Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Budget Gyaru - Cute things do come at a cheap price ;3

today , I'm going to talk about being a Budget Gyaru ;3 

But before that ^^  I went to the casting today , 
not sure  how I did .. the other girls are so pretty OwO !!
Rached pxdkitty , Kelly Konomi are also in :D !!
and they are real pretty >,< 

my confidence...  ahahaha^^"

anyway , about my own make ,  I'm not sure if lookalike or not >,< 
they havent gotten back to me about the results yet T_T I hope i get into the top 15 just because I realllly reallly want to see Tsubasa Masuwaka T_T

HAHAHA , forcing *awkward smile* , trying to camwhore while ignoring
 that cab uncle was staring at me via  the mirror ^^ 
Always get stares whenever I dressed up as gyaru OTL... 

Being a gyaru isnt cheap. We cant dress fashionably without spending some $$$ :( 
But we can minimise our spendings by budgetting on whatever we can ;3 

Firstly , I'm going to talk about some gyaru essentials 
that we CAN NOT compromise on quality whenever possible 

1. Make up 
this includes 
tsukema (accessory lashes :3 ) , make up essentials (foundation , eyeshadow pallette , make up base, lipgloss etc :3) 
We cant really compromise on this as I personally dont want to dab on some dubious unbranded make up bought off taobao that may even be fake

My $$ T_T

One of my favorite lashes are from Dolly Wink !
There's a reason I bought Dolly-Wink , because , 
their quality is really .. really...
sigh.... its economical actually . Its just painful on the wallet at one go, 
but beneficial in the long term ^^
I bought two pairs of Dolly Wink  and they last for a year 

I bought these half a year ago and hasnt used them :P 

They last 2-3 times usage , but they're fragile and arent comfortable ^^"
Check out my impulse buy ^^ 
Dont crticise me . The whole box is my hard earned $9 (only)

2. Skin & Hair Care products
Girls in general also need skin care products ;3 
This is even more important than make up in my opinion
As for me , since I'm very busy at school and often lacks sleep,
I really need some proper skin care to ensure that despite of sleep deprivation my skin will still be healthy
That being said , healthy food and drink are very important too !!

some products I am using :3

3. Lenses

needless to say :P 
you dont want to put low quality lenses ON your eyes !!!!
So you cant really budget on this ^^ 

Now, lets actually move on onto things we can budget ^^ 

Accessories , Clothings , and Shoes !

I admit that , 
there  are cute things that are expensive AND irresistible for me >n<
such as this...

My love for Nyanko sensei T_T 
My friend spend quite a lot of money buying this from Japan as a present for my birthday T_T 
I felt quite bad even now receiving these

BUT !!! Cute things doesnt always need to be expensive deshou ?! 
In this post , I'm going to show you how you can get cute things with minimum spending :3
while being in Singapore that is , 
where most things are expensive 

1. G Market 

G market actually has a lot of cheap stuff ;3 
My friend got me this for $4 WITH shipping, believe it or not ;3

2. Daiso 

I cant stress how many cute things can be found at Daiso xD !!!
You just really have to prioritise 
and dont let yourself buy things you can get for $1 at mamashops 
I got this huge cute polkadot ribbon for $2 :D !!!

a rose  pin /hair clip I spotted last week :3

Lace hairband :3

3. Sales 
Sales !! yes . You need to have the ultimate self control :3 
Most of my clothes doesnt exceed $10 (yes, thats how cheapo I am ^^) that being said , 
note that I say 'most' :P doesnt mean I so cheapo until everything below $10 ^^ 

But Sales , really , 

let me show you :
These accessories are all $1 each ;3 

Got this pair of cute shoes hair clips for $4 during a sale :3

Point is : 1. Dont splurge on sales. Only spulrge when you know its ridiculously cheap (like this hahaha ) Sales doesnt have to be in some secluded malls too^^ the stuff above are from Valerie at Boon Lay Mall and  one accessory shop in Vivo City ^^ 

that being said , Candy Doll Singapore is having a 
up to 70% sale till this Friday 7th Dec 2012!! :D 
Read about it here !!

 4. Cant find a cheap one ? Improvise !
when I want something but I cant find it at a cheap price or cant find it at all, I improvise. 
Meaning , D-I-Y or Pseudo-D-I-Y it ! :P 

These are my latest cheaponess bout
I wanted some cute lacey wedges but has limited funds so...

1. I went down to bugis :P 
2. Saw a pair of shoes on sale at $10 
3. Thought to myself " A-ha !! I have 50 cm of lace that is stained with Stabilo and I cant use as hair tie anymore !!! 
4. Bought it and brought it home :

Here they are ~ before and after :3 
I can actually add some more flowers etc but I'm a bit lazy to do it now hahaha xD 
Nevermind ^^ as long as i get the point across^^ 

Also spotted a pair of pink rose earrings at Bugis for $2 per pair -- 2 roses ^^
So i bought them, took off the pin and made them into hair clips :3 since the shop doesnt sell nice clips with these roses

I also DIY-ed these floral wreath before :

A pom pom which dropped off my old winter hat ^^" 
okay la , not so creative this one hahahaha

You must be surprised at how cheapo I am now :3
Its called budgetting :P

This applies to other things like Manicure too ;3 
I'm definitely still learning, I've seen, but I've never actually had a manicure before :P

with fimo cane

piyo piyo and fried egg 


5. Freebies 

There are looots of freebies at facebook nowadays . Go get them :P
At least you get to try them before you buy them if its reaallllly good ^^

6. Fleas 
that being said , I've only been to fleas 2-3 times , and didnt buy much la 
But there are some really good stuff there if you care to hunt for it ^^

such as my $3 floral hat 
which the seller actually sold half heartedly  ^^"""

7. Events Events Events ~
 Its happening here ^^ companies are holding events to promote their products 
(I actually went to this one and bought their make up base in the end .. T_T but no regret . Its realllly good . And I found out some products I should never buy too, to be fair ^^)
and during these events , Goodie Bags are usually a given ^^
I got these from Majolica Workshop ;3 , read about it here

Do you know that there's an upcoming event this Saturday 
where you'll get a freebie too ? ;3 
and not any freebie !
Its Dolly Wink EYELINER 

You're welcome :P
Check this out 


anyway , 

Hakurei Reimu and Marisa as
My new room deco ^^ !!!!!!!!!!!!

Thats all for today folks ;3


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