Sunday, December 2, 2012

Lens Review _ i.Fairy Dolly + Blue

Hi, Today I will be reviewing i Fairy's Dolly + Blue 
Diameter 16.2 mm

oops ~~ ^^"" pardon my messy room ^^ 

Comes in these bottles :3
remember to check the hologram stickers ;3 

the pattern and colour :3

Here are how the look :

Under Natural Lighting 

Brighter Lighting, without flash

 with flash 

Review :

Still similar with my other ifairy lenses, 
they're quite comfortable on my eyes despite their large size :D
I wore them for about 8 hours straight today as I was out and its just difficult to remove the lenses ~_~
At the end of the day, my eyes are a bit dry , but there isnt any discomfort at all :3

I'm in love with it~ again ~ :3 

I think its because of my dark eye colour T_T ( which is dark brown/brownie ) The blue colour is semi transparent , like in most lenses, and although it can show well on camera provided lighting , it doesnt show well if its a bit darker :(( 
HOWEVER , the colour IS VERY OBVIOUS compared to other blue lenses pattern (simply because there are more blue area on this lens design I think hahaha ^^)
I asked my friend and the blue tint is visible when I'm talking to her (conversational distance) and up to about 1,5 metre according to her :3 

Would i buy it again ? 
Yes ~!! I love the colour ~! As promised by the advertisement , although we do need better lighting when taking pictures, for the colour to show ;3

I'm loving this pair of lenses so far ^^ 
At first I thought they would look very fake /artificial but actually I think they turn out ok :3 The public wont really notice unless they're metres from you :P who scrutinise everyone's eyes colour on public anyway ? But if you're talking to someone, it sure is noticeable ^^ The blue colour is deep and lovely too~~ I like the gleam on its surface . Makes my eyes looks sparkly (tee heee~~ ) 
anyway, thats all folks ~ ;3

now , let me end with this picture

Adorned with mosaic-ed part which are actually a VERY MESSY SHIPWRECK OF MY ROOM 
(result of exams_ 
which I havent tidied up after my exam ~! Mwaahahahahahaha xD 

Oh yes :3
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Hope this is useful~~

Terumi ~~


  1. You look damn cute and young babe. The contrast created with I fairy+dolly with your black hair and pale skin is so striking <3