Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Super Late Diary Entry !!! >,< Ippudo , Shibuya Gals SG Flea

The Lost Diary Entry 

sorry about the Sadako fringe ~
I was mid-exam "Mugger"-mode at the time hahaha ^^"
(for those of you who doesnt know , 'mugger' in Singlish means students who are hardworking and memorise notes regularly  to regurgitate the content during exam~ )
dont start to criticise me on that :P 
we use the term loosely here to refer to the time when we studies reallly hard before exams too :P
so chill out k ;D

Basically as the title suggested =_= I only found out that I forgot to include this diary entry when I saw the pictures and wondered if I've posted it .. Anyway ... Here they are , for the sake of memories >,<

Basically , it was very close to my exam , 
but I decided I should make time to go down to Shibuya Gals' event ^^ 

Met up with tomodachi after sooo long xD !!

Cute Trina and Kawaii Minni ~~ :D

Argh~ all my pictures turned out blur ~ 
I wish I can save enough money to buy Mirai and Ringo-chan's camera, 
It is really good !! >,< 

this one ! D: 

Casio TR150
hahaha , I really need to save up ^^!!!!

and I also  really needed to cut my fringe at that time lol xD 

with always kawaii Mirai~~ xD

My coordinate for the day :3

These two bracelets for $0.30 :P yep, 30 cents lollllz 
Kyahoo~~ :P But then again I got these abroad 

 was wearing my Geo angel on that day :3 I love the purple hue ^^ 
Cant really see from afar but it sparkles :3

Went out with Ee-chan to Ippudo @ Mandarin Gallery 

The QUEUE !!! =[]= !!
But Ee-chan told me it is worth the wait ^^ so we waited !

Meanwhile, look what I found in my Shibuya Gals Goodie Bag !! :D 

Happy Happy !!! 
Some small Freebie ~ Love the Tsukema 
(never have enough Tsukema lollz xD)
happy !

I cheapo hahahaha xD 

another self-absorbed self shot ohohohooho
I rarely wear so nice out given my studies , so when I do , 
must camwhore of course ~!!

Why the picture above so bright ?
Because there is this huge chandelier behind me !! OwO!

was bored ... :P
You know I am bored when I started taking pictures of Tissue and Namecard :P

Ramen is here !!! xD 

the soup !! OwO !! the soup !!
It is thick and creamy !! Much nicer than Tonkatsu King's if I have to compare xD !! The taste really lingers and it is the kind of soup I cant have enough of xD !!

Cha Shu  
Cha Shu is awesome !! Blur picci again ~ aiyo iPhone ~_~"" 
But needless to say, Ippudo's reputation isnt for nothing ! The cha shu is succulent and juicy ;3  Although after eating Marutama's Cha Shu , this became 3 out of 5 instead of 4 out of five :3 heheee~ I'll still go to Marutama if I only wanted Cha Shu ...

the Ramen masters should like meet up and combine their skills to make an ultimate ramen :P 

I have no picture of the noodle specifically hohoho~ ^^ but then again , I have no special impression of it , so it should have been just so-so :3 

so basically that summed up what I wanted to say that day :P 
I could only stay for an hour T_T should have stayed T_T because Mirai chan got 3-5 of this sticker below and waited till 5 pm ! OAO

(my sad sticker ended up being pasted on my tea bottle) 

 and she got a stash !! :D
picture credit to Mirai chan !!! 
Mirai's whatsapp hahaha ^^"

Hahaha , anyway , thats it ^^ 
this is my long lost diary entry .
BB ;3

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