Sunday, April 28, 2013

DIY Harajuku Glitter Bone hair clip _ CheapoTM (Budget Gyaru)

Heya people~!! 
Basically , today I'm really tired from the Runway event yesterday hahaha ^^" So I'll just post a shirt post today and blog about the Runway event in a few days' time kay~ hehee... ^^" 

SO !


 I messed around with the leftover I have from my neko hairpin tutorial *here* and did this this time around :3 

If you're not an arts and craft person , 
dont worry , cause neither am I wahahahaha xD ^^""""

If I can make it , 
so can you !!
*wink*  ヽ(`⌒´メ)ノ

BUT first , you need to assemble your materials :

1. foam sheet (preferrably black) 
2. Hair pin 
3. Glue (I used white glue , but I guess you can use other kind of strong glue too :3) 
4. Glitter Nail polishes /  nail-top coat + glitter powder

Le Steps!!

1. Draw a bone-shape on the foam sheet 
2. Cut the bone shape out , as shown below 
3. Place the bone strip above a paper because you're going to be painting it 
(and you dont want to dirty your table :D ) 

4. Paint the TOP surface of the bone strip with nail polishes .

From what I did , 1 and 2 alone is enough

But I used four to achieve that level of glitter ;D 
 since I wanted even more "glittery feeling" I used 3 . 
(You can use topcoat/random polish alternatively and top it up with powder glitter before layering it once again with topcoat!) .

 Remember to use 4 (topcoat) to seal the glitter in 
--> else, the glitter wont appear shiny ! :((

5. Let the PAINTED bone strip Dry 
6. Glue it to the hair pin 
7. Use rubber band to make sure the bone strip does not move around when drying :3 

Tested it out yesterday to shop for groceries, and yes , it  is sturdy enough :3 !! 

That's all for today folks ;D 
Hope this helps :3


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