Friday, April 26, 2013

My Hungary Hetalia Photoshoot ~ ❤

Heyo people~  ❤
I did a PS quite a while ago >,<
I know... its ben so long 
(if you who follow my  page , I have indeed uploaded them one by one slowly over the past few weeks. This is because I have exam TnT and I can only choose which one to edit , pass to the photog , and wait for the photog to edit , slowly , one by one :'(( ) 

anyway , here is the post that I should have posted up quite a while ago ^^""

without further ado,

The Character I did this time around is from an anime series called  Hetalia!! , or  Axis Powers ヘタリア -< read : Akushisu Pawāzu Hetaria >. 

The Character being Elizabeta/Elizabeth Herdevary
representing the country Hungary in the anime series :3

Here she is :

Elizabeta/Elizabeth Herdevary


I really love Hungary's character because she is one of those female characters who actually kickass !!  I mean , literally (her weapon is a frying pan xD !!! heheheee)


ThePhotoshoot : Morning 
- Yoshi!! Am going to do my best today !!  Hope it doesnt rain etc !! -

- Arrived on the venue , camwhored while waiting for photog-san to get ready :3 xD!- 

- Hungary's bucket of flowers xD - 

- Before the real shoot began ,   test shots !! xD wahahahaha - 

Then , the real shots :D 
(as usual , I am only uploading SOME of the pictures here ^^ 
I uploaded the rest at my page album and my World Cosplay Account and my DeviantArt :3 )

if the links above doesnt work , feel free to visit my FB page :D
 (address at the end of this post)


The shoot was pretty fun , but the weather was soooo hot =[]=!!
You can see that I feel like dying by the end of the shoot :

By that time , entering the SBS bus interior was like entering heaven 
*aircon rushes to meet you the moment you step into the bus* 

My friend Shizu-chan kindly lent me her wigs to do this shot , so as soon as I reached home , I aired her wigs , treated it and make sure the curls etc are intact :3  

Also , I purposely went for this PS before my surgery 3 weeks ago :// so I wont have to conceal as much T_T now , I have a 1cm x 1mm scar on my cheek but yesterday some telangiectasia (new blood vessels ) appear around the area of my scar, which is natural - just untimely =_= because it meant more pro concealing works are to be done to conceal the area ... haixx...  -- hope everything goes well for tomorrow's Runway >,<    

to end it off, 
Thank you~~~ 

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Anyway , that's all for today >,< very tired lately .. 

have to catch up with my sleep debt hahahaha

Ciaoss-su~~ ;D


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  1. That's a really good costume :3 And so cute photos~<3

    Now I want to finish one cosplay so that I can have a photoshoot too ;__;

    1. Hehehe Arigato~!!! You should finish it !! All the very best Puolukka-san !!! xD !! Gambatte !!!!

  2. Hello terumi~!
    Your cosplay is just too cute!^^ I think you cosplayed the character very well x3 gambatte for your runway!!

    1. Thank you for your encouragement Cheryl ;D ! Really appreciate it ^^ Yep . The Runway went pretty well except for some minor mishaps xD

  3. You look really good as Hungary! Your frying pan looks a bit high-tech :P I can't wait to start watching the anime :D

    All the best for your runway tomorrow~

    With love,

    1. Hahaha ikr :'( didnt managed to find an old-style frying pan that suits the atmosphere (olden European , like Skyrim's frying pan T_T ) Hahaha thanks for the encouragament ~ xD so happy ~~