Wednesday, December 12, 2012

EOY 2012

Hello minna-san !! 

I shall start this blog post with this :

My iPhone betrayed me >:(( and all the pictures i took turn out (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ
so I had to resort to kind photogs and my tomodachi for piccies ~~~ (シ_ _)シ
Arigato Minna-san!! Arigato!!!

What a  pathetic start to my EOY post ^^" gomen nee~~ 

(since there is really a lot of photogs whose pictures i used T_T) 
credits to all photogs whose pictures I used ^^...
you guys are an awesome hardworking  bunch! :D 
and special credit to tomodachi : 
Emiko-chan (Louisa ) 
Noelle-chan ( with her awesome camera  :3
both of whom haz kindly allowed me to kope their pictures as well !! ^^ 

So.. here I am .. EOY 2012...
I was a Meido AMbassador for EOY 2011 and 
Tim-san gave me another go at it this year too :D

So... when you entered EOY ground @ Marina Barrage, 
you'll see this poster below on standees :

Unglamness T_T Why do i look so sotong there... ヾ(T(エ)Tヽ)
Bad angle ... Bad angle T_T  I remembered the Kelvin-san the photog asking me to cut my fringe after that , which I did
 hope it made the angle better for EOY's actual piccies.. T_T
I didnt know EOY staff are going to print it out at all *cries hide self*  ...

I really need to seek advice from Minni-chan and Mirai-chan about posing !
They both look shoo cute in all their pictures !! (♥ó㉨ò)ノ♡

 anyway , 
and kind of only emo-ed about it for 5 minutes before....

Here is Shizuku-chan who was your Meido head with me for the day !!
(yep, cut my fringe shorter ! So i wont look like Sadako anymore ^^" )

Before the event !
Took lots of pictures with friends !! 
With super Cute Yukariiiin~!!! xD

Mirai's cool pose  !!!   xD

Change pose !!!
hahaha xD she told me she liked the pose above better !!

Meido Ryokan !
Meido's Coscards :D
Marina Barrage management disappointed us by not giving us good tables as promised :(( They gave us some old rusty tables T_T .... Hope it is better next year ....


Waiting the Meido Ryokan 

There was a Dollfie Exhibit near the Meido Ryokan ,
 So i ran over to snap piccies !!  :D 
Sadly , Yukino-chan is elsewhere, maybe with her papa :3
But I saw other cute dollfies too ^^

Meido theme !!! 
Kawai ! :D

Kira Candy Booth !!!
You can guess how how it is when you see Yukari chan fanning herself like that ! ^^
The KC girls with their blue uniform ! :D!!

Guess who made this herself ? ;D

Mirai-chan !! 
Talented girl !! xD 

Yukari and Minni ! 

Minni , me ,and Suzume 

I was melting halfway ...

Then it started to cool down a bit... fuah!!

Met my school friends !!! xD 
Yamxu Sempai and Yimin-chan !!! xD
I so tired liao~ melting all the way !! ^^"

Cant stand being cooped up anymore, so when we had shift change , 
Shizu chan and I went for a walk !

Lets gooo !!!!


Itashaaaa!!!! (ノ≧∀≦)ノ

Itashaaa with kawaii Neko-chan !!!! ヾ(@>∇<@)ノ

Fountain !! :D

Emiko and Evey MC-ing ! :D
Asuna and Alice !! xD

Aaaaand !!! Here's the BOSS of EOY !! 
TIM-san !!! 
Thanks to his hard work !! EOY is realized at all !!! >,< 
He spent a lot of time planning and carrying it out and believe it or not , 
he didnt even earn a single cent from this !!!! T_T 

behind the scenes !!

Another awesome guy behind the scenes !!
 Vincent-san !! :D He manages us and a lot other stuffs (super busy man ! hahaha ^^)  !! 
You should have seen him running all over the place if you were at EOY !! ^^ 

and this is kawaii Emiko-chan whom I steal lots of picture from (with her very kind permittion heheee ^^"") to post here ^^"""

I went to disturb her to take picture afterwards ! ^^ 
She was like ultra busy with MC-ing that day !! 

Shizu-chan went to disturb her with me lollz xD

Noelle-chan too !! xD

Stage !!!!
My awesome Kohai's performance !!!! 
Yumii!!!! xD

Noelle -chan also performed there !!! :DShe haz  Awesome voice !!xD

Cosplay parade !! 
as seen, credits to various photogs ! including our official photog Kelvin-san :D

Salaryman Kyubey !!! :D !!
Saw him before the parade so I asked to snap his picci !! xD 

Meido-tachi ! 

This is what happened when you are not sure which camera to look at 
Everyone looking at different cameras lollz xD


These below are from Noelle-chan !! >,< Quality very nice right !?

Group shot for KC !!!!! FINALLY !!!


Anyway , here are my EOY Loots !!! xD 
Quite happy to collect quite a lot !! Regretted not collecting moar ! hahaha ^^""

But overall, EOY this year is a super tiring but awesome time for me :D 
Made lots of new friends !!! 
Lets wish for the best next year !!! xD

Once again thank you so much and credits to 
all the hardworking photogs whose piccies I used ^^ !! 


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