didnt manage to get everyone's pictures  :( 

But But !!
Here is Tsu-chan !!
I dare you to fish out ONE - just ONE unglam picture of her !! 
I cant find any !! She's so flawless !! xD 

Koji Honpo's president !! xD

aaand , behind the stage xD
camwhoring ~
with super gorgeous Seika-chan !!

Carissa-chan , and Seika trying to photobomb us at the back hahaha xD

okay lah  let her in lollz xD
Seika-chan is one super cute and  funny girl!! xD

with super super Gorgeous Evonne !! Cant believe she's married !! 
She still looks teenager loh !! xD Looks even younger than me ! ^^""
(why am I looking sideway at that moment OTL... but this is the only picture I have with this gorgeous babe hahaha^^"" my only choice to upload OTL)

with the ever so nice and pretty Carissa-chan ^^ 

my FAILED group photo... Kurumi-chan at the back ^^""

didnt manage to take pictures with all of the other girls T_T with my camera , so :
Yui-chan , Kurumi and me~

 with Carissa-chan ~~
Ugly face mode lollz 

Arigato Carissa-chan xD for lending me some of your pictures xD!
consolation prize from the events  :D

hahaha , I borrowed Carissa-chan's pictures for this one because 
Her pictures very very nice right ? :D  
No la . I actually opened mine to use liao too excitedly so if i took picture of mine it will be without casing and not pretty liao ^^ 
Too happy lollz !!

Lastly , BIG BIG thank you to Noriaki Tsuchiya-san fromSTREET ANGELS SINGAPORE PTE. LTD.
who had kindly contacted me via fb to email me some pictures he took of the runway ! :D

dont ask me why I look so "Dao"  (fierce) there kay ^^***
I tried my best... am not used to runway wahahahahaha

Grabbing the mic from Reiko-san 
seriously!! really need to grab one , else cannot hear OTL...
Lollllz xD

Very Kawaii Tsu-chan !!! xD
Tsubasa Masuwaka ~!!!

group picci ~!! :D

Overall, I think its a new and fun experience for me, although terribly tiring ~
so tiring my sinusitis flared up the day arter (which is EOY ) hahaha^^""
so for you guys who saw me looking haggard and tired during EOY , now you know why lollz ^^
I made lots of new friends, and knew more about the gyaru circle :3
Next year I may not be able to do anything gyaru (events) anymore as clinicals are starting 
~_~ Hopefully : somehow also learnt that I really really love my black hair afterall, somehow QnQ no matter how many times I was told I look better in blondish brown . maybe dark brown , but blondish brown ^^" Next year I wont hreally have chance anymore I guess ;3 


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