Monday, April 29, 2013

My recent JRunway Haul~~ ( ・ω・`)//~~

Heya people, how are you doing ? ~

I'm still a bit tired from 1) The runway on Sunday ^^"" 2) Outing immediately the next day 
so I'll blog about the runway tomorrow okay ? :D Complete with nice nice pictures I promise - I havent even loaded the pictures to my com from Ee-chan's Camera yet hahahaha ^^"" )


as you may have known JRunway have a promotion where by presenting your IC you can get a $10 voucher !!! :D only 2 days left >,< so hurry up if you want the discount kay !!

So...  here's sharing with you about my recent JRunway haul xD 
Because of J-Star (see end of post) , I received 5 vouchers, so here are what I purchased :3

Sorry for the terrible light ^^ My room light OTL...

I've never tried No.9 before, so I guess this is the right time ;D

of course, my trusty ole No 5 ;D !!!

This is below $10 (so essentially I got it for free ^^""" )
 I've never used a double eyelid tape before, Thinking of trying it with this one :3

Neko hairpin , $9 each :D but they're sooo cute xD (and voucher hahaha ^^"" *beingcheapososhamelessly* OTL...

Pretty excited to get such a haul xD!!! 
Hope JRunway conducts more of such discount events again xD (CHeapoRadar ON ) muahahaha 


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